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Associate Resident Engineer (Former Employee) says

"small company, low salary, bad management, Hippocratic environment, Cons: all"

Technical manager and territory sales manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor team work between area managers leaving sales managers to handle most aspects of consumer interaction. This aspect did allow myself to grow in skills and resourcefulness which resulted in my territory sales figures to remain on a upward trend. 15-25% growth year on year over my 5 years of management. Style Limited is currently under voluntary administration due to ongoing issues with major markets in USA and EUR. Cons: poor support and product delivery"

Packer/Driver (Former Employee) says

"working for this factory it was good. it was hard work lots of hives workers wore very nice. I enjoyed working with was challenging. We have to finish work on time for delivery. Cons: some time long hours and sometime no work."

Hairdresser (Former Employee) says

"my review i was nice and joyful all the time i did find some bits hard like the customers was a bit on edge and very impatient sometimes. but it was a blast. its such a pity that it has closed down now a typical day at work was very stressful but thats life and you have to learn to get on with it otherwise you will end up getting no where. i learned quite a lot such as health and safety regulation's to be calm and patient. how to speak with a well toned manner. good attendance and punctuality great organisation skills. my co-workers were very nice people and they made work more active. the most enjoyable part of the job was getting to know one an other learning that respect need's to be earned both ways we all had a laugh with the customer's sometimes but majority of the time we have to be professional because it's was our job at the end of the day. Evan though it was voluntary. it was a great experience. Cons: it was a great deal of traveling for me so i didn't like that fact."

asesora de ventas (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente era bueno y acogedor aunque la empresa no paga ningun tipo de prestaciones laborales. Además, en temporada alta los clientes tendían a ser grosero"

Empleada de comercio (Former Employee) says

"Mediana empresa en la cual aprendí muchas cosas y me beneficio en su momento ,pero al ser una empresa familiar no garantizaba el sueldo correspondiente y contribuciones básicas."

Assistant Manager Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"i have join Amco as Junior Sales person Cons: rigid i dession making"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Main focus was with assisting with sales, attending to customer complains, making sure the customer is satisfied, doing cash sales to customers, attending customer queries, and compliments, advertising specials."

Conseillère clientèle (Former Employee) says

"l'aspect le plus agréable est de pouvoir vendre toute la journée en convainquant des clients difficile"

accesora de vetas (Former Employee) says

"el trabajo es muy agotador y no dan descanso trabaja 12 oras diarias Cons: no hay desacnso solo 1 hora de almuerzo y ya"

vendedora (Former Employee) says


Sales Associate/Customer Support (Former Employee) says

"This job was great at first when there are tons of hours given out to you, but they were unorganized with hours... They'd call you less than 24 hours to come in and if you didn't show up, they'd cut your hours to nearly none."

Promotora de Eventos (Former Employee) says

"Buen ambiente en general, buen trato con la gente y los jefes, en general este tipo de trabajos te permite conocer mucha gente. Cons: ................"

joiner (Former Employee) says

"very good hardworking days.. guys were great too work with enjoyed it"

Design manager (Current Employee) says

"Groupe large multiculturel"

Vendedora (Former Employee) says

"Mi dia tipico en el trabajo es atender bien a mis clientes y que esten a gusto por los que le vendo, y aconsejar. y se vayan contentos y vuelvan al local. Cons: No tengo contras"

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