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The Tech, first published on November 16, 1881, is the campus newspaper at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Editions are published on Thursdays throughout the academic year and about once a month over the summer. The Tech established an early presence on the World Wide Web and continues to publish online in tandem with the print edition.

In July 2018, for AMAZON, Robert Alan Koeneke wrote a review of MIT Tech:

"Huge disappointment so far - you would think something with "MIT" in the name would be big on science, but it feels more like a political activism magazine than a science one. A bunch of speculation about blockchains and how they might be used to change the world, speculation on AI and its future impacts... Interviews of a bunch of Democrats from previous administrations (Why the heck would I care what politicians and administrators think? - get a competent scientist to comment!)

Not a science magazine - at least not in my opinion."


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Task Force Leader (Former Employee) says

"I was exposed to dangerous ashes and never got health insurance. How come do they force employees to work in such a dangerous environmental and not provide health insurance. Cons: N/a"

Environmental Construction Technician (Current Employee) says

"I worked for tetra tech for years and they treated you bad. The say you a full time employee and the turn around and have you sign papers once you get hired. Turns out your a full time temp. No benefits no PTO! Cons: First break and lunch. Sometimes we won’t even get our last break"

Project manager (Former Employee) says

"The team was extremely unprofessional and descrimatory. The chief of party of projects has no management and leadership skills whatsoever. They know nothing about development and they manipulate reports to please the donors. The what so called " specialists" unskilled and favor some unskilled employees over the other. They never give you feedback back or have a conversation with you. They keep you isolated the surprise you with their decision s. They force fit you in their own style of work. They never give you a chance to be creative or to florish. Extremely unprofessional and it is a waste of time to work their. Long working hours to low salary. They never give you credit and keep unvalue you. Cons: Degrading and descrimatory"

Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I worked on many projects as a project coordinator for multiple fires in CA. There’s was NO support and managing 87 crews at a time with zero help and then having regional manager being completely unprofessional yelling at all of the already stressed out Project managers. Emergency management is no joke. They also make you illegally change paperwork or work on other projects while billing a client that has nothing to do with the project being worked on remotely Cons: No rest or days off"

Senior Mechanical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I was hired from a job with decent work load with the understanding that I was needed to complete many projects. When I started, it became evident that the work load was low, and that I was needed to complete a single project. Three senior level mechanical engineers had resigned before I joined the company. They were working part-time. The culture of this company is not professional."

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst company I have ever worked for and would never recommend anyone to work for them! The work itself was the only thing positive because we were helping people in need but the company itself was very cut throat and unreliable."

Technician III (Former Employee) says

"Nothing more to say. There is a real lack of learning new tasks while at the office and management had no idea what to do with employees at times. I've sat in the office for weeks asan overhead employee which led to me being laid off. They are not eager to find projects their employees can work on."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nepotism, safety that only applies to select few, favoritism, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, toxic management, and hostile work environment are just a few words and phrases that describe my experience Cons: Dealing with the emotional turmoil after working there."

debris removal invoicing (Former Employee) says

"Very bad place to work if you want stability. The keep people a few weeks at most and get rid of them only to hire replacements. Why? Not sure....but the turn around rate is astronomical."

choose not to tell (Former Employee) says

"Middle level manager are 5 to 10 years experience designers. They are not qualified to be designers or engineers in major EPC, but can be the person in charge here. What do you expect?"

Project Coordinator/Account Reconciliation (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company values within extremely Hostile Work Environment. Speaking to management requesting help/support falls on deaf ears; even when they agree with issue, NOTHING is ever addressed. Do NOT waste time at this company, which works employees 13 hours per day 6-7 days a week in unhealthy environment. Cons: Over worked in hostile environment with lack of good management"

Data Entry (Current Employee) says

"Worked in the disaster recovery division. There is no work life balance and I was given the third degree when I needed to take sick time for a chronic illness. Very high turnover and the management of the disaster recovery efforts did not hold operations accountable for errors, leading to excessive time spent fixing errors on the back end. Cons: Lacking accountability, no thought or care for employee well being."

Group Leader/Senior Technical Editor (Former Employee) says

"The leave policy is antiquated and miserly, and you'll often be required to use what are supposed to be vacation days simply to meet your required hours every week. (The leave policy combines vacation, holidays, and sick leave; as a result of applying leave simply to get a paycheck I went nearly five years without a single paid holiday.) There is no management to speak of - once you're hired, you're on your own to find work and if you don't it's just your fault. The entire focus is on the next acquisition, and employees are simply a nuisance. There are no opportunities for professional growth or development. I was a technical editor who was supervised by a civil engineer. She had no idea what I did and it showed every time there was a performance review. The performance review process is itself useless; until recently the self-evaluation, which keep in mind is the evaluation of your own performance, included the question "would you work with this person again?" There are lots of reasons to leave companies; I've left jobs before and maybe don't miss them but I've never left one with the absolute hatred I feel toward Tetra Tech EM. Cons: Atrocious leave policy, no opportunity for professional development or growth, absentee management"

Collection Monitor (Former Employee) says

"The Supervisors does not communicate with all Employees. They pick out their favorite workers and they are they only 1s communicated with on a regular basis. If you are nit 1 of the favorites then you work as little as possible. Cons: Supervisors plays favorite with the workers"

Debris Monitor (Former Employee) says

"Management promoted based on looks and gender rather than skill and experience. Poor communication with employees. Unorganized most of the time. Promised hours, but then cut without notice. Kept promising call backs each day, but never did. Extremely unprofessional. Cons: Hours are cut without notice"

Environmental Specialist/ IT (Former Employee) says

"When the regional Manager spend his days working on, using company supplies to print, make multiple copies of Boy Scout projects it creates a bad atmosphere"

Fire Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Administrative and Management are racist. This company is the perfect example of what Modern Slavery looks like. I do not recommend this company for Health Reasons and Mental Sanity. Cons: All"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The work environment is not good at all in this company. Sometime there is no work and when there is work you have to work overtime or work crazy during regular hours. Lots of pressure on employee. Management have no sense at all on how to run company. Management do not respect their employees. Layoff of employees are very common in this company."

Engineer I (Former Employee) says

"There was a lot of down time and the only contract for work was through the Army Corps of Engineers. When the United States left Iraq and the economy dropped in 2008-2009 we ran out of work and they laid of 30% of employees."

Debris Monitor (Current Employee) says

"Long hours, no certainty of work, no stability and low pay. I would not go back unless the pay improved, the working elements bettered and management was dependable."

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Tech USA full-time Cons: No attention to the employee, career track, long term growth or values"

Former Employee - Technical Recruiter says

"I worked at Tech USA full-time Cons: Lots of cold calling and not super professional environment"

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"I worked at Tech USA full-time for more than a year Cons: You and you're office will be treated extremely poorly by upper management"

Current Employee - Help Desk Technician says

"I have been working at Tech USA full-time Cons: Dont pay well. bad communication"

Former Employee - Technical Recruiter says

"I worked at Tech USA full-time for more than a year Cons: Horrible hire and fire culture"

Former Employee - Technical Recruiter says

"I worked at Tech USA full-time Cons: 12 hour days. Poor work/life balance"

Former Employee - Professional Recruiter says

"I worked at Tech USA full-time for less than a year Cons: Low pay, low commission. The companies you recruit for are picky and have used up nearly every available candidate in their radius, your basically just spending all your time combing through online resumes looking for someone new to post theirs online that the company will reject the majority of them anyways. The metrics are bs and they focus more on metrics than actual results. In the interview they try to give you the impression that your going to make six figures by your second year but the odds are the one interviewing you doesn’t even make six figures a year."

Former Employee - Full Desk Account Executive says

"I worked at Tech USA full-time for less than a year Cons: Upper management doesn’t care about employees"

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"I worked at Tech USA full-time for more than a year Cons: Management is toxic, excessive micromanagement, no work life balance."

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"I worked at Tech USA full-time for less than a year Cons: Pay, hours, and management are awful"