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Staples Inc. is an American office retail company. It is primarily involved in the sale of office supplies and related products, via retail channels and business-to-business (B2B)-oriented delivery operations.

Mary mentioned, "Would give Staples them 0 stars. Ordered 5 boxes. For 2 weeks kept getting emails saying order delayed. Told them to cancel. One reply of many said they would cancel. Next email said order delivered and I could return it, but order was not delivered and they ripped me off. Will NEVER deal with Staples again. This has not been resolved and they stole $21 from me for something I never received."


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Former Employee - Staples Easy Tech says

"disorganized, bad hours and overworked"

Former Employee - Easy Tech Expert/Tech Supervisor says

"This company will drain you of every ounce of your being until there is nothing left then have a conference call about why you aren't doing enough. Honestly if you want a job where you're forced to work outside of your job/role and constantly have the responsibilities of your superiors, then this might be the job for you! They have conferences calls all day, everyday that are constantly removing the management team from the floor. This company is AWFUL."

Former Employee - Copy and Print Manager says

"Poor wages or total compensation, stress, no potential for advancement"

Current Employee - Tech Supervisor says

"Noncompetitive compensation and unrealistic performance goals."

Former Employee - Client Service Representative says

"The CEO of Staples, Sandy Douglas is always preaching diversity yet he refuses to verify if any African Americans are apart of his leadership team (VP and above). Sandy Douglas is all talk."

Former Employee - Floater says

"Management there needs some major improvement. They prejudge you based on what other management members tell them. They are very rude. They don't care about their employees. They promote the people they know or like, not giving anyone else a chance."

Former Employee - Tech Sales says

"Terrible management. Unorganized. Dying company."

Current Employee - Sales Manager says

"Bad management bad money bad everything"

Former Employee - Technical Supervisor says

"Just about everything Supervisors are expected to be the only manager on duty Pay is low, even for retail"

Current Employee - Supervisor says

"Long hours Rude customers Bad management"

Tech Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked for the Pittsfield Ma staples. They have a lactation policy and I am a new mom. They refused to let me lactate breast milk for my 4 month son. They would rush me back onto the floor. The male sales manager walked into the locked room twice while I was pumping which is not only traumatizing but uncomfortable. They refused to pull the video of this occurrence which happened twice because it was too "tedious". I had exact dates and times. They never got anyone their breaks or lunches. The managers sit in their office and talk all day and are always on their phones. No pros other than wonderful customersEverything is a con for this store"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Overall, was simular to any general retail. Some management was good, some bad. There were very high demands placed on management that ended up being pushed onto sales associates, like customer reviews and the sale numbers for the store. This form of micro management and pressure is frankly just not worth it to me. But if you can handle it, go for it! Low stress for someone who just wants to make some money, cause they are generally hurting for people. Training is nothing like the actual work experience, so don't let that freak you out if you spend the first day on a computer with a bunch of pointless training. They had a break room?Management, sales pressures, pointless tasks you are required to do"

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was a cashier being paid $9.50. I cleaned bathrooms, vacuumed store, dumped trash, stocked and did returns list. I was overworked as well and my managers didn’t do much. We were understaffed because of low pay. They’ll give plenty of hours, but low pay. Then when it was time to go home I did all the work while everyone sat down. Everyone there is miserable. This was the one at Muskegon . Pay every weekLow pay, over worked, low staff"

Tech Service Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Run! This company is horrible. Every corner I turn Staples finds a new way to shock me with their incompetence and unprofessional ethics. Management can’t be trusted because the only way you can move up in the company is by slighting others and cheating numbers. The floor salesman, cashiers, and copy center employees are exploited and put under way to much pressure to make the unrealistic goals set forth by the management and their bosses. I hate them all. Not busy that muchEverything else."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It was a good job at some point til all the co workers and managers started bringing in their outside drama into work would go back. Even if hired a higher positions"

Inventory Spealist (Former Employee) says

"Staples allowed harassment and did nothing about the situation. They kept the guy working there after he shoved me into a wall and slapped me. I had heavy objects thrown art me and scissors and the company turned away from the situation. NothingMajor depression they leave you stranded you can have COVID and they wouldn't care"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The biggest thing that stands out about working at Staples? Biggest toxic and hostile environment I have ever worked in my entire life. Foul and disgusting language will be thrown at you every single day.Nothing. Go work in a REAL company.They do not care about you, they will use you and use you and use you, they will also pay you the lowest amount of money, toxic human beings, toxic culture, toxic company, stay far far far away from this company and anyone who works for them."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"was constantly kept under watch. no kindness no fairness nobody helps when you ask a question and noone is willing to share anything either. it was very difficult being there"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is non-existent. I worked there for almost a year and went through 7 managers. There were multiple who literally just walked out. There was one guy from another store who was the only one who would help us out and they fired him. Pay is very very low in general let alone the fact that we had to run a store without help. They also don’t care about misconduct. They promoted people who should be fired and fire people that are good."

Inbound Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Staples doesn’t care about their employees. Once they realize you make too much money for your position, they will find a way to get rid of you for cheaper labor.Modern warehouseSlave labor, poor benefits package, no advancement opportunities"

Picker/Packer (Current Employee) says

"if you never wanna know when you going in or getting off work get this job. Theirs a heavy language barrier and the work is beyond repetitive and you never know what your check is because the raise or cut hours on a whim. FCK STAPLES its a checkeverything else"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"DM starts every day with negativity. Never really have a day off or vacation because you have to look at email. No life work separation. No real time off. Very unsupported and when ask questions made you feel stupid. The most enjoyable part of my job was my crew. I don’t know if corporate knows what goes on with how DM’s treat the employees but should make sure that employees are treated with respect.Can’t think of anyAlways negative"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Pay is low for what they expect of you. They demand way to much for a almost minimum wage job. Very High turnover rate of employees. Always understaffed. Managers go in and out. Several managers in my time there. No matter how hard you work you will never be appreciated. nonepay, managers"

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They don’t care about their employees unless you amazing at making sales with protection plans . They would use anything to say your not doing your job when sometimes it’s not much to do ."

Recieving Associate (Former Employee) says

"Garbage pay, after a transfer I was to work a 3 a.m. shift to noon shift. That meaning I had to throw Freight until the sun came up and then act like I'm a salesperson. My first boss in Sedona was great his name was Scott and I had no problems with staples. The second I transferred back to Florida, it was an extremely sexist woman with a hatred for men. This was the Vero Beach locationWorking in SedonaWorse than High School gossip, garbage pay"

Inventory Specialist (Former Employee) says

"i was hired for one store and then put to a different store farther from home they don’t care about the employees and are dishonest. they hire people with empty promises"

Senior Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They'll make it seem great at first but then the true colors come out. They evaluate their employees negatively. Its not what you do well but what you do wrong. They do everything to give you the smallest salary increase possible. I did a great job, so much that they promoted me within the normal time frame (6 months-told me I beat all records). But their promotion was tinted. Instead of working 9-5 it was between 7am-8pm with a minimal salary update (0.80$) and much harder work. Ive then decided it wasnt for me since I needed family oriented hours. It was a hassle to go back to my old position, they made me feel like Sh** for it. Then their attitude really changed and I wasnt doing anything right anymore. Got sick, went on a 1month leave (doctors order) came back, and they fired me. No employment insurance, no good feedbacks for interviews nothing. Have nothing I can do since CNESST is only available after 2 years of employment. They gave me no severance package, put it as it was my fault so no EI. My former colleagues still don't understand how they did this. They were shocked because I was one of the best agents. Do not work there unless you really have to.collective insuranceEverything"

Order Picker (Breakpack) says

"Management is all about favoritism and quota goals! There's no room for career advancement (only for management favorites) Management sucks! All they care about is hitting their numbers and no care with their people at all. Very hot on summer days! They have a ac but no sense at all. Maximum pay for breakpack is only $18"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"There are no opportunities to move up in the company. I had rude and disrespectful managers and coworkers. Better off going to another place of work.."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Staples as a whole is a dying company, Who has not properly handled COVID-19 and stands with the ReOpen america crowd. Staples also does not care about it's employees and cares more about making money for their corporate seats."

its me says

"Item listed did not exist after i "bought" item, the refund is taking a long time, 5 business days is a joke. They take your money and play games. I had to go to amazon to get the item delivered in 2 days, no hassles. Never again online staples."

Jake Jacobson says

"Bought laptop that was open box..timonium md store. Did not work.
Manager Ty was rude, obnoxious and extremely disrespectful.
Would not accept return and when asked for her supervisor info she lied in writing and gave me phone number for warranty company.
Should be fired.
Tracked customer service myself who 2 days later who agreed to refund but still has after 2 more days has not yet been processed on my charge card. Apparently staples has cashflow problems beyond hiring rude and vengeful employees.

Beware of this most difficult sham of a corporate rip off."

AS says

"Awful billing practices. I save a receipt when my order is placed, example Staples $ 1337.00. I am billed 6 separate charges to my credit card. Keep in mind if I make 5 purchases, all 5 purchases would be saved as one receipt (when order is placed). Staples then bills when shipped so I may end up with 15 separate charges and now have to locate which receipt the order is on. What a waste of the last 48 hours with me hunting down which charges go to what receipt."

Trevyr says

"the mice they sell is beyond pathetic and sensitive to damage. I used one less than a month before the scroll wheel broke despite babying the mouse"

William Greene says

"Placed an order and received confirmation that delivery would be made on 1/06. No delivery made and no reason given. It's been a week now and still no delivery and no reason given. Tracking just states missed delivery, leave at SDO. Absolutely no communication from Staples. Checked with Staples and still no reason why they refuse to deliver. Will never buy anything from Staples again."

Mr Surana says

Stunned to see how many people have left similar feedback.

Order from Staples.

One item delivered our of the two ordered. The remaining item does not come.

When I called customer care, they said it was delivered the following day and signed by someone (who does not live in the address). I inform them of this and they promise to investigate.

Called two days later, was told that investigation is ongoing.

Reach today through someone on Chat, they said no case was being investigated and the item has been delivered quoting the same reason during the initial call.

I inform them again about the issue. The have raised a case 00743159 and refuse to put a timeframe to close this matter.

This is almost 2-3 weeks since I raised the order. I have committed a blunder, should have stuck with Amazon.

They have my order and my money. Misled from the start till the end. No accountability!

Recommendation: BUY FROM AMAZON"

Susan says

"If I could give no stars I would.
Placed order on the 1st. Recieved several emails that the delivery date changed saying wrong address. I confirmed address was correct. But yet nothing. Made 3 calls this week and told each time the items were on the truck out for delivery. Yet nothing.
Now I receive an email refunding money for 1 of the items because now they don't have it. Really!!!!!
Where did it go?
I even asked during one of my calls to just deliver it to the store and I would pick it up there. But they couldn't do that.
Do not order online from Staples."

Mary Bland says

"I will never use them for delivery services. Sent out 4 packages and two were destroyed on route and the 3rd one has yet to arrive, these packages were sent out 2 weeks before Christmas and it is now Jan 5th. I spoke to customer service awhile back and they have yet resolved or even reimbursed me for their mistake!! Lesson learned"


"Staples online is a total joke, Staples should just Fire all there executives and have new personal that actually want to help the public with office supplies.."

Robin Creiger says

"Irritated...BEWARE!!! BE CAUTUIOS.. I purchased a gift from a particular staple store online to be picked up at that specific staple store. Drive out to the store location off of 135th and Metcalf to find out the item that I selected with the help of Melissa was not actually the product that I was picking up. So I explained that to them and that I would need it canceled/returned, what ever they needed to do to return it to release the money they had holding from my account and that is when I was informed that it was an online sale (remember, I went to that specific store chose that store as my shopping store)  and due to it being an online sale they couldn’t return it except for to return it as a no receipt sale which would give me an in-store credit and to top it off, they would only give me credit for the lowest amount the item had been in the last 90 days (I May be wrong on the actual days I was a little pissed so by this time I was a tad mind boggled) as they are explaining to me that a product that I hadn’t even removed from their property didn’t even sign anything, not even opening the box, to find they were selling the same item on the floor in their store, was $80 less than the exact same item that I bought online, that they picked from their inventory. made absolutely no sense to me and it will take 3 to 5 business days for me to get refunded the money i spent purchasing an item from that store.

We all know that as managers, general managers, which I called today and spoke to, can bend the rules, can make allowances, there is an exception to every rule, been there done that, but to be so rigid, and let’s not forget it’s two days before Christmas, to be absolutely non-accommodating, being out right, I don’t even know how or what to call’s just insane to me.

So my piece of advice is be cautious when buying online, and make sure you know the policies and their procedures for returns because otherwise it could be financially devastating. (still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I haven’t even checked out this item and if I would have returned it and paperwork only I was going to be given $80 less than what they were holding in my account, and that item I purchased online was $80 more than the item they had sitting on their floor why ....would the prices not be the same, such a rip off. The end of the story is Staples has lost a customer. I know that my occasional shopping there every 2 to 3 months won’t impact them but I’m going to believe in karma, and I’m going to believe that in some way or fashion my experience will have a negative impact to their company somehow."

LK says

"Terrible customer service. Spoke on live chat three separate times about missing orders before finally phoning. Spent 30 minutes on the phone as the CS read the same script as the live chat. Items won’t arrive in time for Xmas despite the scheduled delivery date being well in advance and Staples don’t care."

Ed Lowrance says

"Whenever I contact their customer support department and can't understand them. I know they out source American jobs and they change their names to sound American but they are hard to get my message across. It takes several calls just get something returned or find out the status on an order. Just terrible support."

Charles Betts says

"Worst company and worst customer service I have ever received. They delayed an order of custom Christmas postcards 3 times...and would not cancel the order. I have to pay for cards that will not even be received in time for Christmas. Use office depot instead"

Kevin says

"Ordered 2 new filing cabinets for home office next day they arrived with more dents and damage than the ones they were replacing. Called customer services same day and the next day they were collected by courier. 2 weeks later and nobody at staples has a clue was told they would call me next day which didn’t happen and nobody I called knew what was going on so in the end I asked for a refund. I will never ever use this company again a total and utter joke stay well clear.
Kevin..... Edinburgh"

Barry Nash says

"Absolutely the worst customer service.
Do not buy anything on line as delivery is non existent. Ordered product Nov 27/2020. Deliver was to be Dec 1/2020 then Dec 2/2020. On Dec 04 contacted customer careless and told it was not picked yet. Asked for refund then and told I misunderstood. Then told me I would recieved by 6 pm on Dec 4/2020. Well, as you can guess did not arrive and Dec 7/2020 sent another request and NO RESPONSE. Is Staples in bankruptcy or just rude. I am out 34$ so cheap lesson on not to order anything on line. If product in hand then I will put down my money.
Stay far away from Staples online ordering."

Brooke Horton says

"The Lasership company that ships their products is horrible!! Not reliable. They lost my first package. Now have had my second one loaded on the truck but not able to deliver it by 5pm so its delayed. For a freaking week so far! Customer service sucks! I will never buy from them again. I doubt I'll ever even get my package!"

zk usama says

"the story begin on nov 25 i bought a laptop online and put a pick up location near to my home its in ocean township route the time of ordering it shows that it is available and available for pickup in 1 hour .on nov 26 i called the store to confirm that is my pickup ready they said that yes it is ready you can pick any time. i went to the store and showed them the order number firstly they said they don't have any thing to give and manager came to me and said we are not answerable if you ordered online by saying that he said that i have other customer step out of the line .I dont have time now for this and suddenly i received any email that my order has been canceled after i went back to my house thinking that may be its a black Friday they have not enough laptop. I ordered a laptop again a different model and confirm by calling to there online service they said its available i placed an order and nov 30th is given to me for the delivery at was a cyber Monday and black Friday was gone. On nov 30th i called to track my order and again they said that this order has been cancelled when i asked the associate that why my order is cancelled he said i don't know let me put you on hold i will let you know after a 39 min hold they dropped the call.After that i again received an email that my order is canceled. again i ordered a laptop via phone with the associate he said i confirm you that laptop is available on brick location its 30 min drive from my location when i went to the brick location their customer service was so bad that i asked for my laptop he said that we are not answerable to saying that the associate left the counter then i asked an other associate he was so bad even he shout at me and said don't you understand that we don't have it and then i called the staples associate he said we are sorry we don't have a laptop.
so the moral of the story is didn't get any laptop from the staples and bought a laptop from best buy on full price because all the deals were gone having a refund of 2500 from staples and a bad customer service they are so rude please don't order online or even from the store they will waste your time and money too

4 canceled orders
2500 return
bought a laptop from best buy on full price
that's what i get from the staples"

K.S. says

"This is the second time I have placed an order with I will never ever ever place an order through this company again. I got notifications saying that there was a delay, then it was delivered which it wasn't ,both times. I tried contacting prestige shipping who was in charge of dropping it off, was not able to contact them. When I finally got through to Staples, I got the same BS I got with my last shipment. Do not trust"

luis de la rosa says

"This website is very slow in delivery, waiting for about 10 days to arrive"

JSR says

"There's something highly amiss w/this company. Twice now, all that I've done was to simply visit their website to look at some items never executing any pymt transactions whatsoever. Yet, the items show up at my door with records showing confirmation emails that display Foriegn-Like names. Some items had charges associated w/my account, yet others did not and so, it would appear, were free. VERY UNUSUAL!!! Still, all applicable refunds were completed. I subsequently requested they close my account. There was a documented Data Breach on September 14, 2020. How confounding!"

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