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Kaprun is a municipality in the Zell am See District in the state of Salzburg, Austria. The town is a tourist destination known as "Zell am See-Kaprun" with the neighbouring Zell am See and known for the glacier Kitzsteinhorn.

An angry visitor said this in a review" We've arrived in Tauern Spa Zell am See Kaprun, being late for skiing and thus decided to check out the spa in Kaprun for this day. The first shock was the entry fee for an evening ticket. This is usually the price for a whole day in an Austrian spa! With our expectations thus increased we set out to explore the facilities, the sauna area to be exact, only to be disappointed. Empty plastic cups filled with leftover beer residues were left all over the place and when we asked the staff to put them away, we first had to show them all the leftover cups, only to be informed that the customers were supposed to put them away from themselves, which obviously they had not bothered with... Our expectations continued to be not met when we attended a sauna event called "detox", which included a bored guy spilling water on the hot stones with phlegmatic movements, and a voucher for a "detox" drink. This drink turned out to be a disgusting, energy drink-like liquid poured from 0.5 l plastic bottles. Next we went to the restaurant, where two tattooed cooks inspected the butts of their female customers while serving us a barely warmed ham and cheese toast without anything else - even the ketchup was extra, for ridiculous € 6! We gave up and decided to leave. At the exit we were asked if we enjoyed our stay, thus we decided to provide our complaints to the lady, who didn't acknowledge anything we said. We don't know if she did ignore us on purpose or if she simply didn't understand us... So long story short, if you're looking for a spa near Zell am See, better visit Therme Amade in Altenmarkt, which is about an hour away".


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