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Studio 54 is a former disco nightclub, currently a Broadway theatre, located at 254 West 54th Street, between Eighth Avenue and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The building opened in 1927 as the Gallo Opera House. It operated as an entertainment venue under various names until 1942, when CBS began using it as a radio and television studio dubbed Studio 52.

Studio 54 had a huge drug consumption at the disco and owners had illegal issues, according to a report published by Kathy Benjamin on

"DRUGS WERE ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. MSN called the drug-taking "endemic." It was just as much a part of the Studio 54 experience as the dancing. People openly took poppers on the dance floor and less openly shot up heroin in dark corners. Not only was this accepted, but one of the biggest suppliers was the co-owner Steve Rubell. He infamously walked around wearing a padded coat that hid his stash of cocaine, Quaaludes, and poppers. If he liked you enough, he'd give you a little something. The owners knew they needed celebrities to keep coming, and they knew celebrities liked free drugs. So they would send limos to pick them up, making sure there was plenty of cocaine in the first.

THE OWNERS WERE EVENTUALLY BUSTED FOR SO MUCH ILLEGAL STUFF Studio 54 had an epic few years, but that was it. It wasn't that disco was dying or the club became uncool, it was that the owners were complete crooks. And they were not quiet about it. According to the Independent, in 1978 co-owner Steve Rubell bragged openly in an interview about how well things were going, saying "only the Mafia made more money" the year before. Comparing yourself to organized crime is not the best idea if you have something to hide, which they did. It got the attention of the IRS, and the club was raided on suspicion of tax evasion. Unlike most businesses who are fiddling the books, Studio 54 kept detailed records of their illegality. The owners were skimming millions, up to 80 percent of their profits. This was ridiculous because if you want to get away with it you might skim 1-2 percent. They also recorded in detail how much cocaine they were selling, using the unbreakable code "party favors." The IRS was not fooled. Even when they were under investigation for tax evasion and obstruction of justice, the owners renovated the club. After they were found guilty and sentenced to three and a half years each, they threw one last huge party the night before they went to prison. Diana Ross and Liza Minnelli both performed. It was the end of an era.


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