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Suncorp Group Limited is an Australian finance, insurance, and banking corporation based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is one of Australia's mid-size banks (by combined lending and deposits) and its largest general insurance group, formed on 1 December 1996 by the merger of Suncorp, Metway Bank, and the Queensland Industry Development Corporation (QIDC).

Suncorp has unreasonable sales targets, employees are extremely micromanaged, corporate culture is toxic and the company has a low focus on customers, according to a current employee at

"Extreme micromanagement, unreasonable sales targets, toxic corporate culture, too much management too little focus on the client."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership Constant restructuring Hierarchical Treated like a number"

Former Employee - Claims Consultant says

"Pay was the industry minimum and not reflective of an employees worth."

Former Employee - Delivery Manager says

"Poor senior leaders, many leaders are bullies"

Current Employee - Product Manager says

"Old school thinking and leadership Suggest they are for the customer without knowing what that means Siloed working environment Monolithic technical architecture stack that is laughable and ancient Business process and funding is based on internal benefits only, without customer benefits being considered Many of the middle manager or leaders have only worked at Suncorp and been here 20+ years. That means they dont think or know of anything outside in the real world Suncorp celebrates wins in unusual ways, often without listening to customers If the noise of customer complaints is too loud, they opt to take the phone number of websites as a method to insulate themselves. THIS HAS HAPPENED. See if you can find the Bingle phone number."

Former Employee - Sales and Service Banking Consultant says

"Extreme micromanagement, unreasonable sales targets, toxic corporate culture, too much management too little focus on the client"

Current Employee - Lender says

"Stressful and no support, it’s all about the numbers Really low pay for the position Unless you have really thick skin you won’t last more than six months"

Former Employee - Investigations Officer says

"Low pay and high stress"

Current Employee - Customer Value Specialist says

"micromanagement, leader, impossible to achieve target and pressure selling"

Former Employee - Delivery Manager says

"-lack of strategy -no direction -No 1:1s and occasional team/dept meetings -Top heavy management who cant manage down except bark orders with unreal expectations and timeframes. -all reactive work, no structure or forwarded planning -Performance manage good and dedicated engineers who are loyal to the company -no succession or career progression"

Current Employee - Claims Specialist says

"Stay away under pay bully leader ship don't support mental health."

Full-Time Claims Officer (Current Employee) says

"Suncorp has lovely great team environment but the management is shocking. During my time there management thought it would be a good idea to half our training period and throw us in the deep in which lead to multiple new staff members to be inexperienced and unable to perform their duties to the best of their abilities. AVOID AT ALL COSTS"

Insurance Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The stuff there where always rude. Abusing you if you didn’t do anything right. Fired people for no reason. Always trying to one up everyone. Never there to help anyone"

Customer Value Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Suncorp is the worst place to work for, so many kpis to meet. If you weren’t in the “in” group you were treated poorly. Never get sick as providing a doctors cert is never good enough for them. bullied by management & you can’t have an opinion of your own otherwise they’ll try force you out. They want sheep’s who will agree with whatever they say even if they are discriminating against you."

Claims Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Timed breaks, to the second. The claims team leader made the casuals get medical certificates. Patronising and condescending managers. A soul destroying company if there ever was one. Not surprised they were canned in the Royal Commission.nonewalking out the door"

Customer Value Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Pay is awful, culture is even worse. Management/leadership gang up on staff and will push you out if you stand up for yourself or others. I cannot express how disappointed I am with the treatment myself and almost every other entry level employee have experienced while working for Suncorp. No matter how well you perform or how loyal you are to their company the treatment remains the same. There is a very strong "us vs. them" mentality amongst leadership/staff. Leaders and managers will go as far as to sabotage your stats and KPIs to benefit their own bonuses. Bullying is everywhere and the company is extremely aware of it and continue to do nothing. They advertise and recruit with an incredibly fake facade, lulling any potential employee into a VERY false sense of what the job and culture will be like. Once you are in training for your new role it doesn't take long for you to see exactly what you've gotten yourself into. My best advice would be to avoid this company at all costs, not only as an employee but also as a customer. Maybe look into other brands under the Suncorp umbrella, get yourself educated and avoid those as well. If you choose not to take this advice, good luck to you."

Investigations Review Officer (Former Employee) says

"This would have to be one of the worse working environments I've ever worked in. Sad that you have to leave a job you like, however the lack of support, constant put downs & leaders with no empathy makes you want to leave - like I did. Since my time during this role, I've seen heaps of people break down, people resign with one even going on stress leave. Sick leave is at an all time high. I've seen people who are under constant pressure, working crazy hours and treated poorly, yet told they have poor time management. When issues were raised, you were either performance managed, told that ' we all go through it ' or was presented with the idea that perhaps you are not fit for the role. You come back from leave with over due work that puts you behind. Then you get performance managed. It's widespread in the department, no matter which location you work in. This experience greatly impacted my personal life, negatively. It's sad that Suncorp won't address the issues within this department, as many great people leave.Long hours, no support"

Settlements/Securities Officer (Former Employee) says

"Unless you were in the select group of employees, you received nothing, no advancement opportunities and no bonuses. Working hours were unreasonable you got up in the dark and got home in the dark, there was no work life balance. If you needed to change shifts, you needed to attend to this yourself. Emails to the team leader were not read and caused major issues.You received a pay chequeLong Hours no work life balance"

Manager Assurance (Former Employee) says

"Constant restructures have created a culture of distrust and looking after oneself. Bullying is rife and never addressed. Avoid this company if possible."

Customer Value Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely shocking the way this company sucks you in from the initial stages to the job offered they don't tell you all the hidden things your required to do. I think I'd rather be a monkey at a zoo than chained to my desk and watched like a hawk. Training is not enough. There is no moral support or guidance.Meet a few good friends .travel time goodInsurance sucks"

Learning and Development Manager (Current Employee) says

"This WAS a great company when I started. The only thing good now are the flexibility and some immediate team leaders. Senior Leadership Team has a lot of introspection to do. They make people go through restructures every year and make roles redundant left, right and centre like it's nobody's business. Restructures usually see favourite people retain their roles or find new roles at the top. Every restructure in the People Experience team (HR/learning) has been driven by nepotism and favouritism. The Learning team especially, under a new imported Executive Manager about 8-9 months old, is in absolute ruins. This 'leader' literally has a list of those they don't like (those who don't extend favours to them) and completely ignores these people. Obviously, this is the primary reason for my writing here and maybe there are teams with better leaders out there. The current restructure of the learning team has no method to it. Like every time, they are running a consultation period with employees but have already decided to stick to the decisions they have made. They are pretending to listen but in essence are only doing due diligence on paper. They just finished a round of engagement surveys and are positioning this restructure as a response to that to increase engagement, and this just does not make any sense. Suncorp is not the place it used to be. It's become extremely cliquey, extremely caustic, and extremely unsafe with senior leadership that will only lead the organisation further to its downfall. Stay away or look for a new job if you are already part of this organisation.FlexibilityBiased senior leadership, favouritism, nepotism, emotional bullying"

Claims Officer (Former Employee) says

"Very high pressure jobs constantly under scrutiny one of the worst jobs I’ve had advancing is near impossible everything you say is recorded If your team leader does not like you they will keep high pressure on you until you crack"

Suncorp Group (Former Employee) says

"It would seem anybody could become a manager here if you stayed in the company long enough and filled out enough applicationz. The pay is an absolute joke the micromanagement is unbearable. Colleagues are usually okay but anybody who is incompetent will shove their work onto you to do if you've finished on your own. people go on stress leave and call in sick so other people do the work for them that they dont want to do. I'm jobsearching as we speak. Dont join this company, the money is laughable and the management are rude and certainly dont have your best interests at from home. they pay me money.long hours, stress, incompetent staff, very low pay, always work to do, and not just your own."

Customer Value/Development Specialist (Former Employee) says

"terrible place for a young person with their whole life ahead of them. I had a terrible couple of months where everything was going wrong, I had to take a step back and re evaluate my life. Because I spent a little while not meeting some KRA's (always I have smashed them), I suddenly didn't feel secure, I was being pressured and poked like a bear in a zoo. I gained anxiety, I did not cope with my problems like I should have. It should be evaluated how this place is run. I then couldn't change departments because I wasn't meeting the KRA's in mine. I hand choice but to leave the company.A lot of people try so hard and they should be so proud of themselvesno recognition, no lenience, felt suffocated"

Client Manager (Current Employee) says

"They have too many chiefs delivering changes that don’t understand the business. They would rather off load all the work to the lower paid workers. They talk big on customers vulnerability but don’t pay attention to staffs vulnerability even when they say I am stressed my work load is too much. I can not keep up they keep adding to the work load start listening to your staff and not the managers people pleasers who will say anything to get a promotion"

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Hot tip - if you want to advance do it within your first year. If you don’t they tend to pick people from outside the company. If you want a good pay increase - quit the get re hired Want change? Well come work here... happens all the time!Work from homePoor management and wages"

Financial modelling (Former Employee) says

"I was brought in at a salary far below market, and assured I could renegotiate after six months. 18 months later, I was still on the same salary. When I pointed out to management that my salary was well below that of other people in similar roles at Suncorp, I was told that they couldn't bring other people's salaries down, and were trying to cut costs, so if I didn't like being paid far less than other people I could just get stuffed. Partly this was because of regulatory changes that came in after I joined which made my role less necessary in the eyes of management (which they were aware of when I joined, of course). However, when I asked if they could assist me in moving into a different role, since I had performed phenomenally in this one, they just blew me off. The manager who originally hired me (and who subsequently quit as well) was so disgusted at how they had treated me he used my personal contact information to contact me and tell me to look out for myself and start looking for another job. Management at Suncorp display zero loyalty to their staff and have zero interest in investing in them or developing their careers. When I finally got a job at another bank, my pay went up by over 40% instantly. I didn't even need to negotiate - that's what they offered me right out of the gate.Suncorp has a culture of manipulating models to give the numbers that management find most politically convenient. Most of my time was spent running and rerunning the models with different inputs and parameters until management got a number that they liked. If the number was too high, we'dWorking from home one day per weekEverything else"

Sales & Service (Former Employee) says

"In comparison to other Newcastle call centres, this is a horrible place to work. It was constantly busy and they never hired enough staff to give other staff a break. Expected you to drag out conversations with customers and sell sell sell. There was never a chance of career progression unless you were in the clique of whom all hung out every weekend and travelled overseas together. I used all my sick leave before leaving and calling in they made you feel like dirt. Other Newcastle call centres pay you 10k more a year.decent christmas partymanagement"

Inbound Customer Service Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This experience left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. I would not recommended or even suggest to work for Sun Corp or associated business partners."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Suncorp pays their staff such a low wage it's a joke. I have been with the company for 4.5 years and the lady at my local supermarket gets paid more than me. They pay so low that staff get denied lending promotions and benefits as we are classed as "low income earners" customers call up to discuss insurance products to say they are struggling to pay for their insurance and the consultants taking the calls are also struggling as the wages we get paid are a joke. I am a top performer and I go onto a draw to go on a work trip if I win. My pay rise was 97c extra per hour even though exceed my targets from selling insurance. Compared to other companies they pay the lowest in the industry. You can work from home which is fantastic but down side is you don't get flexibility with choosing your hours and may still need to pay for after school care as they will roster you on after school hours. Ect..hours are to suit them and their needs. They give you a 20.00 gift voucher to say job well done or movie tickets at dodgy cinemas (anything cheap) at chirstmas time there is no bonus or anything for the staff. Your just a numberWorking from homeLow wage"

Client Manager (Former Employee) says

"It's not a great job, sure it has some benefits but it comes at the cost of all your work being scrutinized, micro managed, bullying and being divided into school yard groups that run back to your leader to gain higher acceptance."