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Canadian Schools are said to embody the Spirit of Diversity. Their country is a global leader in an experiment that proves that students can and do thrive through multicultural experience. As Canadians, most are exposed to ethnic diversity every day, yet they often fail to recognize just how nationally and globally distinct this is, or the underlying strength that it implies. Canada’s most unique and often unheralded feature is the diversity in it's schools. The underlying climate of acceptance and respect toward different cultures and ethnic backgrounds is so interwoven into the tapestry of thousands of schools in Canada that it has become a matter of course for students and staff.

In recent surveys with Canadians they prove a desire for diversity, yet also do not want to change. Nearly 70 per cent said they were proud of Canada’s reputation as an open and welcoming country, with just 8 per cent disagreeing “strongly” with that sentiment.

Yet, a full 61 per cent also agreed that “too many minority groups are seeking special treatment these days,” something that has been the subject of intense political debate in Quebec over the last several years. Another 59 per cent said too many immigrants don’t adopt “Canadian values” (a still somewhat undefined term).

Almost half of respondents — 46 per cent — agreed that diversity “is causing Canada to change in ways I don’t like."

The apparent contradiction in these results came as no surprise to Michael Bach, founder and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion. “People feel threatened. This is change,” he said, adding that straight, white, able-bodied men may feel particularly threatened by, and excluded from, these discussions.


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