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Lucas Hauchard (born 27 January 1996), known professionally as Squeezie, is a French YouTuber. He is the most well-known francophone gamer with over 15 million subscribers and 7 billion views. He specializes in Let's Play commentaries and vlogs, and also collaborates with Cyprien Iov on Bigorneaux & Coquillages, a channel with over 6 million subscribers as of October 2019.

Squeezie sent a Tweet calling out sexual predators on YouTube causing the internet to blow up, since he did not mention any names, fellow YouTubers that were innocent, were wrongly accused, "Squeezie goes on to apologize to all those who have been wrongly accused and admits that with his tweet some of his colleagues must have suffered "immense defamation": "Because of me, it wrongly tarnished their image and they took the gratuitous hatred of a bunch of bad-intentioned people." "I think, for example, of Norman, who I wasn’t aiming at all and who took almost everything in the face for free. I apologize to the YouTubers who took the storm of Twitter and its haters, that was really not my intention."


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