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Diane Coles says

"2 weeks ive been waiting for a voucher for washing machine im an NHS worker need to wash my uniform they ard full of excuses hiw long does it take to email a voucher appalling service do NOT take out insurance with them ......"

shafiza harun says

"Wasting time!!!! I've waited for 3weeks for them to install my washing machine but nobody comes. Received sms they are coming but nobody comes! Called the customer service and they said no service booked for me even though I have received confirmation via sms. What a joke!!!! Then I have to wait for next available date for the engineer to come!!!"

Jonny Varley says

"Absolutely shocking service. Integrated cooker installed incorrectly, waited over an hour to speak someone to be fobbed off that they will call back the following week. Surprisingly no call back received, manage to get a response via twitter to be told it will be another 3 weeks for the issue to be rectified. Not even offered a refund for the cost of installation and now we are without an oven with a baby due any day. Wouldn’t bother using these clowns for any installation, repairs etc."

David says

"And again the warranty return delivery was showing on the tracking page (and text messages) for delivery between 10.05 and 14.05 today. Checked the portal at 13.00 and it had changed to delivery in two days time!!!!!!!!! Call to Customer None Service was cut-off after 30 minutes. A little trick here - select option for sales calls (they want your new business) and then get to the top of the Customer None Service queue. A well trained (at fobbing off) bloke on the phone fobbed me off and then dumped me on a very surprised person at the repair depot. I suggested that I collect the laptop as I could get there in 40 minutes - NOT ALLOWED despite me suggesting I would have more success at collecting than them delivering. Where does this leave me? Waiting in again during the delivery window and then finding that they're not coming. I HAVE VERY LITTLE FAITH IN TEAM KNOWNOTHING. Any suggestions on my options when they don't turn up next time???"

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