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Ted Baker plc is a British luxury clothing retail company. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Kat shared her infuriating experience, "Terrible return processing. I love their clothes but this is the first time I had to return an item for being too big and my was it eye opening. I sent it back a month ago with the LABEL TED BAKER PROVIDED. They can't find it, track it and said I'm out of luck. The postal service is very good and I don't believe the package was lost. Particularly as I read about other customer service reviews."


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Former Employee - Senior Sales says

"Uniform limits being strictly enforced People Culture is gossip-y Head office will not spend a cent to fix the company Middle and Senior Management are straight up morons"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Worst pay ever, casual workers get paid more than manager, yet the can over staff the store most of the time. Clothing and shoes HAVE to be worn with 25% off. Each dress for women is between 500-800$ so still extremely expensive. Clothing is poor quality and you need to top up frequently"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- System is incredibly out dated...everything is processed on paper - Management is disorganised - No training - Ageing staff who refuse to get with the times - No one is passionate about the label they work for - Toxic work environment with staff members arguing on a daily basis in an open office setting"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"My experience at Ted Baker included the resignation of Ray Kelvin following allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards staff, the overstated value of inventory by 58 million pounds with Lindsay Page and the 12th of July reports of executives wanting to boost their pay and bonuses while redundancies were in motion during a pandemic speaks for itself. Speaking to former colleagues, they are now falling behind on deadlines with work because there just isn't enough staff. I struggle to see how this buisness will survive when the leaders are failing."

Former Employee - Marketing Executive says

"Senior Management don't know how to manage and no clear plan for the future"

Former Employee - Retail Allocator says

"No Progression, more about who you know rather than what you are capable of"

Former Employee - Floor Manager says

"I experienced the worst manager in my entire retail career. The way this manager approach problem is not acceptable. Got yelled in front of all staff and had a 2 hours “chat” (basically yell and blame on me the whole time) in the office because of a mistake. This was not the only case but one of lots."

Former Employee - Sales Advisor says

"Bulling , not nice colleagues bad management"

Former Employee - Stockroom Assistant says

"Terrible place to work the management are lazy and treat staff with no respect this company is honestly the worst company I have worked for and I’ve worked a few jobs in my time."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Unprofessional, low pay. Not worth it"

Warehouse Operative/Picker (Former Employee) says

"No good company to work for , too much astle very demanding, the keep watching all your movement, you need permission to go to the toilet, working like animals. Always have had problem with salary ."

Stock Manager (Former Employee) says

"The new management system is horrible they do not value their employees as they used to and there's no room for growth. They don't want anyone with opinions or any ways to better the working environment for the modern-day retail worker"

Lead Client Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. Run from this place. large turn over rate. Company politics suck and are very unfair. Their goal seems to be to make employees feel uneasy."

Floor Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you have ever worked in retail before, this company is not for you. Company culture is immature and focuses a lot on unnecessary things that will not help you prepare for the sales floor, or advance within the company. You are expected to do a very heavy workload that you will get no compensation for. No commission, no raises, no opportunities to move up within. They told me during both my interviews they consistently made their sales goal and received a bonus for it, but I did not see this happen once. The company simply takes advantage of people who are willing to work for scraps."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is truly the worst company I have ever worked for. The overall mentality is you must work very hard and quick-paced for little pay and no reward. This company does not care how hard you work or how much time you put into it. Part of the reason I took this job was the promise of advancement, yet while I was there they actively hired from the outside over well-qualified internal candidates who also wanted the open positions, hoping to stay and grow with the company. They expect you to give your all and give you absolutely nothing in return."

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Money is bad, no flexibility, hardly any training, no overtime, no progression. Expected to work even when you have personal circumstances going on which mean you physically cannot work.Everything"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Floor staff are generally very lovely and pleasant. But anyone remotely involved or close to management is dragged into the a field of backstabbing and using anyone they can, high school behaviour. No job security for most people. Toxic environment. Will try to claim that their brand is something different.Floor staffToxic management"

Full time woman’s sales (Former Employee) says

"Worst management ever!! Don’t do it the store is dead no training they are all over the place!! Was of time unless you a teenager... !! You have to wear the clothes and it’s not cheap !! Very small store on 5 ave Unpaid They set these Ridiculous sales goals with no customersNoneJust don’t do it !!"

Full Time Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked here full time 2018 the only Good thing about this company is getting your bag and going home .Working for minimum wage and all ages are on the same which I don’t agree on if you have lots of experience.The allowance was ok but after taking off the discount most items were still expensive and why should you buy a uniform so customers can buy it and put money into teds pocket .The days were very long and boring most of the time you unbag garments then two days later bag same stuff to go back in stockroom.The targets were never met so no extra money on top of poor salary .Best advice would be to steer clear in the last 4 months numerous staff have left and if you go on indeed regularly Ted Baker jobs are always on it .Going homeLong hours, low pay boring long days very repetitive"

SALES ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"The management team is terrible, they constantly go on power trips and give no help. Poor training. Key holders like to steal sales even though there is no incentive. The management team also brings the drama out on the floor in front of the customers. There is no feeling of "we are all one big team"its more of a free for all.NoneNo commission, poor management, constant power trips"

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"At first the company seems great. Making empty promises and only offering assistance when it suits them. Their Head office employees are probably the worst out of them. They offer training and say they will support you in your role but instead expect too much from their employees and when a problem arises they do not stand behind you , be it a customer problem or other. The flagship store is one of the worst to be in, swiftly followed by the Brown Thomas concessions where you have other managers that input on your job. Not sure yet which is worse, your direct managers telling you what to do or having to conform to the Brown Thomas standards. If any customer complaint comes through they usually just give the customer what they want despite telling you to stick to policy. (Making you look silly and the customer smug knowing if they scream loud enough they can have what they want) The quality of their products quickly comes to light when working for the company . You see all the faulty returns on a daily basis. It is high street quality at designer price. It is fine as a part time or weekend position but definitely not a company to plan a career with.Uniform DiscountWorking for an unorganised company that doesn’t pay well."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Overworked with little pay. Never room for growth Management always have their own agenda Management is never honest with team Inconsiderate work place"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Trabajar en Ted Baker ha sido lo peor de todas mis experiencias laborales. No hay coordinación, organización. Todo se hace mil veces y sin sentido! La gente que gestiona no sabe, no está formada en lo que es el funcionamiento de una tienda. En España lo llevan amigas que solo buscan beneficio para ellas!. Un caos constante! Un estrés horrible! No te dejan trabajar. No tienen idea del negocio."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"When I initially started at Ted Baker I loved it. Management were lovely, nice area, got on with those who I worked with. I got reeled in with the nice discounts, fun incentives and the somewhat decent clothes that didn’t make you throw up in your mouth completely. Then once management changed, everything went down hill quicker than the British Government when David Cameron was in charge. The whole thing was an absolute mess from start to finish, management were so young they didn’t know what they were doing majority of the time so they were on the ultimate power trip. If you ever had to picture what the most annoying irritant diarrhea stain of a boss would be, that was your location manager here at Ted. Some would relentlessly bully on the basis that they just didn’t like you or you were a million times better at their job than what they were, in my case, I was watched on CCTV with no reason but was given a Record of Conversation anyway. Not only do you have to deal with being watched like a hawk whilst you are working, you also have to deal with your location manager and your area manager plotting to try and fire you. Why you may ask? Because you don’t get their jokes and don’t scream “yaaaas queen! Slayy guurl omg ilysm” at every customer that sets foot on your concession. You could put it down to racism, as I didn’t see anybody else of the “majority” if you will, get the same shtick as others did. All in all, nobody knows what they’re doing at Ted Baker. You could complain till the cows come home to their head office and they will never reply to your emails, there’s"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"È stato il posto peggiore in cui ho lavorato, non per quanto riguarda l'azienda ma quanto per il management che crea un pessimo umore tra tutti i colleghi, fanno solo malelingue a loro favore avendo le simpatie dello store manager e a rimetterci è quasi sempre lo staff. Se un manager dovrebbe gestire ed organizzare loro fanno esattamente nulla! D'altro canto l'azienda non interviene per cui è un susseguirsi di peggioramenti.TicketManagement, gestione aziendale"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Management is absolutely rude. They do not care about their workers. Hr DOES NOT HELP. They expect you to buy multiple uniform pieces although with a discount, you'd spend at least 100 dollars out your paycheck on uniform. The store is a revolving door, in the last 7 months they've lost over 14 people, no exaggeration. The assistant store manager is sexist, forces girls to only buy dresses.flexible schedulemanagement, hr"

Operative (Current Employee) says

"Based on my experience -Would not recommend ever working for them you're seen as a number not a person.It's all about profit . Certainly not the 'family' atmosphere they lead you to believe at interview. We get our schedule Friday evening for next week. Can not plan anything ahead. The standards of care are poor, the staff are not given adequate training or support and there is a lot of bullying and nastiness that goes on Return department. Management don't respect and reword staff who work well. Very stressful environment..Meeting some lovely people through the jobLack of support to staff, wages problems, no consideration with shift patterns.Poor structure, bad management"

ASSISTANT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"The most stressful job, strict policies, high turn over. Very negative work. environment. Never get an entire weekend off, no work life balance. A lot of grunt work, expect to be on your feet for long hours until late night steaming dresses and folding, steaming, folding, steaming folding, cleaning being yelled at and bullied. Pay is very low comparing to competitors. The worst retailer I have ever worked for."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Avoid senior leadership positions. Example of slave labour with the expectations put on their management teams vs the salary received. Poor quality products that wash out easily.Salary"

Assistant retail (Former Employee) says

"Como bien he leído a un empleado todavía mucho amiguismo imposible llegar a los objetivos u cuando llegas hay que tener cuidado para cobrar nómina ya que las de oficina no quieren trabajar y tenemos que estar pendiente de hacer bien números y envisrlos bien si no incluso te dicen que si no es así no los cobraras sigo pendiente de mis cobros que me tocan por liquidación el cual ha sido un despido improcedente por qué la empresa se desplomó y no parece que vaya en alza después además de poca ayuda con managers que es todo a través de teléfono y mal apoyo Firma inglesa la cual con brexit y fundador que vendió sus acciones para no volver no le veo a una firma con futuro .Horario del centro comercial no de la firmaSalario comisiones normas"

Margarita says

"I bought a T-shirt and in 3 days its colors were deteriorated"

SMcD says

"I purchased my husband bedroom slippers for Christmas and already he cannot wear them due to the smell. Extremely disappointed as I thought a make like ted baker would be a lovely gift that would last year's, unfortunately this will not be the case"

Friend of Ted says

"Send back a return and nothing a month later. I had to call to verify they received it which they did and still nothing. No emails, no money back. Should not have to call twice to check on a refund. Sure a lot of people forget to even check about their refunds."

Michelle Ryan says

"Iv ordered 3 pairs of slippers on 27th Dec, only to receive a email half an hour later to say there out of stock. I STILL HAVEN’T RECEIVED A REFUND"

Chiara Mignone says

"Awful experience. Placed an order on the website 14 days ago paying an extra for express delivery (1-3 days as per their website). They sent out a tracking on DHL that shows that in 14 days they still haven't handled the package to the courier. I tried to get in touch but their customer service doesn't even answer. Never ever order through their website, it's a scam, I'll start a refund process through PayPal."

Friend of Ted says

"Exchanged my coat for a size up but yet to receive any information on where the size up coat is. The original coat was returned and delivered nearly two weeks ago."

Jason says

"Bought lots of Ted Baker over the past month for both my girlfriend and I. Very impressed by the quality of the products however sadly the customer service and some poor experiences (lost items in transit, unexplained cancelled orders and even next day delivery not arriving on time) have really soured my experience. Dealt with a lot of retailers remotely and Ted Baker the first I’ve really had to constantly scratch my head at how they handle situations where the customer has been wronged. A lot to learn from Banana Republic for example which has contributed to repeat business for long periods of time."

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