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TW Steel is a Dutch watchmaker known for its large oversized watches and chronographs. The company was established in 2005 by father and son team Jordy & Ton Cobelens in the Netherlands.

A customer shared his opinion on Amazon after buying TW Steel´s products in December 2015:

"Purchased this on a lightning deal for $139. Wasn't worth it. The watch wasn't brand new - the plastic film was removed and then added on again. The watch leather band also had worn the notch is. The seller claims they only sell new items. It doesn't make sense. In addition, the automatic function is low quality (or maybe it's just the watch I received). When winding the watch, the second hand will not begin without a somewhat hard bump on the watch face. It is very strange as all my husband's other watches bought at authorized retailers (he has everyday watches like Seiko automatics to Cartier Ballon Bleu). I don't believe TW Steel is to blame, it is the seller. I doubt David Coulthard would endorse something so low quality. I should have stuck with my gut - Beware buying watches online!"


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Quality Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not a great place to work. They were bought out right after they hired me and they shut their doors. They did not treat their employees with much respect, and did not make any efforts to help employees move on when they shut their doors.Not really anyThey sold out"

CAD/IT manager (Former Employee) says

"I started in June of 2001, at $50,000 a year salary... not hourly. I worked, sometimes as much as 80 hours a week, but still only got paid, for 40... there were bonuses for managers, but the most I ever received was $12,000. About a year after I left, the company was sold... and is no longer in business. If TW Steel is in business, it is under new ownership.Steady paycheckNo advancement, in pay, or job, in six years..."

Welder/Fitter (Former Employee) says

"Learn to stair rails, cut pipes, bend pipes. But there are some people that will not help you. So you have to used the of your knowlegle."

Welder/Fitter (Former Employee) says

"the is alright, but sometime when you run into trouble. Nobody would help you figure out what you are doing. So you do it by yourself and hope for the best you could do.lead manhate cutting and bending and boring"