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TeeJet Technologies introduced the very first spray nozzles designed for agricultural use in the 1940’s and has been the leader in spray products and accessories ever since. We were also among the first to introduce electronic controls to the agricultural market in the mid-1980’s and have an established leadership position in the precision farming market as well. Growers around the world depend on TeeJet Technologies for a wide range of products ranging from spray tips, boom components and valves to guidance, auto-steer and rate control systems.

Lynn Van Deusen purchased a Teejet direct valve from AMAZON and wrote this on May 2020:

"Horrible experience. After one season spraying, the armeture, part 9 on schematic, armeture stop, and coil assembly, are corroded, rusted and are not stainless steel as described.

They are a cheap chrome that rusted immediately. Jests won’t turn on or off. Spent all day taking them apart and nothing is repairable.

They are junk.

Called manufacturer. He gave me another number that was incorrect.

Do not purchase these."


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