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St. George is a city in and the county seat of Washington County, Utah, United States. Located in the southwestern part of the state on the Arizona border, near the tri-state junction of Utah, Arizona and Nevada, it is the principal city of the St. George Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city lies in the northeasternmost part of the Mojave Desert, adjacent to the Pine Valley Mountains and near t


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Code Enforcement Officer (Former Employee) says

"Job was good but the City officers that were in place at the time were bad people and behaved badly towards employees. No fair treatment and violated many employment laws."

Facilities Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Management was a bunch of political backstabbing pieces of s**t. They were only interested in their own glory and image. They couldn't give a rat's rear end about their staff. Work else where if possible."

Trail Mantainance (Former Employee) says

"Some of the management was good. Some were not so good. If a supervisor decided he didn't like you he would bad mouth you saying things that are not true."

IT Technician/Help Desk (Current Employee) says

"The city spends tons of money on community development, golf courses, real estate investments, supporting the growth machine. Departments that are vital to city operations do not receive the support or recognition they should."

PARKS MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"I have had many great moments with the City of St. George and have had some mixed moments with them also. I over saw 50+ employees and 4 different sections of the city from project management to forestry. each area was different and challenging keep up with everyone and everything! loved the challenges and the co-workers! Cons: No loyalty"

City Clerk/Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Stayed busy, always interacted with the customers. Great place overall."

City clerk/Court clerk (Former Employee) says

"Daily activities depended on how many customers would typically come in with problems or to make municipal payments. Enjoyed working with people to help. Cons: None"

Thunder Junction All Abilities Park Attendant (Current Employee) says

"I started working for the city in 2016. Once I started working for the City it was less work then I was expecting. For me as a high school student that was great, but as I have graduated I realized I need better hour. Since I am thinking of quiting. I want to be able to work more days so I can ultimately move out to an apartment."