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Randy Stradley (born March 4, 1956) is an American writer and editor working in the comic book industry. As of 2016 he is Vice President of Publishing for Dark Horse Comics. He has written under pseudonyms Mick Harrison and Welles Hartley.


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Desktop Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not a fun place to work. Highest turnover I've ever seen at a law firm. Treated like a servant and not staff. No culture. Beware of Management. Stabbers."

Director of Library & Research Services (Former Employee) says

"The firm is currently downsizing and more recent hires are at the lower skill end of the spectrum. And that's all I want to say but the form is requiring more characters."

Legal Assistant/Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"Work was hard but the tools were given to you. A fast paced environment not always allowing for time actually needed. Co workers were great as well as most management. Cons: Pay low for job required and not equal among jobs"