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Sportech PLC is an online gambling and entertainment company headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company is traded on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol SPO.L;


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"I worked at Sportech Cons: Managers are very much overworked at this company, and it shows. The environment is extremely unprofessional and toxic. I couldn't recommend any branch of this company to anyone."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Sportech full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Run by a large group of socially inept people who don’t have the social skills to connect with individuals yet manage a group of employees. Ruthless group with no concern to what may be going on in the office professionally or with employees personally outside of work. Company is not involved in any social or ethical sustainability practices of any kind. It really is only about making the customer happy by any means and getting the job done! A lot of antagonizing behavior all around. What every individual brings to the table, their unique perspective, their personality, their view point in life, adds to the group dynamic of the business they work for, then on a group level, those relationships either gel and work well with one another or create friction if those values are opposed. There is friction here. At the very lower level of a company, it is these relationships that affect the general result of the company. If the lowest level employees aren’t happy, this translates to mistakes and problems in productivity, and overall quality of work. When employees are in sync with each other and work together to achieve the goal of the company, everything runs much smoother. Things do not run smoothly here. Take all the factors that make a group up and now analyze the strengths and weakness of the individual, how they interact as a group, how they communicate, what values are important to the individual person and what is important to the management team supervising the group and you will see that if they don’t work well together, the company does not advance; however, if they are all “on the same page,” everything runs smoothly. There is no professional advancement here."

Current Employee - Mutuel Teller says

"I have been working at Sportech part-time for more than 3 years Cons: ZERO company culture. The employees are miserable. The customers are miserable. This in turn creates a slowing of business further making the problem worse. No upward movement. Part timers work full time hours without benefits. Cut backs are being made to help profits even though the company is at a loss every year. Its a dying business and the upper management is at fault for this. THE ONLY PLUS IS you literally CANT get fired from your 10$/hr hell hole job unless you steal. Literally anything else is good. No call no shows, call out 3x a week, swear at customers, pull the discrimination card on everything and youll get away with it all. HR is too afraid to fire people, and the only time they fired someone they brought them back because they were afraid. Its a clock in and collect (not much) job."


"I have been working at Sportech Cons: Terrible work environment. No life work balance"


"I worked at Sportech Cons: You are given an unreasonable amount of work. The cad files from previous employees or employees who have never used cad before takes more time to fix than to make the updates. The leadership team is compromised of people who have ran businesses into the ground or have unsuccessfully created business that brought products to market. Or have simply worked at sportech since day one as an assembler. If you have worked at an engineering company and came to sportech you wouldn't learn a thing. In fact management will struggle at the basic principles that every other business follows. The only people who seem to stay there are either making too much money to leave or have nowhere else to go. Sportech struggles to do the basic functions of a normal company and management thinks its no big deal because they have never been in a company that does this."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Sportech full-time for less than a year Cons: Poor work/life balance. Company only allows "flex time" if you work 60+ hours a week. Time worked from home for emergencies is considered "time-off". Resources (conference rooms, office supplies, hardware) to do job are unavailable. Employees overworked."

Current Employee - Computer Operator says

"I have been working at Sportech full-time Cons: Managers all treat employees like common peasants, many times not acknowledging their presence. Data center is a nightmare - each operator is overloaded with work and treated awful. Broken chairs, dirty air vents, bugs in the halls and rude managers who all curse at you. Big managers hide in their offices and bash operators via email. Very unprofessional, inappropriate, toxic and verbally abusive work environment."


"I have been working at Sportech Cons: Union will get you stuck at a dead end"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Sportech full-time Cons: Antiquated, chauvinist and soon to be obsolete company. Senior management does not understand nor can use modern technology, so it is dismissed. Customer base will fall even further due to age. HR has no knowledge of equality or mental health employment law."


"I have been working at Sportech Cons: `- management has no respect towards the staff - union serves no purpose because they fail to defend its members - impossible to get time off - lack of respect amongst co-workers - too much profanity is used throughout the day"