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Stickam was a live-streaming video website that launched in 2005. Stickam featured user-submitted pictures, audio, video, and most prominently, live streaming video chat. The site quickly expanded to include live shows and produced content from MTV, G4 TV, CBS Radio, NATPE, CES, and many others, as well as live performances and shows with numerous musicians and celebrities.

A customer mentioned, "Site is filled with creepy kids/adults. Stickam is a fairly good site although is ruined by kids and adults who tell girls show your tits because they have a high view count. I have been in chatrooms before and met some nice people who were around my age and we didn't know to much of our personal lives, which is fine, but there still is some privacy concerns. Women, sometimes underage, flash their breasts to the camera, males have come on cam to masturbate, and there are sexual predators that look on the site for kids. It's not a website that I would recommend to anybody, but when your on Stickam, be smart!."


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