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The Stars Group Inc. (formerly known as Amaya Inc., Amaya Gaming Group Inc. and Rational Group) is a Canadian gaming and online gambling company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Its shares were traded on Nasdaq and the Toronto Stock Exchange until its May 2020 merger with Flutter Entertainment.

A former quality control employee warned, "Line management at Stars Group is a joke. There's no career progression, except if you like to lick some 'boots'. The benefits are ok, but it could be better. If you like dumb jobs were you get stuck in the same position, this is for you"


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Transition Care Manager (Former Employee) says

"The Full Service Partnership is terribly unstructured. I am a Transition Care Manager (TCM) and the existing team does not believe in team work or creating a positive work culture. I'm not sure who the supervisors bribed to get their positions because they are terribly under qualified. I understand quarantine changes how services are delivered, but the people make it pretty unbearable with their poor and purposeful miscommunication and lackluster delivery of services. The way you learn is by not being told or modeled actual expectations or systems, but instead by making avoidable mistake due to poor leadership and by receiving a ton of critiques in retrospect. I do not recommend this organization as there is a lack of accountability, structure or ability to feel confident in your role with how quickly cases come your way so soon after hire. You are set up for failure and burnout comes quickly. Cons: Leadership and senior staff"

Behavioral Therapist (Former Employee) says

"You may be gone over 8 hours of your day but if clients cancel and scheduling doesn’t give you different clients you may only work 4 hours that day. This happened to me on several occasions and it’s infuriating. It’s easy for the company to claim they pay mileage and pay you drive time but the pay is only from client to client NOT from your house to your first client which is coincidentally the furthest drive you make! You job shadow someone for a week and then they make someone job shadow you! It’s just a cycle of people not really knowing what to do but learning how as they go Cons: The driving, the hours, and management"

Family Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately I have to agree with many of the negative comments below. I was with this company for less than 10 months and in a team of less than 40 people, saw over 10 people resign. The company DOES NOT VALUE THE WORKERS despite having ridiculous standards and having many employees take work home and work overtime without being paid. In this company I have watched many talented mental health workers and professionals be disrespected and under appreciated by management while employed here. The turnover rate is extremely high due to unrealistic productivity standards, gossip and favoritism amongst management and a lack or respect and appreciation for the direct care staff. I would recommend everyone to take the reviews on here seriously as I did not and seriously regret that. Cons: Direct Care Staff are not appreciated, management gossips and displays favoritism, management does not respect care team, toxic work culture"

Program Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I found this company to be totally unprofessional, non inclusive, I was offered a position, human resource played with me for about two weeks after I had quit my previous job to start the new job with the agency. When i questioned what was going on, I received an email from program director for a phone call request. The phone call was in regards to my inquiry about HR unprofessional mishandlings the hiring process. Program manager called, Implying that I was frustrated and more. Horrible experience, but I'm glad that the agency showed they true colors prior to being completely hired. The company didn't want for me to continue attending school nor to complete my hours for licensure. Be careful they are not honest even though they may seem like it. Management should be genuine, honest, open minded, free of discrimination, and straight forwardness. Cons: If you have employment do not leave it to start with this agency, they are cons."

TCM (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend Capital Star to my worst enemy!!! If you are registered with BBS, please stay clear of this location. They are having people supervise AMFT and ASCWs who are not clinical supervisors and just have someone else sign the paper. They have nonclinical staff complete assessments and then have a clinician sign off without reviewing (MSE & CANS). The supervisory team is not kind and doesn't have compassion for the teens we work with or the staff. They are writing people up for productivity and micromanaging people during the pandemic. They don't care about safety and are super money focused and all about billing. (THEY ARE A FOR PROFIT!!!!!!!!). The turnover rate is really bad. I haven't been there long and I feel like half the staff has left. Cons: healthcare"

Parent Partner (Former Employee) says

"Don't ever work here, too much favoritism. Managment sucks all the way up to hr..They expect too much and don't follow through with raises. Too much gossiping between co workers no confidenality on clients information. They all discuss clients info and whats sad is that their all kids they talk about 😏😒😒😒 Cons: Everything"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"If you are planning to apply for this company. Save yourself and don’t apply. I recently resigned from the company a few months ago as a supervisor because I saw how toxic it was. The management team Honestly don’t know what they are doing. They blame others for not being able to do thing right when they don’t even know what to do. If you speak up you will be targeted. If they don’t like you you will be a target. Best thing to do is run while you can."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"There is an expectation that the teachers will be able to 1) Plan for a minimum of 6 academic classes with no prep period. 2) Teach more than one academic class at a time - for example Earth Science and World History. 3) Teach to students with a wide variety of skill levels - mostly due to the students not always attending school in the past. or attending class on site. Not to mention the emotional/mental issues each student brings to the site. 4) Do IEP testing and write comprehensive IEP reports on each student - with no prep period. Do it on your time."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"No. I’m not a disgruntled employee. Here is the thing with Central Star. We were asked by management to speak up about concerns “bullying, racism and how we got cheated out of pay” and instead of addressing concerns, employees were retaliated against. Hosting a town hall and asking for feedback from employees shouldn’t result in employees being fired, forced to quit, or written up. The problem with this company management. My manager is a little kids and immature. She got fired from her last job and we know but have been told to keep it hush in return for more flexibility to come and go as we please. How fair is that to my coworkers. I have NO respect her. If you work for Central Star TAY or the company in general please seek legal help. I know I am."

HRIS Manager (Former Employee) says

"The organization has poor management team, offer you low pay below market rate. I would never recommend this place to anyone, Don't leave job for this place unless you no other offers pending."

Primary Therapist (Former Employee) says

"Lack of collaboration"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I worked for STARS thirty years ago and it is not nice to know this company still a menace to society. Over crowded, skeletal, inexperienced staff, patient units often out of control, low-life, low level staff rendering direct care and counseling to juvenile patients. I remember one teen getting his hands on a fire extinguisher and spraying it onto staff members attempting to subdue him, one teen set fire to her bed( where was supervision?). Administration sarcastic and superior when other concerned staff asked why this teen residential care center often out of control and poorly supervised. On the flip side, the teen patients smart enough to know they were stupid and sadistically targeted staff who genuinely wanted to help them; a lost cause. The superio, sarcastic administration and sadistic teens deserved each other."

Counselor/Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"My dissatisfaction stems from a coworker who brings her kids numerous times. The situation is quite uncomfortable for the rest of us. To my knowledge the Administrator approved it but only because she favors the employee. The employee refers to her as “mom” all the time around us. Seems like management think alike at Central Star. After talking with my manager and echoing my concern I was encourage not to say anything to the HR due to the fact that her daughter works for HR as well. It was advised I would become a target for the HR manager if I speak up. Quite frustrating to not have the ability to articulate my concern which impacts my work quality of work and my coworkers."

Recovery counselor (Former Employee) says

"Working at stars behavioral health was a overall negative experience. The administrator was not present, didn't care for the clients or the employees. I worked in a Residential Crisis Treatment center. During my shift, we were always understaffed and overworked. If you worked as a recovery counselor, you were spread thin. They made you responsible for many different position duties. We had to prepare and serve food; they had no concern if we had a food handler's license. The clinicians would rarely run their core groups and they made us responsible of running those groups. We had to transport all the time, even when the proper staff employees were available. There was definitely favoritism for administrative positions. They would slack off and anytime there was an issue; the recovery counselors would get the blame. We had a lack of resources and no support from our administrator. Cons: understaffed, poor management, lack of safety concern"

Case Manager/ Recovery Counselor (Current Employee) says

"Not worth writing about. It's boring and the staff there is a joke. All the way from HR to floor staff. If u looking to be a janitor or a maid than stars is for u. If u looking to just find any job stars is for u. Cons: Poor management, director don't have a license, staff tells on you. Bottom line is EVERYTHING."

Clinician (Former Employee) says

"After working here for so many years, I cannot believe the unprofessionalism HR has presented. Considering the position they hold, HR management, displays a lack of respect and continually disregards employees needs and wants. The standard that HR holds is only effective when upper management is around however is transparent with employees. Overall HR has been unmannerly, uncivil, and discouraging to its fellow employees. To be completely honest, HR has represented all the characteristics a manger should avoid. This is a paramount issue that needs to get resolved because no employee should tolerate or have to experience the oppress hardships I went through."

Clinician (Former Employee) says

"This is a horrible place to work. Read the fine writing. Cons: Everything is wrong with this place, Management is horrible. Pay is always late. Will never get your mileage until 6 months later."

Clinician I (Current Employee) says

"As a salary employee, the responsibilities that you have are beyond what you can do in a 40 hours a week. You are literally their slave in order to make productivity, writing notes at 1-2-3 in the morning. No work-life balance, using the weekends to catch up with progress notes. Also, as a clinician you are told to work as a team but everyone goes on their own and implement their own stuff. Nobody takes accountability from program manager to employees. There is a lady who was previously the manager now seeing several programs she “pretends” that she is nice, a wolf dressed in sheep clothing. Talking about micromanaging people, she has I down. I suggest, if you are a new clinician coming out of graduate school this is not a place to start, you get little to no clinical guidance, it appears that few know their laws and ethics. People have little to no social skills, hostile environment. Can’t address anything with upper management because they aren’t any better. HR is horrible; they’ll just write you up if you go against their corrupt system. “GREAT PLACE TO WORK” that’s a joke, they bought that award. Overall, not a friendly environment to work at whether you are license or not, don’t do what I did. The sad thing, our community and our most vulnerable children are the ones who are being affected by companies like this. It’s a for-profit agency. We have other local non-profit agencies in our community that you are able to get your clinical supervision without having to deal with all the drama and poor professionalism that this place offers. Cons: salary, management, expectations, lack of knowledge, no clinical experience from management, unprofessional atmosphere, manager likes to lie here and there"

STAFF (Former Employee) says

"No to little support from management. High turn-over rate with the expectancy to provide more than expected. Low pay rate. Lack of growth. Would not recommend. Cons: Poor management. Low pay. Lack of support."

Youth Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Management sucks makes other departments do their job not listed under job description. If you speak out about things that aren't being done management will target you. Always hiring friends and never resolve any issues. Very unprofessional not supported by management. Bullies staff. Hires random people without experience and expect them to know everything. Policies are always changing and never set in stone. Poor communication and always sending out nasty emails to staff. HR never replies to emails. A lot of micromanagement from other departments. Never comments staff on positive effectors. Very unprofessional. The am nurses are the worst. Intake coordinator is very unprofessional. The senior staff are resistant to superiors reminding them to do their job Cons: Unprofessional, poor communication, unorganized bullies"

Current Employee - Intern says

"I have been working at i.c.stars full-time for less than a year Cons: Summary: Here is how i.c.stars work. On the info session, they’ll tell you that they’ll teach you IT stuff and you’ll get a job with about $60.000/year. You start the program and they never teach you anything IT related. Moreover, they’ll give you useless workshops which have nothing to do with your future IT career. When you realize it’s not what you was looking for you’ll start to learn IT on your own. However, it’ll be very complicated, you won’t have enough time for that. At the end if you happened to find a job, somehow, you should be appreciated to i.c.stars for help and donate money to them. If you didn’t find a job, it’s all your fault, YOU didn’t study too hard, YOU didn’t look for a job too hard, etc... They are not honest with interns as well as with sponsors. Let’s look at i.c.stars website and see what they say: 1. i.c.stars is highly selective. Out of four hundred candidates for every class, we choose 20, following a twenty-hour finalist candidate interview process. ---Not true. They barely can get 20 people for a cycle. 2. Using project-based learning, participants work in teams on a range of projects during this intensive training course and two-year practicum. There are 300 learning objectives over the length of three projects. Each project is four weeks long and the initial program wraps up with career readiness training and job shadowing to provide our interns with on-the-job training. Each student earns as much as 1,000 hours of hands-on practical business experience and social media expertise. ---False. There is NO training. They keep saying: ‘Go google it’ and never teach you anything, i.c.stars staff IT incompetent. What kind of training is that? 3. Ongoing training is provided to our graduates over the two-year period. During that time, participants are required to take college level classes and earn an associate's degree from our city college partners and are given merit-based employment opportunities through our social enterprise. --- Because of 2 years of residency program, most interns afraid to speak up and question i.c.stars staff, why they didn’t get what was promised (appropriate training and job placement assistance). We still hope they’ll help somehow. 4. Our intensive workforce and community leadership development program brings together cutting-edge technology and innovative minds to serve your most important business needs through our job placement services. We provide cost-effective innovative technology-based talent trained through our two-year specialized training program. We also partner with leading service providers who leverage the skills of our graduates to deliver cutting edge technology tools. ---Again. There is NO training. 5. We recruit talent in communities to which employers have limited access, and train them using curricular methods that have been refined over decades of experience. Through i.c. stars, employers mitigate their risk of entry level hires and young adults gain opportunities they would never have on their own. The value chain is simple and direct. And by participating, everyone wins: young adults gain opportunity, employers gain access to talent, and our communities gain the solid ground from which to prosper and grow. --- Because of poor training most icstars interns demonstrated poor performance at work, thus most icstars partner do not want to hire from that program anymore. I know at least 5 companies who reject to hire from icstars 6. The companie do not want to hire professional teacher who can and know how to teach, instead they hire freshly graduated interns and tell them to teach, not even tech, but just keep saying ‘go google it’ to new cycle. At some point it’s a good methodology, but for the most part that leads to very, very poor quality of the learning process. 7. The growing network of i.c.stars alums is a powerful group of community leaders that advocate for social justice in our communities. Our graduates have moved into successful leadership roles, adapted communications for diverse audiences using social media tools, developed a knowledge of programming and database development, built financial models, researched and implemented Internet marketing strategies, and regularly act as agents of change through public speaking engagements. --- Not true. Most interns are very mad at icstars and do not want to do anything with that companie. 8. Interns never late, if they do they get on probation. Intern must be availability from 8 a.m.–8 p.m., Monday–Saturday for four consecutive months, followed by availability from 8 a.m.–6 p.m., Monday–Friday for 1–2 years --- After one month some interns come late. If intern is one of the favorites(not because of a good performance) she can come to the office around 9 am or even 10 am. Staff pretend like they never see it. That’s ridiculous. 9. --- It gets even more ridiculous! Do not get tricked by the A Measurable Impact which at the bottom of the icstars page. It’s states: Initial placement rate: 95% --- Not true. Internes from different cycles told me that barely 50% of their cycle got a new job the rest had to go back to the old one or remain unemployed. College attendance rate: 44% --- Not sure about this one, but personally met only 1 person who pursued college degree. Alumni actively engaged in their communities: 72% --- Don’t know about this one, but really doubt that. Average 12-month earnings before program: $9,846 Average 12-month earnings after program: $57,240 --- Here they are especially tricky. Somewhere on the web site I sow that that statistics takes place after 2 years from graduation. However, even with that is not true. Lstly, the workforce developer can not spell right! Thus most interns has typos in their resumes. That lead to poor job searching. If you happen to be i.c.stars intern ask somebody outside of i.c.stars to help you with resume."

Unemployed After Wasting Time There says

"I worked at i.c.stars Cons: The mission statement does not align with what actually goes on. There is not alot of time spent coding and the favoritism is alive and real. There is a major lack of professionalism and there is no sense of community. They call it a Queendom but what it really is, is a bunch of women abusing the trust of the interns and their authority in the program."

Internm says

"I worked at i.c.stars Cons: Program needs a lot of work. There are better learning tools online."


"I have been working at i.c.stars Cons: The "entrance exam is as hard as they advertise""

Resident says

"I worked at i.c.stars Cons: Cons... Cons are they make you focus on the wrong things... When I went they taught me all about web development when I didn't to much care anything about the field. Also they make you feel like the projects you do could have a big impact on you getting hired, which maybe they can, but it will not happen if your counting on the staff to help."

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