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Strands is a FinTech software company. Strands Finance Suite is a set of white-label services including personal financial management, business financial management, Engager and customer-linked offers (CLO).

A former employee shares his opinion on, "There isn't a specific career plan provided by Strands, so it has to be the employee who pilots her/his own professional development."


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"Abusive, clueless, and most of all childish."

Software Engineer says

"On the flip side, there are few procedures or rules. Management changes its mind on company direction often, and when that happens, heads roll."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I learned nothing there. Horrible organization"

Vice-President says

"No accountability - employees were free to work on just about anything they wanted, regardless of impact on resources and implication on profitability OTJ training for most senior management - no real experience managing others"

Former Employee - Shampoo Assistant says

"The business didn’t have any business so it was very slow we’re I feel I could have learnt more if it was steady"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Fast turnover of staff, bad top-down communication and low morale. Lots of people with much lower salaries and a lot leave."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management and non profesional guys that are working here and nobody understand why. Salaries are below market standard."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"You will work with big old-fashioned banking industry."

Cosmetologist (Current Employee) says

"Aveda is a great company to work for, especially if you're just starting out in the beauty industry - once you've worked for an Aveda salon, you will continue to want to work at their salons. They are individually owned, and it can be hard to find a right fit with respect to management. Working for Strands in East Sacramento accounted for one of the worst salon experiences I had while in the industry. Management is terrible, turnover high, and pay quite low. Real benefits are non-existent, but unfortunately this is nearly standard in the beauty industry. While working at this salon, my prices were raised and lowered without prior consultation or notification from management...unfortunately my clients received notification at time of payment, which caused me to lose a few. Management runs the salon like a sorority - if you don't 'fit', you are subject to manipulation by management and staff, micromanagement and constant policy change. Management holds monthly meetings disguised as 'celebrations'...sure, taking 3+ hours out of my day on a day off to hear management tell personal stories, recite from slideshows and pump senior staff egos in attempt to increase performance from juniors sounds just like the type of celebration we all signed up for. Salon grounds are filthy and infested with roaches. Staff refuses to help clean and counts on reception and junior staff to pick up the slack on that end. The image of this salon is high-end, if you're not paying attention. Pretentious senior staff, boxed wine and water-cleansed drinking glasses aid in this illusion, along with anIndustry knowledge, continued education, Aveda is nameworthyManagement, negative culture"