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Stanbic Bank is a division of Standard Bank, a member of the Standard Bank Group, based in Johannesburg, South Africa


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Relationship Officer (Former Employee) says

"-very busy at work going out farm visits and clients. -to a hardworking and meeting targets -the management was okay -co-workers very supportive -job was not hard -to go farm visitsbank functionslong hours at work"

Asset Custodian (Former Employee) says

"My typical work day was being at work by 8.00am and meet up with the team briefly on what was to be done during the day,what was expected of us...if there was any information to be passed on from head office,sale updates then start work at 8.30 am. I learnt allot especially with counting cash I knew almost nothing then learnt to count with the machines,detect counterfeit notes and also how to handle clients,run the ATM and sale Bank products. Management skills I did learn some as at some point I was team leader tellers and also managed a customer service point. Work place culture was great and we worked as a team.The hardest part was when we had to upgrade to a new system and had to work weekends to learn and also sometimes at night.At the time balancing work and family became hard because the children were young but managed to pick up well and kept on being promoted. The most enjoyable part was going for training's,meeting and helping clients at work and learning new skills.Also when I was rewarded for reporting fraud was a good trainingsshort breaks"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"usual bank times good working hours with few friendly customers dint like the yelling that normally took place when the customer dint understand what was being done"

Relationship Manager, Business Banking (Former Employee) says

"Very vibrant bank,with keen interest on foreign exchange trade and good product proposition for SMEs. The branch network is very good,and is quick to adopt to technology and embraces alternative banking channels very fast.Warm vibrant place to work.Very low salary"

Customer Service Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I learnt how to be proactive and efficient in my work, keen to details and also putting customers first in everything I did. Customers were my top bosses before my real bosses. I was good at creating rapport with all kinds of medicalshort breaks or none, little pay yet too much work."


"Working at a bank is very stressful and prestiege. How ever one need to be well organised and focus with determination to meet target set for the day. This is becaused banks does not play with their daily, monthly, quartely and yearly tartget. My job was based on contract and commissioned based. A fast pace performancedriven environment. Where members are group under teams. As a personal solution consultant, I make presentations to sell banking products to customers of kinds in an organisations I convince individuals customers to take loans facilities from the bank, I open an account for as many customers. I learnt a lot about customer service issues and complaints handling. I also learnt working as a team. What makes workong at the bank stressfull is when you have not met your daily target, which also means that it has to be carry forward to the next day. Working at the bank made mr well connnected this was because I meet different people.Free lunches only as a commsion agentTarget set sometimes stressful"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"It was nice bank to work in with everything standard across the network.The products would be developed basing on the customer demands.All workers ideas would be valued.Very strong capital base, with bonus incentivesVery long working hours with few rotations"

Executive Banker (Current Employee) says

"business is low , management culture is traditional and myopic,co workers are friendly,study loansslow on innovations"

Banking Officer (Current Employee) says

"Report to office by 7.30 Am and get prepared for work.Stanbic bank has groomed me for all these years and my job description is mainly team work.The hardest part of my work was to find cash short and have to inform the branch concerned.The most enjoyable was counting the cash.Stanbic bank invoved in a lot of charitiesNot having enough time to do other things"


"Emails checking and follow up phone calls. I learnt everything finance and money matters. Both time and people management. we are a team in the banking fraternity.we move as a bank. In creasing of monthly targets and reducing commissions. Close a deal for the bank."

Sales & Customer Relations (Former Employee) says

"Excellent working environment but the politics is too obvious. Targets are not Realistic but the management kept pushing subordinates...... I Loved the spirit tho."

customer (Former Employee) says

"Stanbic Bank offers the opportunity to grow, explore individual talents. the bank grows its people, opportunities for networking and meeting new people and exploring each other career growth."

Head of Operations, Kenya and South Sudan (Former Employee) says

"The job requirements were high. Many stakeholders to manage. All the necessary tools and resources provided. Professional development opportunities givenLearning and developmentmany meetings"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"While at stanbic bank uganda I gained alot of experience and also worked hand in hand with my supervisors and team members and made sure work was done.Free breakfastShort breaks"

Customer Service Rep /Direct Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"well, my experience was really challenging but thrilling at the same time, i had to learn alot in the smallest time possible which i did and with the direct sales .and talking to customers made me strong and confident at the end of the day,learning how to sale a product..... being persuasive and thoughtful .it boosted my confidence, selling skills and social aspect as i had to interact was threatening to talk to our team leaders as they were really busy."