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Star Market was a New England chain of supermarkets based in Greater Boston. It was owned by the Mugar family and started in 1915. The company was sold to The Jewel Companies, Inc. in 1964 and later to Investcorp, which in turn sold the chain to Shaw's Supermarkets. As stores were remodeled, many adopted Shaw's name, leaving only a handful of Star Market stores operating by the late 2000s. In 2008, Shaw's began to revive the name, a trend which was expedited after the parent company of both chains was sold to Cerberus Capital Management. Today, both Shaw's and Star Market are administered as a single division.

Antini D. from Boston, MA wrote a review about the lack of hygiene safety measures of Star Market employees in a review published by YELP: What I saw today ensures that I will never purchase from the hot food bar or any other food that's exposed to employees. A customer was ordering meatballs, I believe. The person who prepared his food, on the way to the oven, out of the customer's view sneezed twice on his food and didn't blink an eye. I suppose he personally thought it was okay to do so since it was going in a hot oven. I'm sure Boston Inspectional Services might not agree. I've pretty much avoided this store even though it's in the neighborhood. Maybe someone who's in charge should teach and demonstrate to the employees who come in direct contact with people's food how to sneeze or cough into your elbow. Yes, the one that was completely free if the person cared. Not shopping here again.


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