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Superdry plc is a UK branded clothing company, and owner of the Superdry label. Superdry products combine vintage Americana styling with Japanese inspired graphics. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


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Former Employee - Supervisor says

"I worked at Superdry full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Terrible pay. No room for advancement."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at Superdry full-time for more than a year Cons: management was unorganize and lazy"

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"I worked at Superdry part-time for more than a year Cons: Terrible upper management Constant shift of store manager Always dealing with homeless population Constant theft"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Superdry full-time Cons: Stressful Barely any work-life balance So many things are last minute unnecessary drama"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Superdry full-time for more than a year Cons: Unorganized Lots of work for underpayment They expect above and beyond but wont pay you if you dont fight for it They will promote people based off how long theyve been with the company instead of experience"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"I worked at Superdry full-time for less than a year Cons: Didn't have working internet for the first 7months of business. No structure!!!! Upper mgmt has poor communication. No templets of best practices. You are left to kinda just figure out things for yourself. There is no guideline of floor sets. The regional visual will come in a help out but hard to plan and set for success when there are no guidelines. DM didn't support stores well. When you would send communication you wouldn't get a response back. I have worked retail for over 13 years and never worked for a company that doesn't seem to know whats going on. Everything is always charging from one minute to the next with no communication. If you are thinking of working here in the US pass."

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"I worked at Superdry full-time for more than a year Cons: work life balance is not a thing here. They hire terrible managers because they “fit the look”. Store manager had no store manager experience and worked at small stores you’ve never heard of. Human Resources is a joke, was discriminated against and called names. Went to HR and they didn’t do a thing because they are overwhelmed with staffing new stores. If they don’t get it together someone will sue for harassment."

Current Employee - Team Lead says

"I have been working at Superdry full-time for more than a year Cons: Too many overheads not a good fit to lead, the New corporate regime not motivating to work for. Unorganized daily operation"

Team Leader says

"I have been working at Superdry for more than a year Cons: When Supergroup LLC took over; everything went terrible. They no longer listen and no one at the home office or corporate listens nor tries to get back to us when we have questions."

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"I worked at Superdry part-time for less than a year Cons: Managers were rude. Didn't get any training. Lack of communication."

Brand Manager (Former Employee) says

"the culture is not existent and the working environment is toxic. very hard to share a different POV. The physical working environment is quite poor. Cons: Aggressive management and lack of empathy"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Sucks alot of micro managing and numbers have been down due to what they sale and they will blame you for not meeting expectations instead of considering changing the products they send."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for 6 months, store manager was awful and had favourites which wasn’t pleasant for those who weren’t. Tend to recruit young people that are still in education so full timers do the best hours and those still in education have the rubbish hours."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is very poor. The store is so big they simply don't know how to manage where to market products on the sales floor neither do they have respect for their employees."

Full time Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Working for Superdry (Luton franchise) has caused me various problems including depression, a decline in my overall health & a lose of social life. The workplace culture is a BULLYING culture that is run by people that are constantly talking behind your back. Area manager is a joke who is constantly patronising all team members. Assistant manager thinks he's bigger than everyone, always backbiting- doesn't even know how to speak to employees and always causing arguments among staff. The shop is quiet, barely any customers due to how expensive items are. This results in employees being forced to speak to every customer that walks in (customers hate this and get very rude when constantly being nagged not left alone. The tasks that were given out were boring and higher up would never join in and help. Overall management is a joke, constantly blaming employees for poor sales and favoritising certain members of staff. Management loves bullying and always picking on staff members too. It's a very unfair work place, happy I got out, more people left due to how depressing it is. The only benefit is uniform."

Dependiente (Former Employee) says

"Mi valoración en Superdry Store es bastante errónea. Cons: horarios desequilibrados, ambiente de trabajo incómodo, caja descuadrada cada 2x3"

Sale Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Like another review said. Student at the time and they put me on shifts with co incided with my classes. Arrived always 15min before shift started and was expected to work later and told I wasn't doing enough shifts. Work to meet scores everyday and was competitive work life. I was sacked as I took a Sunday off to visit family that had taken ill and management knew about it but didn't liase with boss . Managment is a joke wouldnt even one star. Also expected to spend all your wages on uniform etc .. good luck Cons: Many"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"don't recommended working there, slow days, barely any hours,poor management, harder work, less pay, no benefits, bad location, if you wanted day off you won't get them"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It was fun working at super dry and getting to meet new people everyone was nice but the management gave me my check 3 weeks late which is unexceptable! Cons: Late check"

Assistant E-Commerce Manager/Stock Manager (Former Employee) says

"Daily repsonsibilities included,completing e-commerce orders, stockroom maintainance, selling, etc. Learned how to run a start-up company that carries out most of its business functions manually. This was helpful toward understanding the entire process of how technologically advanced operations of any retail business really works."

Vendeur en prêt à porter (Former Employee) says

"Mauvaise expérience, victime d’harcèlement morale venant de la responsable du magasin"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Awful company to work for, low pay, overworked, company DONT care about staff, just greedy and money orientated, not willing to help/spend on employees Cons: Overworked, greedy company, poor pay, poor training, do not follow procedures - health & safety etc, no support, company only care about money"

Sales Associate/Cashier/Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"We were constantly told we would get a bonus if we did x, y and z. It almost never happened. There was no real communication between upper management and the floor. Cons: Short breaks"

Vendeur (Former Employee) says

"Une de mes pires expériences. Une responsable raciste. Dès qu'un étranger entre dans le magasin on vous demande de les suivre. Une compétition malsaine entre tout le monde car payé aussi en fonction des ventes de chaque personnes. Aucune franchise. Horrible"

Visual Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"Superdry is a great company to work for if all you want is a weekend job alongside your main job or studies. Cons: underpaid, overworked, under appreciated, short staffed"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"More money, more problems. Its a fairly new company so they don't have a structure yet. They persuade you and look for entrepreneurs or people that have an ownership mentality but you can't run your store the way that fits it. It's a constant battle of miscommunications due to each of your managers saying something different to you. No one is on the same page, there is no work life balance for any manager in this company, its high stress and there's no job security, Compared to other retailers u may have worked for you will notice that Superdry works backwards and blames that it is due to being from the UK. Just don't work here. Cons: everything else"

Hero (Current Employee) says

"The pay is not good, or if u’re not interested to progress inside the company the pay is ok up 25yo."

Director of Stores (Former Employee) says

"If you are blonde and blue eyed they will love you"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Viel zu wenig Geld sau wenig Los im Store & einige Mitarbeiter. erzählen der Chefin blöde sachendamit man schlecht da steht. Cons: Zu wenig Geld"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Treat this job as a stepping stone. It’s not worth your entire life. Management will often be very young and somewhat inexperienced, though when I worked there 2 managers were fantastic, whilst the “sub” managers or key holders, were extremely subpar Cons: Poor management"

Anna Maxwell says

"I ordered my coat over a week ago and have not received any Information about it being sent out yet?"

Niculae Novac says

"I was happy with the delivery of the product but was too small so I had to return it. Still waiting for the refund after 2 weeks."

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