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Stany Coppet is a French actor. In 2003, he left Paris for New York City where he studied acting, dancing and singing at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. On stage in New York, he performed at the Repertory and the Century Center for the Performing Arts. Then, along with Steven Adams and Steven Soderbergh, he co-produced Roger Guenveur Smith's solo performance "Who Killed Bob Marley" at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. Coppet is the creator of the show "From slavery to freedom" produced for the first time in French Guiana, then at the City Hall of Paris and for the U.S. Embassy in Paris.

A user talks about on Rotten Tomatoes "Stany Coppet is a very bad actor in my opinion. He has no experience at all, he is over-acting, I don't believe him, it seems that he is reading the dialogues at the moment of acting. I think he's a very overrated actor".


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