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The St. Louis Cardinals are an American professional baseball team based in St. Louis, Missouri. The Cardinals compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the National League (NL) Central division. Busch Stadium has been their home ballpark since 2006. One of the nation's oldest and most successful professional baseball clubs, the Cardinals have won 11 World Series championships, mo


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customer says

"I've tried multiple times to contact them to determine the status of an order, and received no response. They took the money off of my debit card, but it's showing that I don't have any order activity on my account and no payment history either. So, I don't know if I will receive my product that they already charged me for."

Bonnie says

"I ordered a item which is on back order and will not be available until November but i never received a confirmation"

Jahnie Dees says

"I was billed 3 times within 2 weeks for 3 items out of the collection, Wings of Enchantment. I received the first in the collection and the tag was stuck firmly to the elephant's blanket, so of course, moving the tag peeled the paint. This is not a cheap item, so I called the company. I was told I would receive a replacement with 2-3 days... one week later, no replacement. They said I could cancel the PayPal auto payments so that I would receive a bill for payment for the next shipment. Two of my payments were "pending" and so were cancelled by PayPal immediately. I was okay with the 2nd payment processing, but alas, I have emailed several times and get absolutely no response. Very sad customer service."

Chess says

"Ordered 7 days ago. Only receive emails to buy more. No order or pay history showing on website. Phoned representative. They found my order and said they would send email confirmation for shipping. Several days and still not received anything and still nothing on website. No way to track. I put this on a credit card and will positively be calling my company. What is going on? I thought this was a reputable site when I placed the order."

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