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Spanx, Inc. is an American underwear maker focusing on shaping briefs and leggings, founded in Atlanta, Georgia. The company manufactures mainly pantyhose and other underwear for women and, since 2010, produces male underwear as well. Spanx specializes in foundation garments intended to make people appear thinner.

Michelle mentioned, "I have the Spanx Power Panty and really do not like it. The bottom part is like a brief and the top is just as you see in the above picture, just a top. They feel too tight and the top part keeps rolling down on me."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We're sorry to hear you didn't feel empowered in your experience with us. We are also bummed to hear you had a negative experience with internal mobility. Thanks for your input and for being a valued SPANX-ter alum. We'd love to keep in touch! Best, Emily, Director, Talent Acquisition"


"Thanks for taking the time to write a review. I am sorry to hear you felt your experience did not meet your expectations. We have and continue to evolve the recruitment process, which includes eliminating bias in our hiring process. We are fair, transparent, consistent, and objective throughout the process for hiring both full time and contract employees. I will take the feedback to the team and ensure we continue to strive for the highest candidate experience possible. - The People Team"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Constantly changing direction, no focus, incompetent leadership. Micromanagement. No opportunity for growth."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company runs on lies, manipulation and bad secrets. There are the kind of secrets that are necessary for a company to stay fresh and innovative, but I'm not talking about those. You'll be encouraged to provide input and ideas, but any good ones will be stolen and used…you won’t get credit for them. You’ll hear over and over again “I hear you”, but don’t ever expect to be “listened to”. Change happens frequently, but it will won’t be to your benefit…be prepared. While they will tell you there are perks of being privately owned, they are all lies… even the most loyal of employees are treated as a number and will suddenly be let go. This became so frequent that if someone went on vacation for a week, you’d assume they were no longer with the company. No body will bother to tell you anything and when they use words like “transparency”, they are trying to trick you into thinking they are being honest when really that are covering some serious stuff up. Some people can play the “Spanx Game” well, but that means spending years sucking up to entitled, under-qualified women who are extremely power hungry. If you are an amazing, educated and talented human being, please do not drink the koolaide and accept an offer here. I know that it’s the closest you’ll get to "fashion" in the southeast and that it looks like a glamorous place to work (I thought the same thing), but in reality, Spanx is just a shiny BMW that's completely immobile. Sure, you can take a picture in the driver’s seat and post it to Instagram and you’ll probably get few likes…but you in the driver’s seat of that BMW will never, ever go anywhere. It will only ever be good for the picture. Sometimes, that’s all some people need…and if that’s you and you’re will to take the risk, I truly wish you the best of luck. However, if you’re wanting to advance in your life, skillset and career then this is not the place for you. The reviews are true…the environment is toxic. You can do better than this."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything else. ZERO visibility into senior management/leadership No upward mobility Trash talking, immature, recent grads with entitlement issues as coworkers Long hours with no work life balance You're forced to attend team events - like roller skating in the middle of the day - only to have to work late to make up for the work missed during the day"


"Lack of transparency and direction"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Benefits have recently been cut back. Sarah thinks she is the Steve Jobs of shapewear but she's more like the Steve Wozniak - she was an innovator but now she's just trying to stay relevant in the world. I can't wait to see the "Where are they now?" issue of Forbes magaizne that documents the story of of the brand that was built, and subsequently killed, by the world's former youngest female self-made billionaire."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No growth No chance at a real promotion unless someone actually quits No structure Terrible communication between corporate and management"


"Everything else - Toxic environment Sara only cares about herself and the money she makes and what cover of a magazine she is on next - absolute phony No work life balance Long hours for no reason other than to show you are "dedicated" Management can't or don't know how to manage Mean girl environment No decisions are ever made Drama at every turn Lack of trust Micromanagement Disorganized Dysfunctional The list could go on but you get the idea"

Manager says

"-Widespread anger & Frustration -workplace bully is admired -scapegoats are always blamed -dysfunctional relationships -dysfunctional meetings -obvious hypocrisy -overly restrictive systems -powerless HR -excessive spending on HQ building and decor, No spending on employees, Low comparative salaries Extremely High Turnover for a small company. Many lay-off's NO loyalty. Constantly seeking scapegoats for Companies Bad Management and Poor Profit Performance. Consistent High Turnover allows Management to blame a whole new set of scapegoats. Processes are dysfunctional, company procedures do not make sense, thrown together by non-fashion industry executives, making it difficult to get things done. You will hear, "That's the way we've always done it' rather than "There's always room for improvement." There are no clear objectives, so it can be tough to determine what's important and what isn't. Buried in work that is completely unnecessary. Deadlines are never based on logical scheduling of larger goals. Meaningless solutions from ineffective management. Input from employees is discounted or ignored and clueless managers rely on their own misapprehensions. Irrelevant offsite training sessions and patronizing "Sunny Awards," are given to mask, cover and hide the real issues of bad executive management and bullies. Only MINDLESS task-oriented workers are rewarded. This Toxic workplace causes dysfunctional relationships. Gossip and criticism are the norm,and CLIQUES lead to favoritism and feuding. Unwelcoming to new employees, back-stabbing, sorority attitude. This environment and bullying is rewarded. Greed is a motivator, Executive with lots of money wants more, with a single-minded focus. Leading to bad behavior being ignored and even tolerated, as long as, profits are made. Employee complaints and moral issues are snubbed. Bullies are running Spanx into the ground- - low morale, high turnover and NO Profits. PR masks the problem by promoting Mission and Media statements about caring for Women and Building Women's Confidence. This is far from the truth at HQ. It is the worst hypocritical company I have ever worked for; degrading, demoralizing and disvalues employees. Once a Strong, Profitable Company it is now failing after several years of having its values and integrity gutted by skilled bullies and Owner who looks the other way."

SALES ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"If it wasn't busy, there wasn't much to do. Just organize racks, fold clothes. Dust the shelves, sweep, etc. The management were unprofessional. They gossip about the employees. You cant trust them. Hardest part of the job was getting the guest's information, since people don't like to give that out when you go and shop somewhere. But that was a really important part of the job. It was annoying.NoneJob tasks are foolish, bad pay"

Director Finance (Former Employee) says

"A company saying all the right things with all the right intentions and a ton of potential but extremely resistant to the needed change. Hiring new "outside" leaders/talent but wary to utilize proven ideas and processes. Business continues to chase the sale at the expense of long range plans and INVENTORY. Daily work-life balance policy has all the intention but in practice is limited to certain departments. Great health benefits and vacation/personal time policies! Compensation is decent and fair. Need to revamp 401K benefit. New facilities are really nice and a perk! Difficult work environment. Large portion of the leadership and associates are extremely resistant to change. Heavily political environment. Difficult to get to know people. Personal relationships take precedence over organization needs. Systems are a real challenge and make data extremely difficult to access and analyze. Investment here is slow.Corporate office, Vacation policyWork environment"

Sales associate (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at spanx is that you greet customers, ask them if they need any help. Make sure you are giving the customers the right clothing that fits well with whatever they need it for. I have learned to open up and not be so shy with talking to people I do not know. The most enjoyable part of the job is interacting with customers and getting to know them one on one by helping them find the right piece to go with their outfit.hour breaksworking on the register and getting paid 10 dollars a hour."

Production Manager - Shapewear (Former Employee) says

"Majority of people are either leaving or trying to leave. No real direction. Things spin for months even years without any progress. workplace culture is similar to a sorority."

Ecommerce (Current Employee) says

"Management creates more spin than it solves. Lot's of Happy Hours or "fun events" but it doesn't offset the lack of career development or genuine lack of trust in leadership."

Technical Design Intern (Former Employee) says

"Did not agree with company mission and culture. Enjoyed connections made but did not feel any advancement. Not so great management. Learned alot about my role."

Intern (Former Employee) says

"The Spanx building was beautiful and located in a great place in Atlanta. The interactions and communication between co-workers was very difficult and tense. There was no work culture."

Systems Support Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management was very poor. "Culture Fit" due to no one taking control and forcing the use of a ticketing system. Cut-throat environment with very good pay."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy working for Spanx because I make women and men feel better about themselves.Being with this company I've learned about all the product which make it easy to sell to our guests and I honestly enjoy them myself.So far I am the store top seller and as well selling I also make sure I stay on top of all my task from, replenishing, back stock and helping other associates.250 dollar allotment and 40% discountCutting of hours and loss of healthcare"

Creative Production Manager - Marketing Operations (Former Employee) says

"work hard and play even harder. lots of fun activities and training events planned throughout the year to keep you motivated and entertained. at the core of the company's heart, they care about the being of your whole self and invests in you accordingly. lots to learn, subsidized lunches, fun activities, free samplesmanagement is poor, no growth opportunity, no systems in place"

Cathleen says

"Horrible service still waiting from my return for 4 weeks now. Never will buy again. This multi million $$$ co is too cheep to give my return asap like other retail online stores. Cheep cheep. Don’t buy and god for it you don’t like the $100 leggings because you will be waiting months for a return."

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