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Sun Chemical is the world's largest producer of printing inks and pigments and is located in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey. It was incorporated in 1945. The company has its roots as the Lorilleux & Cie. Paris in 1818, but was incorporated under the Sun name in 1945. The company operates the Daniel J. Carlick Technical Center in Carlstadt, New Jersey.Sun Chemical is a member of the DIC Corporate.

A former manufacturing technician shared his experience at the company, "The very first week I was hired at Sun Chemical, I was told I would be on 3rd shift, 3 days later I was told I’m staying on first shift for a month, literally two hours after being told that I was told I am going to second shift the next week. Which is cool and all whatever, however breathing in the pigment and ink you’re dealing with is very unhealthy and they do not take safety precautions like they should for a plant. I got very sick the first week, coughing up blue dye that was in my lungs."


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Former Employee - MRP says

"The worst company to work at supervisors and the managers treat the employees horrible and HR is aware of this but don’t seem to care"

Former Employee - Caa says

"Too many unnecessary changes, wasting company money. and time. Failure on most of these attempts to make the department more efficient. Need to evaluate the managers. They are lacking leadership qualifications. No respect for the employees in their department doing the work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not friendly for women or millennials. Was treated as an employee instead of a person. Received no direction and was left to fend for myself in a new role. Leadership completely disconnected. No sense of being on a team. Culture is one of no communication and no support."

Current Employee - Production says

"pay way below avarage for market"

Current Employee - Process Chemist says

"Unsafe work conditions. Manipulate management. Low pay"

Former Employee - Manager says

"The senior managers make the work difficult. The senior managers do not know how to change their management and leadership style based on their team. They try to use cookie cutter style management. That is one size fits all."


"High Stress job with a lot of people getting cussed out at work by managers."

Senior Dev Assic says

"Very low salary scale, micromanagement excessive, bully tactics"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You are monitored on EVERYTHING! How long and when you take a break, how long and when you're at lunch, even how long you're in the restroom! The only people able to move up are the pets of management. You can be more educated and experienced but if you don't kiss butt, you're not the one moving up. I'm just scratching the surface. The place is a joke, will always be a joke."

Former Employee - Scientist (Chemist) says

"Pay well below average, no advancement potential, no communication between groups, people with skills are ignored if they are in a lower position, Sr. management dictates but never listens"

In-Plant Technician (Former Employee) says

"Threat with write up every week. No coverage for time off. Management only interested in production, production and more production. To few employees for the jobs to be done. Cons: Very few breaks for 12 hour shift."

Multinazionale americana operante nel settore chimico (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente poco soddisfacente con management solo attento al proprio interesse."

produccion (Former Employee) says

"incomodo tienes que buskarte tu el trabajo por estar sin hacer nada no te dicen nada"

Deductions Analyst (Current Employee) says

"For fear of retaliation I will not give my comments or feedback concerning this employer. If I could give zero stars then that's exactly what I would do. ."

Truck Driver/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"some guys get away with anything (punching others time cards ..drinking on the job) others do their job ..those people get severance d off ..the golden hand shake ..TYVM Cons: bad management, union was awful no support"

Manufacturing Technician (Former Employee) says

"The very first week I was hired, I was told I would be on 3rd shift, 3 days later I was told I’m staying on first shift for a month, literally two hours after being told that I was told I am going to second shift the next week. Which is cool and all whatever, however breathing in the pigment and ink you’re dealing with is very unhealthy and they do not take safety precautions like they should for a plant. I got very sick the first week, coughing up blue dye that was in my lungs. Cons: Poor management, unsafe work environment"

Coordenador de Suprimentos (Former Employee) says

"Desde o nível mais alto a falta de respeito com os profissionais é constante, não se tem qualidade de vida. Deve-se viver em função da empresa 24hs por dia. Cons: Tudo, não recomendo"

Quality Assurance Laboratory Technician (Former Employee) says

"The position with Sun Chemical allowed me to utilize my QA skills and attention to detail while working with pigments and dyes. The position introduced me to several techniques, terminology and apparatus I had previously never worked specific to the inks, pigment and dye community."

Quality Control Technician (Former Employee) says

"Too many upper management types that are overpaid and don't have a clue what it takes in production to make a good quality ink."

Lab Technician (Current Employee) says

"This is not a confidence building company. They are intimidating to union members. You will not enjoy your days working here. There is no room for advancement."

anonymously (Former Employee) says

"The culture here is very toxic. Each department felt secluded from each other. Upper management very clueless when making changes overall. I can see this location the entire operation out West. Cons: Culture"

Ink Tech II (Former Employee) says

"Very Cut throat,"

Team Coach/Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Great company to work for. They are an industry leader in printing and publication ink. Great coworkers and awesome opportunity to learn more about manufacturing. Cons: No room for advancement or tuition reimbursement"

Factory Operative (Former Employee) says

"A typical days work involved loading and unloading vans and lorries putting stock into correct locations and picking and packing orders.I learned nothing from the current management as i felt i had a greater knowledge of the job,my workmates were ok until i turned my back.The hardest part of the job was the computer work on S.A.P which was mind bogglin if you didnt fully understand and werent fully trained as only a select few were trained up to a high standard,I enjoyed doing the job in the warehouse as i am particularly proud of the high standard of my work."

Shipping Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I liked the work but 1 co-worker and my direct supervisor made it as bad as it could be. There was no training on my shift and my supervisor was incapable of helping at all. Cons: 1 co-worker and supervisor"

Ink Maker (Former Employee) says

"compounding printing ink from scratch is hard work. especially since 90%of the work is done by hand. then packaging, labeling and shipping or delivery of the finished product. management decided to leave the local market- even though it was growing, to concentrate on large orders at a different location out of state Cons: long hours, no loyalty to workers"

Account Analyst (Current Employee) says

"This company compensates you well however management sucks. A lot of under skilled tenured employees set in there ways that need to go to make this company awesome. I experienced blatant racism and because the employee had been there with the building nothing was done. African Americans stay away look elsewhere. Cons: Hostile work environment"

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management,which constantly ignored safety suggestions from employees. I lived through 5 fires in the plant,and was exposed to the possibility of safety threats on a daily basis. It is too bad,that Americans HAVE TO accept these types of issues to receive a mediocre level of pay."

Inplant Technician (Former Employee) says

"Worked there 2+ years. Supervisor took months to do simple tasks like ordering new work shirts or reimbursing me for work items I had to buy because he was too lazy to do so (work pants, necessary supplies, safety equipment, etc). Worked me to death, and did nothing to help me or compensate me for doing so. That supervisor was the reason I left. Never fought for us unless it meant he had to do more work, so whatever weird demands the client gave us, we were forced to do even though it was unreasonable most of the time. Management was like that all the way up. Nobody cared, and they get promoted. The job itself would have been more tolerable if management was slightly competent. Felt like everyone was winging it, from day one to the last day. Was denied sick time and forced to come in even though I was very ill. Supervisor never even considered covering for me, knowing I was so sick. Cons: Incompetent Management, way too much mandatory overtime, sick time is easily denied, too much responsibility for the pay provided"

Peacock (Current Employee) says

"They Suck, never putting the employee needs for development 1st..! It's all about money for the company. The vacation time is a joke. They make you use your vacation time for when they shut down, to keep from paying unemployment benefits..! It's you tie but you can't use it like you want..!"