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Space Angel is an animated science fiction television series produced in the United States from early 1962 through 1964. It used the same Synchro-Vox lip technique as Clutch Cargo, the first cartoon produced by the same studio, Cambria Productions. The show was created by Dik Darley, who also created the 1950-1955 live-action series Space Patrol.The series chronicled the adventures of three as...


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Ernest Rideout says

"sent item back because I cancelled my items but they never responded, they still sent the item to me and never refunded me"

Rick Pike says

"the worst company out there!!!! save your hard earned dough and buy from a trusted company not these thieves who practice rather dubious business standards, Jerry and his family are common thieves who hopefully this pandemic will put them out of business."

Thomas Koivisto says

"A backorder was supposed to be in in 10 days, and nothing after a month with no explanation. A mailed in order was not processed properly and was supposed to be researched and corrected by the next day, but were never heard from again. Then trying to discuss these problems with someone after three months {the pandemic} who did not learn how to listen to people, but wanted to be arrogant and insulting, made the customer service experience there irritating and upsetting. As a result, Oldies has already lost over $400 of business to Amazon, and any future business."

Consumer says

"I'm a first and last time customer. I found their customer service to be atrocious!"

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