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Sur La Table, Inc. is a privately held retail company based in Seattle, Washington, that sells kitchenware products, including cookware, cutlery, cooks' tools, small electrics, tabletop and linens, bakeware, glassware and bar, housewares, food, and outdoor. As of October 2018, Sur La Table sold products in 184 stores in 32 states across the country including the District of Columbia, as well as th


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Nathan says

"Very dirty while I was taking a cooking class in Southlake and I noticed Health code violations. I witnessed a mouse/rat that ran across the floor. Before that I saw violations that wouldn’t pass inspection but shortly after I saw the mouse/rat run across the floor I immediately walked out. Don’t come for the classes, awful experience."

kathleen halloran says

"I ordered four items around Thanksgiving. I received the first item promptly, and then the other three soon after. My issue is that I was charged for each item on November 18th, and then recharged for each item on November 20th. When I contacted them, they said they would look into it and get back to me. They did send an email stating they acknowledge their mistake and would refund the money. I waited a week and called again. They finally refunded two of the charges. After calling a few more times with no refund for the other charges, I had to call my bank and have them issue a fraud claim against them. I really wish they would have refunded my money after they realized the mistake. I have tried so many times to get them to do so. I will never order from them again. I wish I would have researched them better. Never a good idea to order from a company who has pulled this before."

Lorena A. Lee says

"First time writing a review. Ordered a 4 qt. Staub with the sale price during a Black Friday. After waiting for 2 months, they cancelled the order. The compensation they offered was a 20 dollars off of a future purchase over $40. Have they been upfront about the lack of inventory, I would have had the chance to buy from another vendor during the Christmas sale. Consider yourself warned.They do not honor their commitments.."

Mari says

"I ordered 3items as Christmas gifts. I received two items just fine but it is January and haven’t received one more!!! I contacted customer service multiple times and I wish I didn’t. It was one of the worst customer service experiences I ever had. I think sooner or later this company will go bankrupt. Cannot survive this era with that kind of customer care. Terrible."

Nunyabiz says

"Terrible. This was my first and last experience with this company. I echo all bad reviews made by prior users. I ordered 3 items in the 1st week of December. Only two items were received. The other item never shipped and had I not reached out last week I would have never known that the item was no longer available. On top of this disappointment, they either overcharged me on the two items or they charged me for the item not shipped. I used PayPal and was charged at separate times, assuming it was when items were shipped. The amounts do not line up with my original order statement and no one has gotten back to me regarding my inquiry about this discrepancy. Do not give this company your business."

Peter Bordi says

"I order bowl on Nov 30th, after 2 plus weeks of not receiving the bowls. I called and checked on the status of my order...NOTHING No HELP AT ALL. "I will call the Vendor and check on the status" still nothing I called and cancel my order last week ! again no luck. Today I received and email stating they just were told my item would be shipped today! Really after 24 days on sitting on my order and Christmas two days away you're shipping my order.... which I canceled last week! great service. Now I have to try again and call them today to cancel AGAIN . WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!!! I order them last week from another company and had my product in 3 days! Merry Christmas"

Ben Wyler says

"Terrible customer service. I ordered an online cooking class as a gift. No option to deliver to the recipient, no clear why "delivery" is even necessary--just need a login to the class. It never arrived. No one answers the phone line, and two emails over 4-5 days and no response."

Barbara Strong says

"Not even a 1 star. I ordered two items. One for $11.50 one for $21.50 plus total of 8.99 shipping and $2.00 plus in tax. They shipped the $11.50 item on 11/23/20. They charged me for tax for both items and shipping from both items. One item was received. One month later they charged me $26.50 but did not send me the second item. I called and they said the second item was still not available and is on back order but that they charged me the additional $26.50 just to see if I still had money in my account. They could not tell me when it would ship and the customer service rep had a nasty attitude. I will never order from them again. I recommend you find a better supplier!"

Ghaz Ansa says

"The most dishonest company ever !! they list products on their website they don’t even have and then they drag you left and right about the order !! First and last time I order on the BS company. They were about to ruin my Christmas but William-Sonoma came to the rescue !!"

danetus says

"The flood of negative reviews on the web and complete lack of corporate response make one wonder if the company's recent bankruptcy acquisition is just a speculative ploy to liquidate it and its assets completely. In any case, I will not spend another penny with them. Sur La Table’s customer service promised me in writing to price match an item sold by the manufacturer if I went ahead and placed the order with SLT. I trusted them and made the purchase on November 1 – big mistake. First problem, the order didn't arrive until 47 days later, although it was shown “in stock.” Second, even after six weeks of waiting they refused to cancel the order or provide an ETA, and basically told me, “Keep waiting!” Third, when I finally got the item and called customer service on December 18, 2020 to inquire about the promised price match, I was rudely told that they wouldn't price match the manufacturer. The customer service representative then literally told me off. How do their corporate managers still have their jobs?"

Tyler Kellogg says

"Ordered my item on November 20th and it never shipped. Was going to call them tomorrow to figure out what is going on. Got an email today from them saying they cancelled my order. If the company cannot handle a high influx of orders, then do not promise items to be shipped before Christmas. Figure it out. Nobody should do business with them. And like their other store in NJ, I hope their shop in NY also closes down for good."

Tony Corrado says

"Sur La Table is a terrible company to do business with Never again,no customer service and no communication -GO Elswhere!"

Diviya Thomas says

"Placed an order on Thanksgiving. It's the 17th of December now. Still hasn't shipped, called customer care & they can't cancel the order for another week because they "can't reach our vendor". I wanted this cookware for Xmas but obviously will not receive it in time. I would've just contacted my credit card company & asked for a refund but this order was placed through a gift card so I'll need them to cancel & refund my gift card. The items in the order are available on Amazon for free 2-day shipping, I don't know why I ever bothered with this ridiculous company."

Sara Bucklin Abbott says

"Worst Delivery and Customer Service I can't believe the horrendous experience I had with Sur La Table. I have ordered from them a ton of times and have had nothing but great service. Not so this year. I ordered an item on November 25th, 2020. I called on December 10th, 2020 wondering where my item was. I was told that the item was being shipped directly from the Vendor (this is a Staub item) and that it should arrive no later than Tuesday December 15, 2020. So today, the 16th, I got a notice from Sur La Table that my item was being further delayed until the end of December. However, when I called them I was informed that it would be FEBRUARY! Seriously??? So I asked them to cancel the order and refund the money. They said essentially that they couldn't. They said that first they must request from the vendor to cancel the item. I asked them if the vendor could refuse and they told me that yes the vendor could. So I asked what other options I had. They said that when my item shipped in FEBRUARY 2021 I could refuse shipment and then wait another 2 weeks after that for my money to finally be returned to me. I laughed and asked if she was serious. Apparently she was. I told her that I had ordered from Sur La Table and it was up to Sur La Table to cancel this order and refund my money in a timely manner. She said that it WASN'T THEIR POLICY and that Sur La Table had only placed an authorization on my card, not an actual charge so I shouldn't be concerned (This by the way isn't true, they did fully charge my card). She offered nothing in the way of a discount to use toward anything else considering its Christmas and I was expecting my item in time for Christmas. She offered nothing at all other than sorry, wait for FEBRUARY! I'm definitely doing a chargeback on my card."

Ike says

"I ordered a Cuisinart Deep Fryer on Nov. 30, 2020. Website stated delivery Dec. 4, 2020 delivery date. I received an order confirmation after submitting order. Since I didn't see any delivery status email by Dec. 3, 2020, I called the customer service. I was told that they don't send order status notices. Then CSR said my order was sent to the vendor and vendor should be able to ship my order ... in a week. I called again on Dec. 10, 2020 to follow up and was told order will will ship in two weeks (beginning to sound like a canned reply). They should have indicated (in the website or sent customer notices) that orders ship very much later than advertised. I should have just ordered in Amazon (definitely better reliability rating) and could have received the item in less time. Not coming back here."

JustAnswer Customer says

"I placed an order Nov 30th and 17 days later it still hasn't been shipped. Yep they promise if you order by 15th you'll get it for Christmas. I was told its the manufacture fault. Terrible service and they take no responsibility. I would never purchase anything from them again."

Howard M says

"The customer service I’ve received from Sur La Table has been awful. An order placed just after Thanksgiving still has not shipped (though a tracking label was created DAYS ago.). I asked to speak with a Customer Service Supervisor, but never got put through to one. Their stores used to be great, but my store is gone with their bankruptcy. Given the current level of service and fulfillment, I won’t be shocked to read about liquidation."

Kathryn Fitzpatrick says

"Placed a HUGE order online on Dec 1, 2020. Website states 3-7 day delivery. It is now Dec 16, 2020 and the order has still not shipped. Emailed with no response. Called customer service and told the to cancel the order. I'll take my business elsewhere. Customer service said they could not cancel and that I would have to return they items when they arrived. I am not happy and will NEVER shop at Sur La Table again."