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Synopsys is an American electronic design automation company that focuses on silicon design and verification, silicon intellectual property and software security and quality. Products include logic synthesis, behavioral synthesis, place and route, static timing analysis, formal verification, hardware description language (SystemC, SystemVerilog/Verilog, VHDL) simulators, as well as transistor-level circuit simulation. The simulators include development and debugging environments which assist in the design of the logic for chips and computer systems. In recent years, Synopsys has expanded its products and services to include application security testing. Their technology is present in self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and internet of things consumer products.

A former employee of Synopsys wrote this on indeed: Synopsys is a place where there is no growth and advancement. The integrity and work culture is terrible. There is no team work among coworkers. Manager is not knowledgeable. They suck.


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Employee (Former Employee) says

"the upper management has no plans for India as a region. they believe in hire and fire policy. in the last 4 years of its establishment 4 managers were hired and fired."

IT Support Admin(Contractor) says

"no respect from management in IT department. No support available when needed. don t like the enviorment there and no challenges at all. Limit job no learning curve."

R&D Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This is a place where there is no growth and advancement. The integrity and work culture is terrible. There is no team work among coworkers. Manager is not knowledgeable."

Director of Product Management and Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Bad management that only wants yes people under them. No a good company for advancement. The CEO is not in touch with what is really go on in the company and he enjoys micro-managing."

Technical Hardware Intern (Former Employee) says

"It's a nice company, but I didn't have good experience overall there. Got to learn new things but I didn't have a nice team nor so friendly mentor. May be other teams are good."

Sr. Product Engineer - Technical (Former Employee) says

"Do not waste time in getting employed by this company otherwise yu will be muddled in internal politics and slow governance resulting in dealing with retrograde technology and orthodox work-culture. Explore new avenues instead of this."

Senior Marcom Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"Never expect to get a raise or promotion. Lots of backstabbing and jockeying for position. Unimaginative work and people with little passion for their jobs."

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"This is not a company to spend long term. At most 3 years and 3 is pushing it. Very political at the management level. There is nepotism of the wrong sort. People who don’t understand the job and yet are related to somebody important. Advancement is very limited. You will be rated by projects and those with the most notoriety go to the favored. The ticket system is a mess and the IT department keeps loosing senior people. The CEOs are very moving people. It’s easy to get lost in their message and loose sight of what is going on at your level. Good to start a career. Bad to stay long term."

Security Services Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Simply put, upper level management and executives do not care about their employees nor do they care about producing higher quality work. Everyone just wants to collect their paycheck and bounce."

SAP Technical Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Its a good place for interns to start working because they dump work and in the process you will learn a lot. But once you are hired, pretty much there is no pay hike or good bonuses. You should get used to working 10 hours min. Management too stingy on giving any raises. A lot of nepotism. Good co-workers. Management is the most difficult ."

SR QA II Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Expectations always exceed company capabilities. Management is unwilling to work with employees. Very poor communications. Benefits are good.benefitsmanagement"

Human Resource Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"In the years that I spent at SYNP, I learned a lot and got to know some wonderful people. However, management never changes and they do not truly believe in promoting from within. Either you have to leave in order to develop your career, or management needs to change.good benefitstoo much work for little pay"

Corporate Application Engineer (Product Expert) says

"Synopsys AMS grp. has horrible compensation... there is no difference between a hard working, exceptional or average engineer. work culture is avg. people copy your work and show as theirs.. Even Your manager shows your work as their's to move up the ladder but you don't gain anything from it. your promotion works like any govt. companyJob securityguess everything.. salary, learning"

FAE (Former Employee) says

"not that bad a place to work with but might be very stressful and no appreciation from managers even with great results compensation is ok... need more flexibility"

Field Applications Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Synopsys I believe is a good company(or so I thought it was), but it definitely depends on the business unit you are in and the associated dynamics of the accounts you support (from my position as an FAE). Managers are not always on top of things that they should be, especially when it comes to proper personel management, and can influenced and intimated by members in other BUs. The bottom line is that I would likely not work for this company again but on the other-hand, I believe they are probably no different than many other large EDA companies out there in terms of how they treat people.flexible vacation schedule, challenging work, good benefitsRampant with company politics"

Tech developer (Current Employee) says

"They are all mostly from electronic background with least skills in IT domain. And their security concept is also very poor & have narrow mindset. I don't wanna say anything else."

QA (Former Employee) says

"co-workers are always supportive. excellent environment to learn and explore. i have learned new things. Synopsys provides an environment which equally balances work life and personal life."

Director, Applications Engineering (Former Employee) says

"Opportunities are available and continuous learning is necessary to be successful. Different divisions offer a variety of technologies to explore. Individuals must drive their own success and find areas they are most comfortable."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Synopsys has good technology but the company is run by engineers who don't always have the right capabilities for, understanding of, non-engineering roles."

EMEA Channel Manager (Current Employee) says

"I was working for Black Duck Software which was a small start up orgnisation that was focused and dynamic with a hydrid direct/indirect sales model. Black Duck was acquired by Synopsys, a much larger company which has a direct sales motion only."

Former Employee - R&D Engineer says

"It has poor management where favoritism is prevalent. Diversity is only for show-offs and is not practiced. It has no regards for its employees and layoffs are a recurring theme."

Former Employee - Software Engineer II says

"Promotions are completely arbitrary. I recall one of my bosses quit after the position he was working hard to get went to a friend from college of the CEO who was clearly under qualified for the role. The company is very hierarchical and sometimes people from position of privilege would have prejudicial attitudes against lower rank employees, specifically minorities. I don't recall ever interacting with either a black or latino employee. Women are also heavily under represented and rarely get into leadership roles."

Former Employee - Staff Software Engineer says

"*1. They very well might not let you take any of that PTO. That's what happened to me. At least I used to get a check for unused. 2. Subpar pay; you'll need to quit to get paid what you are worth. This gets worse year after year. My team had one promotion (and that includes little ones from Senior Software Engineer I to Senior Software Engineer II) every 40 man-years. That is not an exaggeration. 3. Employees that aren't at Mountain View are clearly happier. Don't hire on at Mountain View. 4. It is a boring stodgy "Enterprise" company. It will be difficult to build your skills in new technologies. Internal training is painfully useless."

Former Employee - CAE says

"Poor compensation and too much politics"

Former Employee - IT Support says

"-politics with management -micromanagers -no clear vision for future projects -no work life balance -pay was a lot lower than the current market salary"

Former Employee - Senior Graphic Designer says

"Hard to get promotion, hard to get skills approved. Little to learn and be creative."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Current leadership is toxic. They want no dissent, only strict adherence to the leadership’s lack of vision."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you want to do serious work, this is not the place. Bad management and politics abound. HR views it’s job as to protect the company from the employees. Layoffs for example are handled through email."

Current Employee - Senior Applications Engineer says

"Behaving like a sinking ship, becoming a toxic environment to work for, every quarter there is a layoff, the top guy has become too greedy- a valley renowned face of just causes now only cares about money and money, not his employees. Got tax breaks from Trump only to lay off in the US and hire in Iow cost areas. Soon to be sued as only employees over 50 are shown the door."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"Don't cut pay to boost EPS instead sack ppl who are not nedded"