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Sunny Rose Glen is a home that offers assisted living and memory care services for seniors in Menifee, California.

An upset former employee said this in a review “With the manager that was there before I left nothing was good, the residents at Sunny Rose Glen where in danger with some staff and all staff were overworked because the caregiver was quitting or calling off. Don,t get me wrong I love my resident and I wish I could do more for them but it was out of my hands. I love being with my resident I enjoy them a lot there was a resident when I see her make my day.


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Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Caregivers are overworked and are expected to do everything in the facility with no help. Some caregivers don’t do their job and leave residents wet for hours. Pay is very low and you do not get holiday pay if you worked less than 90 days. Office staff do not care about you and will run you to the ground. Staff just started getting hazard pay after months of working with covid patients. There are only a few good caregivers and med techs. Not a place I would recommend working at Cons: Everything else"

Dietary Aide (Former Employee) says

"If I could give 0 stars I would do not work here its awful they dont care for staff and its so much drama and not fair pay run run run run run run run Cons: everything"

Caregiver for Elderly (Former Employee) says

"With the manager that was there before I left nothing was good the resident where in danger with some staff and all staff were over work because the caregiver where quitting or calling off. Don,t get me wrong I love my resident and I wish I could do more for them but is was out of my hands. I love being with my resident I enjoy them a lot there was a resident when I see her make my day."

Med Tech/Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Never enough staff, Ed shows favoritism towards staff ..Ed will fired people off bias decisions.. anyone want to work as a team no proper training... Know plenty of people that would agree.."

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Helping people and assisting the elderly is rewarding in itself. It is what made me stay as long as i did. However this "home" is so poorly run and staffed. The place looks nice enough, but the conditions of this work place is horrid! It broke my heart how neglected the patients were in this facility. Barely anyone to properly take care of them. The owners do not hire enough staff for the overall needs and numbers of the residents there. They will use you, until they are down with you. The owners of this establishment do not care at all about the workers. Most of the workers are not properly trained and is scary since they are dealing with other peoples lives. It is so stressful, pay is not enough, little staff, rude owners, untrained workers, and residences that need professional or hospital care. Only up until 2018 did they give health insurance to its full time workers! Do not work here! This place needs to be shut down! If you work here, the doors to this establishment will remain open and these poor residents will never get the improper care they deserve. Cons: Low pay, lots of hours, unprofessional managers, unorganized, low amount of staffing, very stressful"

It doesn't matter (Current Employee) says

"RUN! The people that live there are sweet. You stay because your want to help make things change, Plus i need a job right now but as soon as I find something Im out of here! They dont pay enough for what they expect and want done.But the work enviorment stressful! Management spreds gossip, talk badley about employees, they have favoritism , from Nurse's are stressed, and dont care, to hostile medtechs to cargivers that dont care and quit its a revolving door . There is no team work. Cargivers always call off. The work is back breaking . It's always short staffed. They always need you to stay and work double shifts they always call on your day off or when your about to get off. Management dont care about there employees. Plain and simple !I feel sorry for the people who are live there, If your smart look elsewhere. Cons: Stressful work enviorment"

Caregiver/Med Tech (Current Employee) says

"Working at this place is back breaking. It’s usually 1 caregiver 1 med tech with about 40 residents. The management engages in favoritism and is racist. They like and keep snitches but if you’re quiet they hate you. I just can’t wait to leave the toxic environment before I get fired because the turnover at this company is huge. Take my advice worst place ever to work with no benefits Cons: Every of your worst nightmare"

Caregiver/Med Tech (Former Employee) says

"The caregivers were fun to work with and taking care of the clients, the company needs some improvements starting with management, and the Nurses. This company has a lot of call offs."

Medical Technician (Former Employee) says

"Stressful being a Med Tech, being knocked off because of seniority and then helping the people that bumped you off because they lacked knowledge of Med Tech duties. No benefits what so ever and doing multiple jobs such as caregiver, med tech, front desk, house keeping, and activity assistant. Along with long hours. it was nice when we had to do overtime because it helped to be financial stable for a couple weeks. Other then that you had to beg and beg for a raise. The only PRO about that job were the residents. They were all unique in their own ways, and becoming close to them was an absolute bonus and honor. Ill never forget them and all the wonderful moments we shared. Cons: doing multiple jobs for low wages"

Care Staff (Former Employee) says

"I loved caring for the residents but it was impossible to do my job correctly due to not enough staff!! They were constantly leaving one caregiver on the floor and maybe one Med Tech to take care of 20 residents 5 of which were hoyer lift residents and that is a two person assist or else you get in trouble. A lot of times things fell behind schedule cause you had to call someone to come and assist with hoyer residents and they may come quickly or they may take their time...Not a good thing. I would honestly suggest they have on pm shift 3 caregivers at all times in memory care and 2-3 in AL. This should be adequate staffing in order to care for the residents properly( as some residents take longer than others). Each resident is unique in their own way and should be getting that same type of unique care if properly staffed. I stopped working there the beginning of October 2018 cause found a better job. I hope that management can get their acts together and hire the right people who don't call off and hire enough to staff the right amount for residents sake!!!! Cons: Always short staffed"

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"This is the craziest place I have ever worked. Apparently the management is new. Everyday people call off. Every day off they try to call you in. You have to pay for your own live scan. Every department has major problems. Activities, kitchen, even housekeeping. Residents were great. Met several family members who were unhappy with all the changes. Just couldn’t handle it. Feel bad for the residents but I had to go. Cons: Management"

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"If you value self respect, do not work here. If you are not in the family circle or related to any of the employees that work there, you are ignored and treated unfairly. Your personal business will be spread from management. FACILITY IS CRAWLING WITH COVID. No hazard pay offered to employees. Management puts down their employees and expects them to conquer impossible tasks individually. Simply terrible."

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"I enjoy working with the residence fell in love with several them they felt like my family I would miss them all there is sweet with me and everything I felt like I was home I enjoy working with the residents I had at Sunny Rose good even in memory care and assisted living"

Activities Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The residents and their family are amazing, the management not so much. If you're one to voice your concerns, values, desires forget it. Management rarely ever praises or reward good work but expect you to bend over backwards for them. definitely a one sided facility that doesn't care about their residents or employees. Cons: Managment sucks, pay sucks, no benefits"

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"It needs work, but the residents like the place. The workers are sweet and kind. All but one med-tech needs to be more kind. Not a good place to retirement at. Cons: No vacation time, so sad"

Noc Med-Tech (Former Employee) says

"Loved working at this place especially the residents that reminded me that i was on the right path. The residents however are very combative, this made daily routines almost impossible. Wish management would roll up their sleeves and work all shifts."

Resident Assistant (Former Employee) says

"They do not mind paying you overtime and giving you 40 plus hours a week. They have good teams to work with during all shift. They give you a chance to advance in the company and willing to train you. Cons: Lights are dim when working"

Veera Ongwijitwat says

"The company did not respect their warranty issue to customer. Even try to claim for replacement of plant died within warranty period. Very very bad business. Strongly recommend not buy any plants from this nursery."

Maran Elancheran says

"Long time to deliver FedEx delivered to a wrong adddress"

Randy Klauer says

"I have indicated several times we were very dissapointed an did not recieve the plants we ordered. No one is responding from Brighter Blooms."

Jerry Barbo says

"I was charged for my order but never received the products."

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