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The Free File Alliance is a group of tax preparation companies which operate a public-private partnership with the Internal Revenue Service to provide free electronic tax filing services to United States tax payers meeting certain guidelines. The Free File Alliance claims that the program benefits American taxpayers by providing services that would cost the IRS money to provide if online tax filing.

An angry customer mentioned, "Hi Folks, FreeTaxUSA advertises a free download of 2017 and 2018 taxes. You fill the forms out, they promise you can download for free. The user must mail forms. They will not let me download my tax forms, saying I must pay a fee to get the state taxes as well. I do not want to do that yet. I had planned to pay the fee to do state taxes after receiving the federal return. However, they are not allowing the free download of the federal taxes, as they advertise. They are very clear, the federal 2017 and 2018 tax returns are Free. They are false advertising. I would have used them for the state refunds, now I can't trust them to keep their word. Please don't let others be fooled like I was."


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