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Sunstar is a Japanese global oral care, health and beauty, chemicals, and motorcycle parts conglomerate with affiliates in 27 countries. Its main businesses are the development, manufacturing and sale of oral care products (toothpastes, toothbrushes and dental rinses) as well as of chemicals (building materials and automotive) and motorcycle parts (sprockets and braking disks).


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Former Employee - EMT says

"Pay not great and a lot of gossip from certain employees"

Current Employee - EMT-B says

"My biggest concern with working here is the company’s disregard for supplying their employees with quality equipment. The trucks are uncomfortable and appear cheap. They are pretty much modified uhauls. You’d expect quality, comfortable trucks for the crews that spend up to 12 hours a day in them, running 7-11 calls a day. The monitors have poor features and the monitor leads are poor as well. The Navigator that Sunstar uses on the CAD has an unreliable gps and makes it difficult to read CAD notes. Employees complain about the quality of their equipment and nothing changes. Sunstar has the idea that their employees should work out of statpak bags and not the truck, therefore they supply the truck interior with almost nothing useful in the cabinets. Everything in those bags should also be located in the back of the truck. That truck should be treated like an office. If we need stuff done, I shouldn’t have to go pull out a bag to do so. The professionalism over the radio is a joke. It might as well be a telephone for employees to talk about each other’s days to one another. The employee turnover rate is extremely high. Most employees use sunstar as a waiting room until a fire department calls them up for an interview. The main reason I bring this up is because the clinical skills of the medics and emts are poor due to this. They have paramedics with 1-2 years of experience training brand new medics. Same goes for EMTs. If you want to be a career emt or medic, this is not the place to learn. The white uniform shirts have to go. If you’re an EMT, you’re pretty much an ambulance driver. EMTs are extremely underutilized. It’ll help the turnover rate if you’d allow EMTs to run BLS calls and actually do things in the back of the truck. To be honest, I’m not proud to work at Sunstar. I don’t find that this is a respectable agency. It’s really sad to say it, but that’s my opinion."

Former Employee - Emergency Medical Technician says

"Lots of burnt out Medics and EMTs, pay could be better for the amount of work you do, most supervisors are looking to get people in trouble versus trying to hlep them and do better as clinicians, management is unorganized, there is sexism in this company, there are people who have multiple sexual harassments complaints are still allowed to work here, management would rather terminate employees who are struggling and want to do better, rather then help them improve , the company's main concern is making sure that the report is billable, they don't really care about anything else. 85% of all the calls you run aren't actually emergencies, you'll pick up so many drunk homeless people, so many Interfacily transports, if you are a EMT your basically a "Ambulance Driver" not enough trucks on the road, you'll be on Level Zero more often than not, if you work nights, good luck and there is no pat differential for night shifts, this company has a VERY HIGH TURNOVER RATE and that means something , if you work here for 3 years your like a Veteran, there are so many other issues with this company I can't name them all, I came into this company a happy new EMT, I left as a Salty EMT, this company sucks and will burn you out in a year."

Former Employee - Paramedic says

"Management. Two-faced female dogs."

Former Employee - Field Paramedic says

"Pay, respect, management, company culture, hours, flexibility"

Former Employee - Paramedic says

"There is a lot of retired people who live in the area you will be covering. They call EMS for the most minor of problems. This gets annoying really quick. Watch out for the people they assign to train you during your first two months of employment. Many of the “trainers” here are egotistical jerks who will insult and demean you in front of patients and firefighters. If this happens, get new trainers immediately. Don’t play their little game. Also, don’t work here as your first job in EMS right out of school. This is a very busy EMS system. Management is extremely impatient when it comes to training. They are very quick to fire people here."

Former Employee - VST says

"Nepotism, stupidity, and favoritism reign supreme. Favoritism supporting heavy micromanagement "in" crowd chased away the ample amount of decent help they used to have. They've been grossly understaffed for over a year. Most people seem to be able to find better work and leave within their first month. You will at the very least be climbing in and out of ambulances all day non-stop in an outdoor bay while you stock the 40+ trucks that roll through in a 12 hour period. You'll also get stuck doing other tasks like washing trucks by hand because their car wash has been 3/4 broken for years. A lot of times you will have one person with you or be by yourself for that. The only slow times now are some holidays and Sundays. What's left of the part time staff only wants to pick up the few days where it doesn't really help the full timers, and I can't blame them. They used to mandate people to come in, but now they just call, beg, and harass until someone one caves and agrees to cover open shifts when they actually feel like filling them. You will do way more than is in your job description, especially on day shift. Don't apply if you mind be moved from shift to shift (sometimes day to night or vice versa) as they see fit until they feel like clearing you. You will be harassed, berated, nitpicked for meaningless things, and sabotaged. You will receive no recognition for your efforts, but the "in" crowd buddies that do nothing will constantly be on their board of recognition and be rewarded with gift cards and at the top tier a paid day off. You on the other hand, will get rushed, yelled at, even reprimanded constantly. It's best to make them think your slow, because if you start out fast and with stars in your eyes, you will get tired very quickly. When you try to adapt to a more reasonable pace all of a sudden, you will be yelled at and reprimanded (also getting complaints courtesy of those great useless buddies of the system. They have a horrible attendance policy, a point policy. If you're late 14 times or absent 7 times in a one year period (points reset on anniversaries) and not a buddy of the system, you will be fired, no exceptions. It was even worse for me, working all the time and living 52 miles from work. Also, 90 seconds carries the same penalty as being 5 hours late. You might as well take your time and get groceries before you go if you have the PTO balance. The cons are endless, and if I haven't convinced you not to apply by now because you need the hours, God help you, because no one else will."

Former Employee - VST says

"no chance of advancement unless you "know" someone. No accolades for good work, health insurance is the pits. High deductible to the point its almost better not to have it, union is worthless and only helps field employees"

Current Employee - Paramedic says

"Corporate owned and profit driven. Pay is below national average. Benefits are mediocre at best. Upper level management are cut throat and will burn you in a nano second, grossly out of touch with employee concerns. Mandated overtime due to the overwhelming turnover. Unpaid mandatory monthly training - the same training all the fire departments are paid to attend. All calls are considered ALS - even splinters and non emergency transports (so the company can bill as ALS since a paramedic rode in the patient compartment. No stations, you will spend 12 hours running calls or a fixture in a random parking lot. If you have an outside life (school, second job, vacation, family needs) forget about it. Your life will be dictated by your schedule and mandatory overtime. CEO and COO are spineless corporate reptiles. Mid level management to the corporate banner and their loyalty is not with the employee. Did I mention the CEO/COO are heartless and spineless?"

Former Employee - Paramedic says

"Everything else. Moral here is rock bottom. The pay is awful. AWFUL. Leadership sucks. Unpaid mandatory training almost every month. Near constant "mandated" shifts, often with around 24 hours notice."

Paramedic (Former Employee) says

"I have worked in emergency services for nearly 30 years and Sunstar is by far the worst agency I have ever had the displeasure of working for. It was so bad that I nearly left the EMS field all together. Do not fall for the “EMS in Paradise” that they advertise. Their idea of “paradise” is low pay, poor benefits and rampant mandatory overtime. Sunstar will literally try and squeeze every ounce of work out of you while driving your spirit and will to live into the dirt. I thank god every day that I was able to get out of that place. Cons: Mandatory overtime, low pay, poor benefits, management could care less about you, you’re just a body in a seat"

Slave (Current Employee) says

"Run away just run from the hammer that pounds you down at SunScar. All your hopes and dreams will just leave your body when you work here. Maybe if all the managers left and returned to Hades it might be an ok place."

Senior Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"Pros Cons: poor culture, poor systems, poor management, too hierarchical, backbiting"

Paramedic (Former Employee) says

"Their insurance is horrible and doesn't cover anything. 401k is ok. 911 is very busy along with nonemergency. Management sucks. It's always your fault and write ups on the smallest issues. Company uses you until you stand up for your rights then they fire you. Your just a # to them. If you last more than two years your lucky."

EMT-Basic (Former Employee) says

"Awful Awful company. Management is horrible and you are just a number. You never get off on time and they don’t care about your well being. Huge turnover rate and they are a revolving door. Would not recommend to anyone and I wasn’t there long."

Quality Control Inspector (Former Employee) says

"I ran three injection molding machines and inspected small medical pieces for impurities was subjected to run same machine for weeks Cons: hourly pay"

duddjq (Former Employee) says

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Electrician (Former Employee) says

"It was a construction company that is no longer in business, they did historical renovation and they came out of California we had multiple superintendents get fired Cons: None"

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management is highly Japanese culture oriented, decision making process is very culturally hierarchical. Cons: Cultural adaptation"

Packaging agent (Former Employee) says

"overall great ran business work place as well as fun up beat how ever i was laid off, which is a negative how ever i did obtain other skills on the job and learned alot about shipping to! Cons: laid off, needs more safety equipment"

Network Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I had learned quite a lot, and grown from junior to senior level in very short time. Cons: Unstable Managemnet"

Paramedic/Field Training Officer (Former Employee) says

"Sunstar is a very busy 911 and non emergency system. The work load causes burn out in about 3 years. This is a great system to work at for experience but 401K is the only retirement offered."