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Spyder is an open source cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) for scientific programming in the Python language. Spyder integrates with a number of prominent packages in the scientific Python stack, including NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, pandas, IPython, SymPy and Cython, as well as other open source software. It is released under the MIT license.Initially created and developed by


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SENIOR Graphic Designer & Photographer (Former Employee) says

"Good job for 1st time jobs. But after a few years, you notice it's a dead end job. Plus alot of fake and 2face workers. If you come late. Parking is hard to find. Management isnt all great."

Warehouse Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Spyder Auto upper management is only ever looking for a way to pad their own pocket at the expense of lower level employees. Cons: money only goes so far, and doesn't better the company or work environment."

Receiving Lead (Former Employee) says

"Communication in this warehouse is not at it s best even from managment down to leads, down to the employees. There is absolutely no benefits within this job. They only pay decent the longer you work there."


"New company with no real understanding of how they wanted another warehouse to run. Communication was horrible from the corporate office. Working in the stone age of technology. HR Representative was under qualified and not professional. No real help form the training department, the guy was seriously a creep. Oh and I didn't get my check on time, just once. Cons: hurry up and get it done for rate, then sit and wait till more work comes in."

Wholesale Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I made good money here, until they felt it was too much for me to be making, but I definitely had to put in the work. Be prepared to figure it out on your own, and if you do, eventually get robbed of the commission.. Still, was a good learning experience. Cons: Bad Experience"

Warehouse Associate/Shipping & Receiving (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful environment. Lack of communication from management. Hardest part of the job is usually we would have to do job assignments twice instead of doing the job right the first time. Cons: Lack of communication from Upper Management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Spyder full-time for more than 3 years Cons: This is by far one of the most shameless companies I have ever had the displeasure of working for. Not only is upper management paid far more than the hard working people under them, they are totally clueless about how to run a large company and manage other people. Also, because Spyder is an outdoor apparel brand, it thrives on a culture of favoritism towards its male employees and sexism towards its female employees. Hardly anyone ever gets fair raises or promotions and it is extremely hard to move up into higher positions. There is also a high turnover rate for employees quitting and getting laid off unexpectedly. The product itself is okay, but terribly overpriced and underwhelming. I truthfully don't see any longevity in this brand if the company culture does not improve."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Spyder full-time Cons: The most broken company I have ever worked for from the leadership team down to everyday practices - stay away although not sure how much longer it will be around anyway."

Product Development Manager says

"I worked at Spyder for less than a year Cons: Terrible morale and upper management very inexperienced within target market. Revolving door of employees. Poor company culture."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Spyder full-time Cons: Has been going through a lot of management changes."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Spyder full-time Cons: Extremely poor management, no transparency with the senior leadership team, lots of unprofessionalism, poor standards for making quality product, and poor relationships with vendors"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Spyder full-time for more than 3 years Cons: After the buyout, all the perks were taken away, a new upper management was brought in who were extremely harmful to employee morale and enthusiasm. A lot of employees started leaving at this point."


"I worked at Spyder Cons: If you were not part of the popular crowd you were overlooked on many things."

Sales says

"I worked at Spyder Cons: Upper management is dreadful (most, but not all) No decision made are based on the long-term health of the company The pay is sub-par, even by industry standards"


"I worked at Spyder Cons: Very little top management involvement. CEO stays in his office and doesn’t involve lower employees. This seems to be the case for all upper management. Very separate and unreachable."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Spyder full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Salary is about 30-50% less than other local retailers, management is absent until an issue is about to arise."

Ryan says

"Worst customer service I have ever received. I ordered a $300+ item and paid for overnight shipping on Dec 19th. It is now Jan 5th and I still don't have my item, they won't offer any type of discount, and I have had to reach out to them over a dozen times to get any answers. I will never purchase something from them again. This is an example of the email response you can expect from their company.

Dear ryan,

Thank you for contacting Spyder!

I do apologize for the confusion. I did do some research and I was not able to find this agreement that was made with our agent. We do keep detail notes of every interaction that are made with all our customers. We will not be able to offer further discounts on this order. You may return the order for a full refund. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for being a valued Spyder Customer!

Best Regards,


The Customer Service Team

Customer Service at Spyder"

EC says

"I wish I could give them 0 stars. I ordered a jacket that their website advertised as being warmer than two jackets combined, and when it came, it was the same thickness as a rain coat. NO insulation whatsoever in a jacket marketed for skiing. When I discovered that this jacket would never work for skiing in the Rockies, I went to return the item, which mysteriously showed as unreturnable, despite checking the return policy and the item itself. When I called customer service and explained that this was not indicated on the product itself or on my receipt, customer service agreed with me and said they would give me store credit or a refund. When I called back a week later to follow up, I was told that the request was denied by corporate. I asked for an explanation and the customer service person told me verbatim "we don't have to give you an explanation". When I reiterated that this was an incredibly expensive purchase to mysteriously not get a refund or credit for, I was told "most items are even more expensive than what you bought", basically rubbing it in my face that they frequently take even more money from customers via their unethical return policy. I don't even have words for how horrible my experience with Spyder has been. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY"

Really Good Customer says

"Spider claims to be a great high quality brand. They do NOT stand behind their products or let you return items. So they charge a lot of money for their products, but they do not let you return or exchange them. They need to get with it and get into how the world works today! They are awful as a company....my family and I will never purchase from them again...potential buyers STAY AWAY"

Laura Cox says

"What a scam! I ordered some ski pants on December 9, and received them on the 15th. They were much smaller than I expected, and I wanted to return or exchange. After contacting customer service they created a "case number" and sent a message that they were non-returnable. Nowhere on the order page does it indicate this item is non-returnable. I will continue fighting the charge, as I paid a lot of money for this and just want to return it."

R Rein says

"I ordered my first Spyder ski jacket and pants online during Black Friday. I followed their sizing guides exactly but when I received the merchandise, the jacket and the pants were both too small.

I contacted customer service multiple times and they do not do exchanges....I did not realize I was on the clearance page as I looked at so many items and they don't say anything as you complete your purchase telling you that you are purchasing a clearance item which is not eligible for return OR exchange.

There was also nothing on my receipt indicating they were clearance items.

Now I have a very expensive ski jacket and pants that I can not wear.

Very disappointed with this experience to not even allow an exchange."

Alex Blanc says

"I am shocked this company is even in business and not litigated out of existence. Saying "bad customer service" would be too mild and a great understatement. They are willingly and openly misrepresenting the facts, having no problem openly acknowledging that. I purchased a jacket from them, and on that jacket's page it stated, in black and white, "returns allowed". Yet, they have been refusing to take a return and issue a refund, while fully agreeing that this is what their website said. In essence, their business strategy is to mislead customers upfront in an attempt to maximize sales, and they seem to be fully comfortable with that. And it didn't stop there. Once I disputed the charge with the credit card company, they replied to the credit card company stating that they'd offer a refund if the jacket is returned. Yet, when I called them, they, yet again, refused to take this return - pretty surreal..."

Paola S says

"I purchased a jacket from their website on December 2019 for a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. While I was heading home, I was less than a block away from my house When I got an alert from UPS that my package was deliver front door, I was so excited expecting to see my package when I got home. When I finally got home It seem strange cause I would of seen the UPS driver but he wasn’t there. So I go up the stairs and my package wasn’t there! I was like wait a minute! Why isn’t my package here? I called ups many times they told me to file a report and I did, many times! I sent countless of emails to spyder customer service and they never responded Until recent saying “Hi ~Thanks for contacting Spyder! I'm so sorry to say we've discovered a glitch in our system caused some emails to be quarantined rather than received, and we believe that yours was one of them.”

LIKE SERIOUSLY AFTER ALL THIS TIME!!!! I FEEL LIKE I WAS SCAMMED!!! They took my money and I didn’t get my purchase!!!! Till this day idk what happen to the jacket idk if ups misplaced it or stoled it! they never found out about my package i tried to call and email everyday and nothing I tried to email
spyder and nothing!!!! I would of felt better if spyder customer service answered me at least !!! And now they want to make an excuse saying there was a glitch in there system! ? Bs! I do not recommend buying from them at all! There customer services is a disgrace"

Stephanie Berman says

"I ordered a ski jacket from Spyder online for Canada costing me $450. Received it and the fit was too small, so I returned it on the same day and repurchased a larger size. They have the most terrible customer service for a company that is so high end and pricy. I received an email saying my return was accepted, but no word was given on a refund. So, as any customer would do, I emailed the company to follow up - and no response to my email in > 48 hours. Today, 14 days after returning the jacket, I called their customer service and they show they never received it although I have an email confirmation from spyder saying they did receive my return as well as the tracking number to confirm! They said it can take up to 30 days to issue a return of payment. In a digital age, this is insanity to charge such a large amount of money for a product that is considered high end, yet offer the lowest form of customer support. Me and my family will never purchase spyder equipment again because of this experience."

Heidi says

"Just spoke with customer care person to cancel an order I just placed ..literally within 5 minutes and she couldn't guarantee the order would be cancelled. Claimed has to go thru email process to warehouse. She claimed she did everything possible for customer service and ended conversation with umhmm. Just terrible service. How in this day and age you place an order and make a mistake and within minutes try to cancel and they can't guarantee it!"

Mr. stevenson says

"Wore a pair of brand new and VERY expensive ski trousers for approximately 6 hours of skiing over two days. Trousers ruined below ankles where normal contact with skis made. Take a look at the last communication from Spyder after about 20 or so e mails back and forth.......Priceless

Dear Paul

Thank you for contacting us concerning your Spyder ski pant.

We have checked the pictures and unfortunately we have to refuse the warranty claim.
It looks like normal using who was happened trough ski edges and that is not a product defect.
Defects caused by third parties are not covered by warranty.

Thank you in advance for your comprehension
and kind regards

Astrid Koch | Customer Service Manager
www spyder.com

Everyone at your end seems to be under the impression that ski trousers should not withstand any contact with the ski edge

Clearly this is not the case, curious as it may seem, my legs are joined to my feet

I think this is something that you should share with your customers before they purchase an expensive pair of trousers

Clearly that is not in your interest so I will endeavour to ensure that I create some social awareness of this myself.Lets share your responses with the ski community and let them decide

In the meantime I will take this matter up with my credit card company and instruct them to charge back

You have lost a valuable customer. I will be shopping for my ski wear elsewhere going forward

Disappointingly yours,

Paul Stevenson"

Patty Westbrook says

"I couldn't find a the hat my son wanted at retail so I ordered it online directly from Spyder. BAD decision. I ordered it December 9th. I kept checking the order status which said "in progress" until December 20th, when I decided it was now or never for Christmas delivery. Called their customer service department which had no answers but promised to email me about what was up after checking with their warehouse. A day later I received an email saying they cancelled my order. So there goes that present. I kinda hate them and their products now."

mark says

"Spyder make great sports clothing, sadly that doesn't mean they run a great website. Summary, If you live in the US I'm sure you'll be OK, others should buy locally.

I was excited to find that Spyder offer free international shipping for orders over a certain amount. First I ordered a jacket to take on a ski trip with plenty of time to get it. I waited, waited, finally after 10 days contacted them to receive a reply saying, "sorry that item is out of stock - didn't we tell you? "

Frustrated I ordered another jacket and confirmed that it really was in stock with their support. I was careful to make sure the price was below the 150 euro import allowance for Europe so I'd have no customs problems.

For some reason Spyder then put a higher value on their customs declaration (I paid 147 with delivery they put ~ 165 euros), so the jacket gets caught up in customs who demand 44 euros in tax and "fees" (fees being money for them to tell me that i owe them tax).

I contact Spyder to ask them why the different price and inform them it's not been a great experience, they reply suggesting I'm lying about customs and that anyway, I should open a dispute with the tax office.

Naturally I went and bought a different jacket locally. I've given them 2 stars because their products are good, but their site and support is terrible. Having dealt with them I suspect getting warranty support will also be difficult."

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