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Talkdesk is a unicorn cloud-based contact center, unified communications and artificial intelligence software provider founded in Portugal in 2011. It is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in London, Lisbon, Madrid, Salt Lake City, Coimbra, Aveiro and Porto.


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Sarah Brookings says

"The sales rep lied about necessary functionality in the sales process - in writing. So, after spending thousands of dollars, we never implemented. They went unresponsive when asked about a refund. We then emailed to say we were canceling the service. They responded that it had been canceled, but then tried to auto-renew our unimplemented system and contract the next year."

Matthew Griffiths says

"What started so promising has ended up being a daily battle with a very poor support team/set up. Telephony wise it’s up there with some of the best contact centre systems, reporting has regressed though unfortunately. Omnichannel - don’t bother. It has the worst live chat system and they have no idea how to fix things that go wrong with it. They were into something good then they lost it."

Customer says

"The sales process left a lot to be desired and remediation was very one sided. Unfortunately due to contractual obligations I am not able to share much more information in a way that can be made publicly available. I did set the rating as two because the pieces that they were actually able to provide do appear to be working as intended, however it is not the complete solution we had signed on for."

Carly K says

"The Saleforce integration is handy for tracking call activity with customers and prospects, but beyond that Talkdesk falls short. The audio quality is lacking, and for over two weeks my team could not transfer calls without them dropping, and Talkdesk's support proved less than helpful in finding a solution. We finally found a workaround that required the recipient of the transfer to reboot Talkdesk immediately before receiving a transfer to connect without dropping the call. The dashboard is extremely difficult to search for specific calls, and call recordings expire after a couple months."