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Acelity L.P. Inc., was a privately held medical device company. It was a non-operating holding company who wholly owned subsidiaries developed advanced wound therapeutics products. The advanced wound therapeutics business was conducted by Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI) and its subsidiaries, including Systagenix.The company reported $1.87 billion in annual revenue globally in 2015.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "Acelity was one of the worst places ive worked. The team was not welcoming at all. They worship project managers who act like they can take you under their wing and promote you or enjoy perks they manage. There is absolutely no teamwork in that environment and there's alot of gossiping and backstabbing from peers. The worse part of my job was catering to my manager like I would my child".


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Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"-Towards the end when half of the sales staff were from the competitor that ended up buying spiracur.... clear collusion."