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David Robert Starkey (born 3 January 1945) is an English historian and a radio and television presenter. The only child of Quaker parents, he attended Kendal Grammar School before studying at Cambridge through a scholarship. There he specialised in Tudor history, writing a thesis on King Henry VIII's household. From Cambridge, he moved to the London School of Economics, where he was a lecturer in


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Technician (Former Employee) says

"Manufacturing area is a poor area to work in. Not treated well, my kids get treated better in school than I did in the manufacturing area. Your voice is never heard. You never hear positive praise, you will only hear the negative things, and when I was there, it was more threats.. (if you do this again you will be written up or fired, don't do this or you will be written up or fired).. no family/work balance. Your hours will be from 7am to 3:30 no exceptions hours Cons: Manufacturing is a mindless job and will not be appreciated"

Material Handler II (Former Employee) says

"over worked little pay old school work ethic once you get to a point where you are comfortable and know what you are doing they bring you down. they want you to be a robot at work you look the wrong way they fire you"

Retail Marketing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Overworked and not compensated for it. It seems like they make their decisions on a whim without thinking about it. Cons: workload and pay"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Uninspiring, incompetent management."

Specialist (Current Employee) says

"- Overwork and constant stress"

Pt care staff (Former Employee) says

"Assist in office surgery first thing in am- room patients and have to work hard at getting a straight 40 hours a week- physicians see patients for around 7 hours each day some less some more Cons: lots of people work there one day and are gone the next!"

Ascent hearing audiologist (Former Employee) says

"its a micromanaged hearing aid slinging position. You must agree to do astronomical number to actually ever own the practice and even then no one has done it yet. Its just a way for the company to increase their market share and chew up more employees. You do not get the benefits of actually working for their company, but are left primarily alone in the venture with little help of guidance. The billing is done from another state and it is a arduous process at best. Bad idea to go this route Cons: Its starkey fuzzy math and their legal department"

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Starkey at first glance seems like a good place to work. Stable, privately held company that knows what it's good at and helps the world. Cons: management is horrible, schedules are rigid and unrealistic, you're measured by hours worked not work accomplished"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Have vision lack of action. leadership lack of experience, lost touch with the reality. lack of grow strategies, poor implementation of the strategies, Sales tactics still stuck in 90'S Cons: Looking for quick result, lack of long term strategies plan"

Executive Administration (Former Employee) says

"Starkey and their management don't seem to care much about the employees once they are hired. They move them around, take responsibilities and then expect them to know everything. Once you have been there a while they let you go because they have branded you. I would not recommend this company unless you are looking for something short term. Cons: Management, beliefs, behaviors"

Accounting Associate (Former Employee) says

"I found that the people were not friendly. It was hard to learn the job as coworkers were not friendly and did not appear to want to help. One of my coworkers actually yelled very loudly at me when I asked a question. I went to the supervisor and nothing was done about the coworkers attitude. It was time to find a new job. Cons: Unfriendly"

Sr. Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Culture is oppressive Cons: management is terrible, good old boys, people quitting left and right, no respect"

IT (Current Employee) says

"The company uses the foundation and all its wonderful philanthropy as a smokescreen. It's a club at the top, say yes and you can advance. Pay is well below average for most positions across the company. Cons: Everything else."

Senior Software Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"In the news recently for unfortunate reasons, detracts from the many talented and thoughtful people working at Starkey. Major changes to upper and middle management have resulted in a toxic work environment, unfocused products and a general decrease in overall quality."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is still a company very much in transition after change of entire leadership team. Management has a vision but seems to lack a clear plan on how to achieve it. Starkey has a history of respect for the individual but that respect is starting to dwindle very quickly as lay offs have become more common."

Accounting Associate (Former Employee) says

"Good benefits, coworkers were nice. We had a some team building activities that were fun. Cons: Some stress within the upper management."

Senior Network Security Engineer, CISSP (Former Employee) says

"Family creates too much drama. Changing priorities. Lots of new leadership from the outside."

Advertising Promotions Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"There are plenty of other jobs that are more work place friendly and not so many office politics - with family members involved. Privately held companies are not the best option."

Would Rather Not Specify (Former Employee) says

"Don't mind what I do, but management wasn't so great in the department. Felt belittled and not up to par. Every work day is different -- some days you're there late, other days you get sent home early."

Administrative Support (Former Employee) says

"Starkey is a very family oriented organization with family activities throughout the year. It is a great place for employees with young children. Departments can vary greatly at Starkey. Management is trying to be transparent, but a lot of employee changes going on, which can be both positive and negative."

J & K Turre says

"I’d love to leave a positive review, but it’s not possible at all. I’ve been an avid Starkey user almost my whole life!! This was my go to brand and I refused anything else. My young parents would save to get me the best hearing aids they possibly could. So blessed to have Starkey.
Now I’m a Momma, farm wife, business owner and domestic Goddess. The products have DRASTICALLY declined. Starkey claims to improve our quality of life and relationships...well they could, they don’t. The products have gone downhill. They’re not updating their technical portion of the aids and providing the value that they should. Why don’t you work on this? Why is my aid being sent in so much more often for repairs than before? Why do they not withstand normal day to day wear? Why are the prices going up, but the quality definitely is not? Just some basic questions.
I always have more than one aid at a time, I definitely spend the money but would like to see it as a viable investment in my health. It is not at this moment. I’m seriously considering shopping elsewhere.
To those reading this; think twice before you purchase, the reviews, hype and products are not as valuable as they should be.
Once the most loyal customer you’ve ever had."

Unhappy customer says

"The worst service I ever use. I thought to give them a try because they give a rough estimate quote base on the size given and which is cheaper than what re-ship given. End up I had to pay much more expensive than usual. The worse part is I chosen the Fedex for deliver which is slightly faster than their normal one. Even you had pay more it does not guarantee you get the product fast. Until today I had yet to received my parcel. It keep delaying and delaying. I called up and the answer given to me was they don’t know why the parcel is not delivery yet.
This is the last and worst ever shipping company to consider. Don’t fall for the “cheaper price “ quote. Very disappointed with their service."

Elvira Lazzaro Mason says

"My fiancé paid 5000 for a set of Starkey hearing aids. Faithfully went every month to get them checked and cleaned at Swift Audiology. When Covid-19 hit in March, with closings and restrictions we did not go in. My fiancé is 78 years old. We went in last week and found out the aid had a crack in it and our warranty expired the end of July. I feel because of COVID there should have been an extension given as so many other companies did. But Starkey would not budge and would not repair it unless we paid. Very bad customer service in this trying time. They just lost a few customers my fiancé and I will get our hearing aids from another company. Buyers beware."

Joanne Orfanos says

"My hearing aids work reasonably well but Starkey service has not been what should be reasonably expected. My device was sent to Starkey for repair and after more than 5 weeks Starkey can only say they received the device, don't know if it was repaired, don't know where it is in the process, etc. Both my provider and I have asked for a replacement device and they haven't sent one, even though my device is under warranty. It's very frustrating when we can't get answers and in the meantime can't hear. My next device will not be Starkey."

Ron Jackson says

"The hearing aids themselves seem to be a good product. The Thrive app (and Starkey Customer Support) is where the problems lie. I have been trying to work with them for 2-3 weeks over the inability for the Thrive app to consistently pair up with my iPhone Xr. The only "support" that I have received is from some person who has copied and pasted information out of the handbook that comes with the devices. This states to pop out the batteries of the HAs or power down/up the HAs to see if that works. If not, uninstall and reinstall the reference to the HAs in the Settings feature of the phone. Do you want to know how many times I have done this and still get the same, poor non-connecting results?! This app doubles the price of the HAs! They make no apologies for the cost or poor performance of the App.
I loved my previous pair of Starkey's and as far as these new HAs (Livio Edge AI), they seem to be a great HA too. However, to have good control of them, you have to use their ($5K) Thrive App! Therein lies the overall problem. The app is not ready for prime time use and Starkey is unwilling to resolve its issues nor work with Apple for an improvement.
Save you money and research Phonak HAs! They may actually provide Customer Support AND not rob you blind.


So, within the past hour, I received a response from Starkey. Clearly they never read what I had written here because they suggested that I do exactly what I’ve been doing for two weeks with absolutely no success!
This speaks volumes about thus company."

Chris Rhodes says

"I received brand new hearing aids on March 24th 2020 and within 6 weeks the left hearing aid stopped working. This was before we finished the followup appointments with the Audiologist. I took the additional 60 mile round trip to turn in the defective hearing aid. At this point I am left with one hearing aid which I cannot use without the other. After 2 weeks I returned to the Audiologist and Starkey returned a brand new hearing aid. Worked fine for setup with audiologist. I didnt even make it home and the new Hearing aid stopped working. I returned again yesterday with the brand new defective hearing aid and once again I am now with 1 hearing aid and without use. The audiologist is doing his best but the process makes no sense especially for brand new hearing aids. I should not have to wait for a Brand New Hearing aid to be shipped back to be repaired or decided not to repair only to have them send a brand new one. $5,000 should buy better confidence in replacing brand new hearing aids with the Aids shipped over night to my door. My company Insurance paid 100% and I cannot refer co-workers with the same insurance to Sarkey while I'm having issues like this."

Lee Lucas says

"My husband has had nothing but problems with these we have been in for adjustments several times. There is always feed back and weird noises no matter what. He even got a new pair. Same issue. The people where we go for adjustments Accurate hearing in Sartell now suggest another hearing test. How frustrating. He’s supposed to have them turned all the way up, but then there’s more feedback. Avoid this brand"

Mitchell Cohen says

"My mom applied for the Starkey Hearing Aid program for hearing aids. What a sham. They denied her because they stated she did not qualify. I sent her the money for the application fee because she did not have the money and they counted it as income. They counted her selling off her clothes on ebay as income even though she sold as loss due to her needing the money to eat. A disgrace of a company. She was looking forward to hearing and now has no hope. She has been diagnosed with cancer and this is the way the company treats people. A disgrace. After seeing their response there is a large application fee required to be paid by money order or cashier's check. And also Starkey has a habit as they did with me of any negative comments on media like Facebook to remove them so you only see positive comments. They also blocked me from posting on their site. That is their right but I will let people know what type of company they are about. It seems like they only help people that will benefit them in the media. They have not helped my mom and they direct you away from their unfair supposed foundation."

Tim Kleisinger says

"Don't buy this product. Parts become obsolete in a few years. Very sad that most of their customers are senior citizens on fixed incomes."

Charles Malesev says

"My wife and I bought two pairs of Starkey's in S.E. Michigan from "MY EAR", for 4 years they were constantly sent back to Starkey for adjustment or repair, these hearing aids were a total cost to us of $14,000.00 & a total waste of money and time, they never did even a fair job, the audiologist was terrible he was constantly giving us long winded stories of how intelligent and skilled he was, then one day he told us that he had been given a free office space at some 400 bed senior / nursing home,,,, POOR THEM ! We now are so pleased with our new hearing aids from a different company, they work very well, they give me back at least 12 to 20 dbs of my hearing loss and they only cost a total of $8,000.00 for the two pairs... ALWAYS CHECK REVIEWS & BBB... God Bless ... Charles"

CJ Jackson says

"I have the Starkey Halos. The blue tooth feature is beyond frustrating. I have to be on the phone a lot for my job and the hearing aids constantly disconnect from one ear or the other, causing me to (many times EVERY day) reconnect manually or "forget this device" and re-pair them. Oftentimes, even when they are connected, there is crackling and distortion so that I can't understand what is being said. I have taken them back to the audiologist, but they can't determine the problem either."

Evelyn says

"I am a veteran and I work in a very connected online world. I have Livio AI hearing aids, Thrive, Remote Mic+ and TV. I couldn’t be more disappointed with the interoperability of all of these devices. The Thrive app simply doesn’t function reliably. It can’t remember what you were doing after a phone call and so you have to reset everything. Bluetooth to a computer via RemoteMic+ won’t hold a connection and the support people recommend using a hard wired -specialty cable $$$. If you’re streaming from an online business meeting and a phone call interrupts the online meeting stream disconnects. You have no control over what Thrive is going to do to you from one moment to another. Setting everything back to where you want it can take minutes away from an important video conference or meeting. Please fix this app for working professionals!"

William Scruggs says

"Work great for a time then they go out and you have to pay $300 or more each to have them fixed. Warranty for anything costing over $5,000 should be more than a year. I’ll never get Starkey again and don’t recommend. Other aids much cheaper on the market now."

Beth Jackmond says

"I have some of these starkey hearing aids and they were ok at the begining.. but the issue i have is after a year of me having them for no reason the battery was draining significantly faster than it should. I would put them in at 5 am and then at 10/11 am the battery is already drained. So my audiologist told me that they want to send them out to get looked at.. so we had them sent out.. she told me that I would have them back the following week. So I called them over a week later asking about them and where they were at and it turns out that the place they sent the hearing aids to lost them. Thank heavens they were under warranty because I wouldn't be able to afford them.. so im very frustrated that they would do that.. rant unprofessional"

Jon Un says

"I'm very disappointed by the fraudulent practices of your providers in India. I had purchased a pair of itc hearing aids which came with a 4 year warranty. When the warranty was near expiry I had enquired from your guy about extended warranty, he told me the cost would 10% of the value for 1 year and 15% for 2 years. He then went on to advice me not to take the extended warranty and told me just to pay for the repairs on as needed basis. But few months after the warranty expired , when I sent my hearing aids for some repairs, I was told to pay a whooping 20% of the value as the service charge which included a 1 year service warranty. Basically there was no such option for paying repairs on as needed basis. So instead of initially paying 10% of the value for an extended warranty of 1 year , I am now being forced to pay 20% thanks to the misleading and fraudulent practices of your provider here."

徐有才 says

"The model I bought is a starkey livio 1000a.
The phone model is Redmi K30 Pro.
The Bluetooth function does not work properly."

Not joyful says

"I recently purchased a second pair of Starkey hearing aids. I love the new Bluetooth streaming technology! Unfortunately, the right one had to be replaced after 3 months and appears to not keep a charge well. I’m not satisfied with the response I’ve received when expressing the related concern."

Terry Sieving says

"I purchased my Livio 2's last October. For the most part they've worked well. Unfortunately, as they are over the ear I have a lot of problems with moisture. Either shorting out the battery, or the microphone when I sweat."

Gerri McGill Brown says

"While I can hear better with my hearing aids they do not perform as advertised. I was drawn to this brand because I suffer from tinnitus.This didn't work for me.
I like and use, the feature allowing me to pair with my Iphone, however, my right aid drops the connection several times a day on a daily basis. My consultants have tried to figure out why with no success. After 2 1/2 years they were finally sent back for repair. They came back quickly with the notes that the right one was restored to spec and the left one replaced. I had not had any problems with the left one??? The problem with right aid continued and I insisted they be returned again. I just picked them up this week and was told that both aids have been replaced. Hurrah, right...wrong. No sooner did I arrive home when the right aid again dropped blue tooth connection to my phone. This is important to me. My right aid is programmed for controlling the setting while my left controls the volume. Obviously this does not work if they don't talk to each other. My warranty runs out and the end of this year. I am extremely disappointed with the performance as was promised. I have worked with two consultants, both of whom have tried their darndest to come up with a solution. It is always the right aid that drops never the left. Completely baffling!"

Janet Stevens Waxman says

"Better than my last pair, but still not sufficient especially in an auditorium setting with a speaker!!
Also not always sufficient in a conversational setting
Good with TV"