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Taylor Strba Hall (born November 14, 1991) is a Canadian professional ice hockey left winger for the Arizona Coyotes of the National Hockey League (NHL). He was the first overall pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft selected by the Edmonton Oilers.


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"Waited years to work here, was treated like a number. Management was very unorganized. Quickly pointed fingers and were quick to fire with a plan on what they were going to do with your position before letting you go. A lot of backstabbing and childish behaviors. Cons: Unreliable management"

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"Mangers do not care about what you have going on in your life, they only want you to be there to work! I worked there 11 months and it’s a very stressful environment and manger is very rude!"

Beach, VA - Nutrition Care Partner (Former Employee) says

"I usually prefer fast-paced work because it makes the day go by faster but the managers expectations of what should be done within the short period of time working was unrealistic. Closing members had the majority of the work load with half the time to do it as the opening members. Coworkers never wanted to help each other and it felt more like a competition among peers than a friendly work environment. Cons: Bad management"

To-Go Specialist, Olive Garden (Former Employee) says

"The managers sucked and would over work everyone. Would force employees to do things they were unable to do, which caused injuries. Low pay and bad manager skills."

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"it was relaxed and nurturing place to work, just my paycheck kept coming up short. Had to give my two weeks notice to the company because of the paycheck kept coming up short."

Community Liaison/Testing Appraiser (Former Employee) says

"The pay was extremely low and I had to travel to various venues to perform testing. I did not feel too challenged. The people were very nice. The company simply did not have very good pay or benefits. Cons: Low pay and too many miles to travel from/to test students."

Laundry Aide (Former Employee) says

"Loved the job until new management came in. All that was cared about was drama and didn't care if job was done correctly and to the residents liking. Cons: Management"

Key Account Manager - National and Regional (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed my time at Westminster until my job was eliminated. They need to find a vision and give employees whatever they need to execute this vision. Also need to be faster to market on new products."

Banquet Chef, (Current Employee) says

"The kitchen management at Westminster shows a lot of favoritism to some of it's employees. The place is not very fair when it comes to opportunity and training Cons: The kitchen management has a select group of people the cater to"

Culture & Language Specialist Colo.Springs/Westminster (Former Employee) says

"The pay is what American education pays. I would say that Westminster is interesting in their grading system. The real benefit to working in this particular position (ELD/CLDE) is the ability to get involved and interact with a community that is often neglected. It was a life-changing experience but the emotional tax it takes to do this job for a career is intense. I wouldn't discourage anyone but caution people to know how much emotional energy it will consume."

Organist/Choir Director (Current Employee) says

"It is difficult to be a Director of Music (a job I have done in various areas for almost five decades) when the Church itself is run by a dictator who was born seven years after I took my first position as organist and choir director. Cons: her"

Resident Service Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Company likes to promote from within, but do not promote minorities to top management positions at the corporate level. Management does not respond well to complaints about management."

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"learned a lot about the business. worked closely with various departments. comunicated with vendors as well as customers. reconciled inventory and cash."

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Good flow of work. Cons: bad benefits"

Private Tutor (Current Employee) says

"The job provides a sense of purpose. I get to make an impact on a child's education. Patience, persistence, and repetition are required from the tutor."

Administrative Support (Former Employee) says

"Unless you are ready to deal with a bunch of high school shenanigans. high turnover and get blamed for things that aren't your fault. Very hard to stay in sync when process changes every 3 mins."

Westminster Canterbury Home Care RN Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Call hours are not to extensive. Good company overall. Management changeover in homecare, made it difficult for many when their input was not head or considered."

Environmental Services Supervisor for HCC (Former Employee) says

"This place is alright. Although it has staffing issues in most departments. The head of Leader ship aren’t worth the trouble cuz they really don’t care how bad off they are they just let the department supervisor deal with it and they just pretty much agree to whatever comes out of their group meetings."

Senior Supply Chain Manager (Current Employee) says

"Westminster used to be a wonderful, fun, exciting place to work but after the new ownership took over the culture changed and things began to become more stressful."

Technician "A" (Former Employee) says

"This was a very interesting job learning all the equipment as it was being installed. When the furnaces started it, it was trouble shooting all the problems, redesigning things to work correctly and developing the maintenance procedures for the equipment beyond the manufacturers recommendations. Cons: Very dangerous work place"