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Viasat Sport 24 was a Scandinavian sports channel. The channel started April 24, 2005. Viasat Sport 24 was showing several sports events in different squares on one television channel 24 hours a day complete with sports results, news and betting information. It was replaced by the new sports channel Viasat Golf on January 2007.

Linda mentioned, "I changed to Viasat 10 months ago when the worst internet company failed to provide service. At first, the internet worked ok, but when the pandemic hit I was suddenly always "out of data". The technician and sales person claims that it is unlimited data. It is, as long as you do not use more data than your plan and then you get shut off. Since I was teaching online during this time, I was unable to do my job. In the past 5 months I have called 37 times and today I finally cancelled. They are liars. Now they claim I have a contract and will hold me to it. I asked to see a copy with my signature and they said they use a standard contract and don't need signatures."


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Patty says

"Ordered shoes for my son. I subscribed to get an SMS when the order is ready to be picked up. After few days, I checked the package tracker it says the order is on the way to the shop. I gave it a few days more the tracker says the same. 2 months had passed, I heard/received nothing and the status of my order in the tracker is still the same-- the package is on the way to the shop. Annoyed... I went to the shop, canceled my order, and got my money back."

Arvind says

"The size didn't match! Bad attitude and poor customer support during exchange. Products were overwhelming expensive during campaign sale as compared to competitors!"

Katarzyna says

"It’s been 2 week when I’m waiting for my order, and it’s still haven’t got it yet."

Sam Holyoak says

"The shop I ordered the product to didn't exist. I was sent to another location via the text message, this shop did also not exist. I found the newly opened shop eventually, despite not being on Google maps and being difficult to get to. In the shops, the klerk was not appogoetic, but instead sinily said they know, and that it isn't their fault, in general vey rude. When scanning the product for handover, it took a long time, again with no apology..."