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THEATER is a theater, a cocktail bar, or an event space located in Madrid, Spain. A multifaceted place designed to combine art with the best cocktails that the city offers by Agustín Lippay. An alternative exit for all those people who until today, did not find a different space in the city.

A visitor under the name of Jomajo from Eastleigh, UK shares his/her experience at Teatriz Club: "The evening started very promisingly, the restaurant is undeniably beautiful and unusual, the menu interesting and the food good. What lets the restaurant down was the appalling rudeness of the staff who cleared away the restaurant before we had finished our meal. I should point out that we had arrived well before the end of the advertised opening hours. We were the last table to finish and whilst we were waiting for, and then eating, our dessert, had to watch and listen whilst the staff cleared tables away and then dragged the tables and chairs to the edge of the room (with the scraping noises that such actions make), and then rolled new tables in. No apology was made for this at any stage, our question as to what was happening was met with "for tomorrow". It was actually laughable that such a beautiful meal could be spoilt in this way so we did see the funny side, but the staff did themselves no favors at all, and accordingly did not receive a tip! We then moved to the bar, again well before the advertised closing time, to be told that they were "closing"!"


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