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Sydbank A/S is one of Denmark's largest full service banks headquartered in Aabenraa. Sydbank was founded in 1970 with the merger of four local banks based in Southern Jutland: Den Nordslesvigske Folkebank (Aabenraa); Graasten Bank (Gråsten); Folkebanken for Als og Sundeved (Sønderborg) and Tønder Landmandsbank (Tønder). It has since then grown considerably through mergers and acquisitions, one of the latest being DiskontoBanken (DiBa Bank) of Næstved, which was delisted on the Copenhagen stock exchange as of 15 January 2014.

Andreas Petersen shared his opinion about Sydbank´s App on AppGrooves on December 25, 2019:

"When I open my mobile bank, I'm interested in seeing my accounts. Yet, when I open the app, I'm greeted with a menu instead. Just take me straight to my account, please. When I finally do get to my account, the overview is nice and understandable though. I also cannot open any messages from my bank. The app says that my phone, Google Pixel, does not have an app to open PDFs, and asks me to download Adobe Reader. But my phone can open PDF files just fine without Adobe Reader."


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