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Spinner was an online music and entertainment service. An AOL Music property, it was acquired by AOL on June 1, 1999, along with Nullsoft for $400 million.Based in San Francisco, California, the website was the first Internet music service and was the largest by 2001, while offering promotional features from high-profile recording artists. In 2002, AOL combined Spinner with the former's Netscape portal to form Netscape Radio. Spinner broadcast over 100 radio stations, including Radio CMJ.

Spinner known as Aol music has a bland interface and new music is hard to discover, Troy Dreier wrote a review on cnet.com

"AOL Music Now's interface is bland, and its limited editorial content makes it hard to discover new music. The radio stations are not grouped together on a common page, and there's no Mac version, no gift-certificate or allowance options, no parental controls, no audiobooks, and no podcasts. Finally, the pricing isn't competitive."


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