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Swiffer is a line of cleaning products by Procter & Gamble. Introduced in 1997, the brand uses the "razor-and-blades" business model; whereby the consumer purchases the handle assembly at a low price, but must continue to purchase replacement refills and pads over the lifespan of the product. Swiffer has become a half-billion-dollar brand in fifteen countries.

Swiffer has a design flaws, the handle breaks and the swiffer stops working after a few times of use, according to a review by Douglas at consumeraffairs.com

"Only used few times. Handle broke. Needs a redesign tweak where plastic meets aluminum. The swiffer stopped working after three uses Gonna give one more a try. If it breaks I am done with this product. Such a shame the handle like that."


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"In the last six months I have bought two swiffer mops and I refuse to buy another. Both swiffers had snapped where the handle part is, while vigorously mopping because these mops can hardly wipe up a spill. Waste of money...."