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Spillers Ltd was a British company that owned flour milling operations, operated bakeries and also sold pet food and equine feeds.

"Tried to like the store, finally have given up on it" says "Joe" on a review of Spillers' Farm Store on thee "TripAdvisor" website in August 2020:

"Tried to like the store finally have given up on it

I live nearby this store and I want to like it. I have put up with the condescending tone that the owner has towards everyone. Like its such an effort to ring you up. Today I went and there signs all over the place asking to the social distance to protect the owners. And here comes one of the owners out with no mask on."


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DENTAL ASSISTANT (Former Employee) says

"Show up before 8am and one day @ 7am Take sterilized instruments out of drier and autoclave from the day before and seat up treatment rooms for the first patients of the day.weekends off, early days on fridays, 3 day weekend availablefeeding the birds rain or shine, no room for advancement"