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The Summit Series is a company that claims to "Through a series of invitation-only events, Summit fosters a global community of entrepreneurs, academics, athletes, artists, astronauts, authors, chefs, engineers, explorers, philanthropists, spiritual leaders, scientists, and beyond."

Basically, they put on conferences for the elite. They charge over $8,000 a person for the privilege of attending a cruise where they have some paid speakers. You need to qualify and be interviewed so they can discriminate against undesirables.

Their recent cruise was cancelled and they offered no refunds. Just the ability to use your paid ticket monies towards another cruise next year, which likely won't happen either.

They also bought a mountain. Thats right, a mountain. To ski on. Does this sound like a good idea to anyone else ?

Summit wants to appear to be a non profit, but are they in fact a for profit company lining the pockets of their exec's and owners ?


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