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TVNorge (originally abbreviated TVN, now just abbreviated N in the logos; i.e. "TVNorway") is a Norwegian television channel. TVNorge went on the air on 5 December 1988 and was the first advertising-supported Norwegian channel. The channel was started with 50 000 NOK.

TVNorge has a toxic working environment and a weak Human Resources, employees are mistreated and there is favoritism, according to a review by a former employee at

"As an employee, you are treated without any respect whatsoever. Nepotism and favoritism are widely practiced. HR processes are very weak. You end up working with very weak people who are not qualified for the job. There is a lot of grapevines. The job environment gives you a lot of negative energy."


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anon (Former Employee) says

"Sounded good from the job description, but the culture was toxic and the management weak. Pointlessly corporate, felt like i was working in a 1990s office that had just discovered 'waterfall' as the new cool way of working. Cons: everything"

Assistant Manager - Marketing (Former Employee) says

"While working on the brand was exciting, the management needs a little more professional approach towards its employees. There was no work life balance and employees aint expected to desire one"

Senior Director, Programming and Development (Former Employee) says

"Constant reorganization meant work culture was disruptive and not conducive to the creative vision needed for a company whose main product is content. Cons: Constant reoganizations. Very political. Some great senior executives but many poor senior managers."

Creative Designer (Former Employee) says

"beyond words. The spiralling nonsense continues . Would not recommend it to people who really are passionate about being loyal. Needs a visionary who can take the great brand forward and onwards. Someone like me!."

Promo Producer (Former Employee) says

"This used to be an excellent company before Discovery bought TVNorge and ruined the company."

Receptionist/Switchboard (Former Employee) says

"Good name to have on your CV, lots of fun events took place. Cons: senior management were very pushy and critical, lots of work politics."

Channel Director Factual (Current Employee) says

"Old fashioned management; not interested in new technologies and new media development. Cons: long hours"

Confidential (Former Employee) says

"Needs a lot to be desired in terms of corporate vision and can share more if there's a face to face opportunity to provide solutions that can only help the cause"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"No decisions appear to be taken outside of America and the reporting structure is so arcane that it is hard to think it's not deliberate. In a word: Kafkaesque."

Media Planner (Current Employee) says

"Detailed day-to-day management of on-air campaigns for the brands using broadcast scheduling and optimization tools. Cons: Location"

Creatives (Former Employee) says

"can be better if they value sincere and effective employees not fire them.Can add more clarity in an ever growing cluttered media landscape . have solutions that are effective but no one's really bothered to listen. Cons: bad management"

IBMS CO ORDINATOR (Former Employee) says

"DNAP was a dynamic office working across different time zones and give it's employees a global exposure. Cons: Work load"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Nice place to work with but management suck. Cons: bad management"

Projectmanager (Former Employee) says

"Goeie bedrijfscultuur Cons: Weinig doorgroeimogelijkheden"

Ad Tech Manager (Current Employee) says

"Lots of new projects. Cons: Sometimes can be Long hours"

EA to EVP/COO (Former Employee) says

"A typical day consist of getting in and dealing with the e-mails from over night which came in from the US, of meeting requests and information for my boss Cons: HR - need to be more suppporteve to employees"

Analista de Suporte a Vendas (Former Employee) says

"Aprende-se muito enquanto se trabalha. A estrutura é muito acolhedora. Cons: Nenhum"