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The Phoenix Suns are an American professional basketball team based in Phoenix, Arizona. The Suns compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA), as a member of the league's Western Conference Pacific Division, and are the only team in their division not based in California. The Suns play their home games at the Talking Stick Resort Arena.

"AcceptableStreet" wrote a post for REDDIT 2 years ago by the title of "THE PHOENIX SUNS SUCK! IM TIRED OF IT!":

"I grew up during the steve and amare days. Back when the suns were good and fun to watch. Now we haven't made the playoffs in 8 years and get blown the fuck out by a losing team and got raped by our former arch-rivals- the spurs. The suns are the laughing stock of the NBA. We're the browns of basketball except the browns have a promising future with all their picks and money. With the coyotes being dogshit, the cards probably will be average at best, and if we're lucky the dbacks will be back in the playoffs. Its fucking bullshit that az sports largely suck. And fuck you, Robert Sarver, I hope you get AIDS."


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Joan Beard says

"I think it is terrible how use the sun ltd bagger frail old people into getting there heating , My Sister was baggered into having there heating and they ripped her off , she is fighting agains them it falty workmen ship also it is falty heating , she is a very ill lady and now in so much debt because of there lies and baggering , so any body reading this do not go with use the sun , they are con men"

Jan MacDonald says

"Thank god this company have gone into admin and can no longer fleece anyone else. We had solar panels fitted 2 years ago and when i rang up after a few months to say that our savings were not as expected I was told this was due to Government cutbacks on tariffs! My system was inspected today and I have learnt that my inverter has never really worked properly and is now defunct and that only 6 of my panels were ever connected properly! now another company wants money to rectify the system - but can I trust them!"

James Miles says

"Thank you very much to Barry's review my forecast of payments and spending was nothing like explained or promised and im left with a system poorly installed and a cold home. James, North Walsham"

Martin says

"Promised a lot in terms of saving on oil spend by using air to water heat pump in an older EPC D home. Suns Energy forecast a saving of £1000pa on my oil bill of £1500pa with pay back in less than 7 years on. £16k system - Took a £250 deposit on condition they would support initial numbers with detailed heat calc's then tried to push for install before giving us the numbers. The actual numbers said about a £500pa saving and payback over 10+ years, but with lower exit temperature / smaller heat pump than original sold. So potentially cold house, no hot water, and not much in terms of fuel saving. Found fiddles factors in the spreadsheet the sales guys were using. So calcelled within the cooling off period, but still waiting for my deposit back. Have now gone to HIES and my credit card provider as no response from Andy, Joe, Loam and the rest at Suns Energy. Really shame, as love the technology and thing the LG kit they use is good."