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Stardoll is a browser-based game from Glorious Games. One of the world's largest online fashion communities, Stardoll has reached over 400 million users as of January 2016.Focusing on an audience that is often overlooked by the gaming industry, Stardoll is open to everyone but focuses on providing a place for teens and young women to express their creativity and manage their own virtual fashion wo


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Frédéric Frd says

"Stardoll staff had 3 years to solve the problem of the end of Flash and switch to HTML5 (for example). On December 29, 2 days before the official end of Flash, Stardoll offers a launcher filled with bugs and compatible only with Windows 64 bit and in a few days with Mac. All other users who use other systems have been ignored. Dozens of users ask admins questions about this launcher and the future of Stardoll and still no response from them. They totally ignore the users many of whom pay to play. In recent years the site has known some bugs which have never been fixed despite requests from many users and prices have increased. They come out of old collections with horrible design and crazy prices. It's clear that they don't care about the users, that they have no communication and that their technical teams are not up to the task. And it is with regret that I leave Stardoll, I am really disappointed with their behavior."

Sarah Barnaoui says

"Website isn't up to date anymore. They bring back old items with horrible graphics and a enormous prices. Nothing interesting except the design pieces made by the players themselves. Also many many bugs in the beauty parlor, the loft... Well, almost everywhere actually. Used to be my favorite game, now everytime i log in I notice how much of a scam it is."

Izabel says

"I'm a member of stardoll for atleast 10 years the first years were fun . But the last few years I see a change a change that might cost you lots of the old (paying) stardoll members. The case is that the current stardoll staff is uterly rude towards members members that are loyal to the site for years and members who pay. in the old club supportforum we could see it happen: the staff members making sarcastic unprofesional comments . the staff members deleting the opinions off us the members if we dare to have any critism on the staff or the site and the staff members literally ignore stardoll members when they are having a question or they give an responds that has noting to do with the question at all. so please do something about this and do it quik not only get we neglected but staff is also utterly rude towards us the members. and if we dare to have any criticism it got deleted because they can't stand criticism. they only care about money,money,money and even more money and I'm seriously tired of the whole situation like it is now. also on top of this they removed my account because someone bullied me and I reported that. the bully is still having her account mine was deleted. I got it back only because I had prove that I had PAID them in the past but now they monitoring me! they don't punisch the bully but punisch me the victim twice."

Sword Fairy Scale says

"oh my do I get annoyed by stardoll let's start ranting: a couple of months ago I found out all my photos in my album have been disappeared, I asked the stardoll staff if they could put them back since it where my stardoll memories from 10 years on stardoll and they couldn't put them back. they also removed all the forum post I ever posted so ya everything is gone it's like my doll never existed back than. than there was/is also the issue were stardoll removed the accounts from most of my friends and siblings for no reason at all. and the newest issue is that everything is very very slow on stardoll it takes like atleast 2 minutes to load a page if the page load at all. all this things infuriates me and this are basicaly also the reasons why I'm not a Royalty anymore I refuse to pay for a site where most of the people behind the site clearly only care about my money."

Megan Soranov says

"I live in a group home, and someone within my home who was also on stardoll decided to cheat on stardoll the cheater lost her account wich is the good part, but stardoll also deleted all other accounts coming from our home because they had the same IP. I had to make a fake account to get my account back . I explained the situation to stardoll and I got my account back luckily. but what seriously baffled me is this and I quote: "As a warning, because it was among the fake accounts, your account will be monitored to ensure it's following the One-Stop Rules, and I would encourage you to avoid making fake accounts or fraternizing with those that do going forward" oh come on they made a mistake and I got a warning? and further more I didn't even do the things they give me a warning for. stardoll made a mistake member got a warning no apologie but a warning. I also was a Royalty on the moment this happened, and there are other people who had their account deleted by stardoll staff also by accident who never got monitored got an apologie and a month free Superstar membership because their account was deleted for 2 days. mine was gone for a week I got NOTHING no Apologie no compensation for the fact I missed out thanks to the stardoll staff on a week of Royalty membership wich I paid for with REAL money."

N. A says

"Had an account which outlawed the rules and ended up getting suspended -ok. But suspending all my other accounts because it had the same IP ? When some were my sisters' ? Pretending my accounts would be reopened after two months, and never actually doing so ? 2K $ worth of money on my main account, add it up to my sisters', you get about 4k. I'm not even talking about the accounts I made when I was really young, with which I registered fake emails and fake names (Because obviously I was a kid) - there's absolutely no way to retrieve those accounts, even though they're obviously years old and who would know about them and want them besides their owner ? Waste waste waste waste, this website is a scam and needs to be shut down."

Susie .Q says

"Honestly don't get me started, It's a nice concept for a game for girls... the only problem is the management of Stardoll is so poor. They mean well, but their policy really does not punish the right people. Girls get their accounts removed often for no reason, being reported by other users, who often do it out of spite. The real bullies thrive. Stardoll admin really doesn't care about the demographic they target, and it's apparent in the lack of communication and very oblivious attitude to the crap that goes on in the corners of their website. They charge an incredible amount of money for exclusive memberships. The prices keep going up for online "goods" and the value for real money is really poor. It's a huge popularity contest for kids and the ones with the most money to glam up their account get special treatment by the moderators. It's really not a good environment for insecure pre-teens to hang out in. At the same time Stardoll can be a nice environment for some kids who know their value and who use it responsibly. I encourage parents to genuinely get to know the website and talk to their kids about the values and lack thereof in environments such as this, and teach their kids common decency so they do not create toxic atmospheres for others. Also do not invest money in this website, it honestly does not pay off in any way."