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TD Bank, N.A., is an American national bank and subsidiary of the Canadian multinational Toronto-Dominion Bank. It operates primarily across the East Coast, in fifteen U.S. states and Washington, D.C. TD Bank is the seventh-largest U.S. bank by deposits and the 8th largest bank in the United States by total assets, resulting from many mergers and acquisitions.

An upset customer shares his experience on, "Several months ago I had an overdraft agreement removed from my account because TD Bank was allowing every transaction to go through even though I did not have the funds in the account as I was unemployed and after several overdrafts which should have not been accepted, my account went over $800 into overdraft and almost $1000 were charged by TD bank in overdraft fees!"


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Teller says

"I have been working at TD Cons: turnover is extremely high and uncomfortable environment"

Teller II (Current Employee) says

"Td makes it seem like it is an enjoyable place to work by high lighting their benefits upon hire. That’s all their good for. Td is very sales based and it is almost impossible to meet your goals. My managers gossip all day and they constantly message you throughout the day about what you are doing wrong Cons: Everything else"

Head Teller (Current Employee) says

"Handle situations very unprofessionally and do not have the employees best interest at heart. Do not care to clarify situations just assume. Managers do not know how to manage the store just go to upper management to get employees in trouble for problems that can be solved in house. Cons: Short breaks. No work/life balance."

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"Never again will I work for TD. Management was not good with people. They aren’t for the clients. They push to get goals even though it’s not in the best interest of clients"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible experience. They pretend that they are people's culture but in reality, they don't care about employees or customers. They push their employees to act unethically to achieve targets. They ask them to sell products that the customer doesn't need or use. They form groups in the branch and be brave enough to say no to one of the managers. Unless you are hungry and you don't have any other job opportunities, don't work at this company."

Call Center (Former Employee) says

"If you value your mental health then stay far away. You’ll be dealing with angry customers throughout your shift. It might be easy day one or week one but how long can you get verbally berated for?? Also, management is a complete joke. The company creates unrealistic metrics then your managers create bs plans to improve whatever metric isn’t meeting their nonsense requirements. As a person who was mentally healthy this job definitely left me needing therapy after. If you have to work here just make sure you’re actively applying for better jobs on the side. Cons: Career Suicide"

Customer Experience Associate - Full Time (Former Employee) says

"They say we are a family but all they care about is the bottom line. Lots of pressure to reach goals. Causes some employees to do unethical service to reach their goals which is not in the best interest of the clients. Frontline works very hard but management gets all the credit. Frontline gets crumbs. Honesty doesn’t pay, if you are manipulative and dishonest this is the place for you. Cons: Everything"

Head Teller (Current Employee) says

"They don’t appreciate their employees Frontline employees are disposable to them."

Financial Representative (Former Employee) says

"Not sure if it was just my branch where management was the poorest or itsTD in general, but the branch I was employed with was very much the stereo type branch... if you are a woman and have confidence, you’ll feel how differently you are treated daily unfortunately Cons: Horrible management"

Financial Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"TD looks for ways to decline your work. Keep bonuses down. They pay more to back office people than the sales people. It is very counter productive. TD puts you in a position to promise something then under deliver without any input."

Research Clerk III (Former Employee) says

"The company hires people but treats them poorly after working there a while. Individuals would disappear from their desks, never to reappear again. I felt like I was in Auschwitz, worrying each day if I had a job or not, expecting to be fired at any moment. There were plenty of spies to report to managers. A very sad experience!"

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"They do too much for the customers and not even close to half as enough for the employees . I would never in my life work there again . I hated working at this job . I advise no one to ever apply there ."

VP (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work at this Canadian bank. They will try to fire you if you get sick. The bonus numbers are a bad joke. Breaks and lunch overly scrutinised. Time off and sick leave is discouraged.micromanaged to death Cons: Everything, where to start"

Debt Specialist IV-IRG (Former Employee) says

"Nothing stood out about this company. They didn’t hire me for what I applied for and for a year straight I was PART TIME instead of full time and I was fed excuses on pay from April 2020 all the way up unto my last day about moving FULL TIME where I should’ve been. My manager was always oblivious to things, he gave me inaccurate information referring to FMLA once my pregnancy started so my points could be covered for appointments etc and I never got to get through to it before I was let go. They tried telling me how and what to spend my money on and the part time checks weren’t even helping with anything but one to two bills at the point of the pandemic starting. I wouldn’t recommend anyone working here the way I was treated. I spent a month training for collections like I applied for but then got placed as a debt specialist in IRG PART TIME & the meetings we did have were EXTREMELY unorganized. I was thrown onto the phone WITHOUT the proper training and then penalized for the things I did not know. I loved it at one point but got tired VERY VERY quickly. Cons: Very unorganized training to prepare you for what you should be doing."

Head Teller (Current Employee) says

"its not great at all don't bother. i didn't learn anything i was treated unfairly due to my skin color i did not feel like i fit into the branch i was working in with people who didn't support me in my leadership role especially the management tea."

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"Pay & benefits"

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"Never had such bad unprofessional experience with a recruiter until TB Bank. They have one recruiter who contacted me for a position, but never really give a straight response of the time they will be available for an interview. All the recruiters that I've dealt with in the past always send out their schedules so potential canditade can chose which date they want to be interviewed. But this particular recruiter delayed and never responded in a timely manner and is clearly not proactive on their job time management which is red flag to me. People have hectic schedules sometimes, and recruiters job is to make the process easy by letting candidates know when they will be available to do their jobs! Cons: Mediocre Recruiters"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Teller I (Current Employee) says

"TD bank is so fake. They create corny slogans and only care about the numbers.If you work here they'll say they care about you and try to comfort Cons: Working here sucks"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"Worst company to work for. Management bad and whole system to complicate and not enough training. Everything not going well. No seating any time, you have long shifts and nobody care about worker. Putting list what you have to change and not making any sense. Cons: Stress"

Collections Agent/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"This company expects you to do work that is not physically obtainable in the amount of time given. Management is allowed to treat you like a dog and nothing is done. I've witnessed several HR cases against management go unpunished and then later that same employee that reported them was fired. They will set goals and not give any clear direction on how to meet them and then threaten to fire you. Do not work in collections, if you are good, they will prevent you from leaving because you collect all of money. If you are bad don't worry you will be fired because management will do nothing to help you improve. Cons: Management and Culture"

Dee says

"I bought ProForm equipment, which is financed through TD Bank. First TD Bank's website did not work, then their customer service rep was beyond rude on the phone, so I mailed a check and paid in full. Though they cashed my check (I have proof), they began to charge me late fees and send me letters saying I had an outstanding balance. Tried to 1) mail them a letter with the check attached, 2) call them on the phone multiple times (could never get through after waiting more than an hour). Never could get help with resolution. SO, they reported me to the credit bureaus, immediately decreasing my score significantly! TD Bank is awful. Avoid at all costs!"

Miguel A Rodriguez says


I was so hurt and upset then the next week the check was clear and they use the funds to paid off my Credit card account without my permission I decided to closed the account TD BANK IS TERRIBLE BANK AND THEY EMPLOYEES ARE SO DISRESPECTFUL


Upset customer says

"Everyone at TD bank is incompetent, lazy and corrupt. Don’t trust this bank. Don’t invest with TD bank. Be very carefully and don’t take any advise from TD."

Robert Johnston says

"PLEASE UNDERSTAND YOU ARE DEALING WITH TORONTO DOMINION BANK OF CANADA. I opened two accounts to qualify for a promotion that ended Sept 9, 2020. I found the promotion on the internet and opened the savings account with more than the minimum and opened the required checking account and directed direct deposit accounts to satisfy the second requirement for the promotion. I attempted to speak with my local branch to verify I did it all correctly. They did not answer the phone during July 2020 so I attempted to contact the home office of this foreign bank in Toronto Canada. Like the local branch, they too did not answer the phone. I tried to communicate with my local branch and several weeks later I was able to speak with someone locally to ask ifthey had my account and if I qualified. They said I would have to enter online. I explained that I DID. They said I would have to talk to corporate because my promotion was with them.

End result..............I did not qualify even though I exceeded all requirements for savings and checking by triple. To add insult, they attempted to charge me $15.00 service charge while I had over $30,000 in my accounts at the time.

TD Bank has a NASTY customer service reputation on the internet. It's too bad I didn't find this information before I dealt with a FOREIGN BANK."

myysyy says

"Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. Either they are not very knowledgeable, lazy, or both. No one contacted me to let me know they closed my account (that's just a whole other story), and on top of that, spoke to at least 7 different reps and got pretty much 7 different answers and updates. I am still trying to get them to send me my balance by check, which they assured me it would be done. Two months later, still no check and dealing with the local branch now. I probably had about a total of 9 different bank accounts in my lifetime and this is by far the worst bank ever. NO CONTEST."

N8 C says

"Customer service is useless, have to go into a branch and a good one at that."

Joe Roth says

"I am beyond livid... I never leave reviews so the fact that I took the time to create this account... I am going to speak my mind. I was on hold for literally 3 hours, I watched a movie made dinner and I was still on hold. About 30 minutes later I get a rep and explain my situation and they tell me to go to the local branch because they can’t help me over the phone... at this point the bank is closed...why do I have to go to a branch to reset my password... I am going to close my account with them in about 4 hours when I go to the branch."

Vivian says

"Service became so bad I closed my acct. I saw a trend with this bank. When it purchased Commerce Bank, they were very good with their service. Now it has become unreliable and rather rude with their customers, as if they do not care to lose customers. Their branches vary wildly with quality. One branch may be helpful and knowledgeable, but if you stop in another, they may be rude and have no knowledge dealing with non-profit organizations. Their 1-800 number has you speaking with a representative that have no powers to do anything on their end other than making notes. Also they provide incorrect information. One time I spoke with a representative asking for an older card without contactless pay and they told me they would ask their supervisor if it was possible. She came back and said yes, they can send me an older card. The card I received still had contactless pay. Why would this representative tell me this when it isn't true? Their server went down January 31, 2020, Friday, for hours continent-wide. According to their "Store Manager", it had been down since the branch opened. I had stopped in during my lunch period from work at 1:00 pm EST to get a new debit card, but was turned away because their servers were down and were not able to print debit cards. This means they had been down for at least 6 hours. I couldn't even get money out of the ATM machine. Complaints online via Twitter and Facebook from customers not being able to log in to their account. That was when I said this is the last straw. I do not trust this bank with my money. I closed my account and went elsewhere. Sad they have gone from America's Most Convenient Bank to America's Most Inconvenient Bank in my book. I had been with them for 6-8 years."

Bikram Yoga says

"Service on the web and mobile interfaces are non-existent. Their phone system often leads you into dead ends.

Customer reps themselves seem quite good, but the abusive use of tech before getting to them destroy the experience."

Paul McKinney says

"Worst experience and I now need to close my account."

Stephanie Sanchez says

"I am not surprised this establishment is rated a 2.6 out of 5. It should be noted they have awful customer service and poor management. As a long time customer, I was insulted and treated as if I was a Criminal at the TDBank Seymour, CT location by the Teller Supervisor. This supervisor has unsatisfactory customer service skills and would benefit from additional training. I came into the branch after closing my account and received a “refund” for what should have been a payment towards a gas company. The teller supervisor Dominic Filippone, told me that the check I received from TD Bank was a counterfeit check as “it was not the right size, the color was off, along with the perforation.” He further stated “he had no idea how I had obtain this check as his establishment did not mail it to me.” It should be noted that a few days later after Filippone conducted some additional research he finally figured out that the check I received was not counterfeit as he first claimed. You would think I would have received an apology, instead he proceeded to tell me he would not refund the fee I was asking for, which I obtained due to the banks mistake. He indicated that because I no longer had an account with their bank there was nothing that could be done. Please NEVER do business with this establishment. Based upon my experience I will NEVER do business with TD Bank. Not only do they have atrocious security, but apparently their staff do not receive adequate training which is why I took my business elsewhere. Whatever happened to the customer is always right? Not at the Seymour TD Bank location!"

Boby Levison says

"Disorganized bank! They advertise loans for people who don't have personal banking with TD Bank. to apply! for their loan products without any issues. However when I've applied for 25k I got denied! Reason provided is my credit score of 730 because I don't have a personal account with TD bank ?? It would be approved only if I had an account ? They advise me to "open account than wait 30 days and apply again" ?? Why TD Bank falsely advertise your products and you didn't mention this ? I could just open an account in less than 5 min before I applied if that was an issue ?? Instead I got a hard inquiry now that remains for 2 years and my time wasted ! Be careful with this bank!"

Raymond Dilger says

"They’re a crap bank. But all banks are crap and TD is just a bit better than the rest. The best thing is they don’t have standard banking hours so it’s a bit more convenient most of the time."

Giovanna Alves says

"I like that they try and keep longer than normal bank hours and to be a little considerate to the working public. Beyond that they’re a garbage company. They’ve been next to useless during the pandemic time period always making excuses to avoid doing normal bank tasks even though I gave them all my paperwork and ids and other things they asked for. I wish this industry wasn’t entirely dominated by even worse firms because I’d leave TD in a heartbeat if there was a semi-decent one in the bunch of nuts."

Chris Polynice says

"Before the coronavirus hysteria, they were a convenient option with crappy service. My locations nearby have gone full on fearful of the virus. Im forced to walk into their drive through rather than being like a customer and able to go inside. Their staff are understandably likely frazzled at all of this, but it’s still horrendous service. Don’t live your life in total fear tdbank"

Trevor Reynolds says

"TD has always been my bank. Unfortunately, it's not too cheap on fees and minimum balances, but they do allow wiggle room with overdraft protection and the ability to wave certain penalties. At least my branch made me aware of certain possible fees prior to starting accounts. However, still strongly think that TD is not the best bank in America. I'm lucky enough to have a student account, from when I was in college. Although it does not have many features, the fees and rules aren't as in depth or complex. By far the most bare-bones account that one can have. The only thing is, you have to be a student of course to get one. So I feel for all the people who switch to TD after it's too late. Their simple and premiere checking is not that good compared to other accounts/banks. If it weren't for my student account, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone."

Yong K. Lee says

"On assessing my credit worthiness,they extended to me a fair rate for my 15K loan.And they have nice souvenir takeaways too.My bank."

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