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Southwest Airlines Co. is a major American airline headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and is the world's largest low-cost carrier. The airline was established on March 15, 1967 by Herb Kelleher as Air Southwest Co. and adopted its current name, Southwest Airlines Co., in 1971, when it began operating as an intrastate airline wholly within the state of Texas, first flying between Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. The airline has more than 60,000 employees and operates about 4,000 departures a day during peak travel season.As of 2018, Southwest carried the most domestic passengers of any United States airline. The airline has scheduled services to 103 destinations in the United States and ten additional countries.

One angry customer shared this in a review "Shame on you Southwest! I scheduled a spring break trip for my teenage son and I prior to COVID. Because of such, I was forced to cancel the trip. Southwest credited the funds to my Southwest account but only under the original ticket names (my son's name and my name). I am no longer able to travel with my son and have twice requested the funds under his name be transferred to my husband. On both occasions I received only a form letter which outlined their policy and never addressed my actual question. I don't understand this being that they have nothing to lose by transferring the funds to another family members name. I suppose they are hoping, as is the case here, that the funds can't be used. Shame on you Southwest."


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Former Employee - Flight Attendant says

"They have an awful review system in place where your peers review you while you’re on your probation period. 3 bad reviews and you’re fired. Sounds like a great idea until the male flight attendants use this review system to sexual harass the female flight attendants. Told my supervisor about it and how I received a bad review because I refused to have dinner with the reviewer, and she basically brushed it under the rug. I didn’t even want to show up to work because of This harassing practice."

Current Employee - Provisioner says

"Relaxed safety until something happens"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"They make the job harder than it has to be"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible micromanagement. Lack of forward thinking and does not promote thought leadership. Innovation is stifling. Mostly legacy systems with no real push for anything beyond mediocrity. Senior Leaders and Middle Management have extremely poor execution. The old famous culture that Herb built, is quickly becoming diluted by new outside Leadership that does not for core values. The organization is run by a “ghost” CIO, whom takes very good care of her friends. I’ve personally witnessed many unethical and toxic traits by Leadership. They do not value ideas or new technology, they’re extremely behind in the times and have zero willingness to adapt. The company is ran by an “old school buddy system” and lacks a real vision. None of the Leadership have any technical expertise or acumen and have zero emphasis on uplifting skills or helping employees grow. They pride themselves on accountability and “servant leadership”, but actions prove otherwise. Work is not stimulating and it’s the most passive aggressive enviornment I have seen in my career. If you want to explore SWA, I believe there are great Leaders and People in operations, crew, and other business support area - but technology is an absolute mess."

Former Employee - Developer says

"Program Management is very poor, Is emotionally driven and clearly biased"

Former Employee - Customer Sales Representative - Lead says

"clique mentality, no protections for employees from social abuses, don't actually care about customer quality of life versus income/revenue, younger (age) employees are treated like garbage, mandatory overtime"

Current Employee - Pilot says

"Just do not do it"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They are constantly micro managing, they fire you if you miss 7 days of work."

Former Employee - Senior Business Analyst says

"I've been out of there less than two years and I finally have my self esteem back. It felt like I was in an abusive relationship, now that I look back on it. It was friendly and smiling, popular, charming. My hiring manager told me all the things that they were excited to have me bring to the table. I got evaluations from my management with this feedback: "Don't ask questions" "Don't talk so directly." After pointing out a flawed logic saying, "my argument is" I was angrily interrupted by "it's not an argument." I've seen two women in upper management suddenly retire from working to raise their kids when they were in the middle of their careers. There are managers that have been filling a desk for a decade or more. I have a lot of stories that seem unbelievable compared to their image. They spend years making decisions because no one wants to take responsibility if something doesn't work. People don't grow in skills and if you do, they aren't paying for it. They don't pay market rate if you aren't in a union. Flying free is stressful for even one person and much more so trying to take anyone with you. The casual dress code is a way to distinguish those who have any power and those that don't. The jobs you had before are "prior life" and not your professional experience. Just know that this is not where you get professional success. It feels like daycare in different ways. One week you're complaining about the sick kids in conference rooms and the next you're having to ask your boss, repeatedly, to not startle you on purpose. My favorite story, my boss is telling me about his last meeting; "she just comes in with all this high energy and big words. I mean, she bloviates all over the place"... as he said, bloviating all over the place, "she reminds me a lot like you. ""

Former Employee - Ramp Agent says

"BLUE FALCONS, snakes & backstabbers EVERYWHERE!!!"

Customer Service Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Toxic work environment. Supervisors embezelling money, managers having affairs., false audit accounts., management blaming agents for their downfalls and lack of leadership. Good old boys club. Stay clear of this fake company.You get to fly for free if on the REMOTE chance there’s a seat.You do not have a work /life balance and have to deal with internal issues."

Customer Relations / Rapid Rewards Representative (Current Employee) says

"Don’t do it. They let the customers curse and treat you like nothing. The pay sucks for what you have to deal with. Management pretends to uplift you but what they are really doing is dogging you. When your offPay and workload and expectations"

Business and Operations Services Timekeeper (Former Employee) says

"When I interviewed, they talked about family. You have no support and you’re left to hang yourself I was doing my work and several other peoples work but never got the credit"

Ground Operations Agent (Former Employee) says

"Extremely unorganized and not willing to change. Denied Lunch breaks and Mandatory work was well........ mandatory. Management had there own way of doing things."

Customer Relations / Rapid Rewards Representative (Current Employee) says

"You will know if you fit in right away...if not your life will be miserable. They pick favorites. If you really want to fit in, say yes master...and don't look the wrong way either."

Ground Operations CS Agent (Former Employee) says

"Southwest Airlines operates as a small-town company from Texas in the 1970s, on an international stage in the 21st century. They use painfully antiquated administrative processes and every supervisor, trainer and agent has their own way of doing things. They promote appallingly uneducated and unexperienced individuals to management positions while keeping the most skilled and inteligent individuals at the lowest levels."

Ramp Agent, BWI Airport (Current Employee) says

"Sorry place to work. I will not recommended know one too work here and waist.there time.this is not a good company to wirk .pay is low . you have to work so many hours just to see money."

Customer support and service (Current Employee) says

"They make me feel like they just don’t care about you as a person.The back to back calls are overwhelming i hate my job but it pays the bills I’m in school now looking for betterNothingEverything"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"During my time here I was verbally abused by a senior employee. It got so bad that other employees reported this person to management but their solution was to let me go instead because the other person was a permanent employee and I was contract. This was the worst experience I've ever had but I've learned that no job is worth your sanity.NoneVerbally abused, followed to restrooms and no help from management"

Operations Agent (Former Employee) says

"Is a gate agent or swat Southwest would call an operations agent you would have a 20 minute turnaround time from when the plane pulled into the gate to 10 it’s a push from the gate if that 20 minute time limit was not made you would get wrote up for it even if it was a groundcrew issue you would get wrote up if a customer would send in a complaint letter for whatever reason because the flight was delayed or you would not allow them to Carry on three or four items as FAA regulations only allowed two Items the customer would send in a complaint letter and they would write you up as being rude to the customer Even though you were following FAA regulations and the airline regulations Southwest just didn’t want to look bad and would blame the gate agent. Then they would write you upSometimes you had Two or three hours between flights that you workedPoor Miss management, Lazy people that didn’t want to do their job"

Southwest Airlines Lead GSE Technician (Former Employee) says

"Great job until I came to Houston and dealt with a liar for a manager who would just watching movies all day but would talk about you to other mechanics. He has his little buddies he hung out with outside of the job and those are his favorite at work. But he is a complete liar and I have never worked for such a scumbag. I was in a coma and bad crash and then not even 2 weeks later I’m being forced out."

Station Manager (Former Employee) says

"The directors have favorites in which they do extra things for. Examples are giving them higher bonuses, sleeping with them, promoting them. Not good"

Operations Agent (Former Employee) says

"Get out while you can. I personally didn’t like the structure. Kids are managing you. You fly stand by only if you can get on a flight. Many employees use their milesFree flightsPunch a time card. Cannot be 2 mns late"

Aircraft Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Management sucked very rude. Pay 9.00 hour to be rushed to do 12-14 planes in 6 hours. NOT GIOD WIRK PLACE. Airport is very unsafe as far as the people who would drive from the terminal to the planes . can't believe they haven't wrecked with a plan yet . CARELESSnoneNo lunches . rushed to clean 12-14 planes in 6 hours"

CSA - Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"if you decide to belong to this company you could have the opportunities to grow up like profesional and personal. But only have to be careful what position do you want to obtain because no all position have the same benefits."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Manager is a psycho. Think she’s all that. Hires delinquents and rude people and the HR department is a freaking joke as well. “Hey we want to interview you” “hey I’m sorry we made a mistake we don’t want to interview you” “hey sorry there was a mistake we want to interview you” wth do you hr people do just sit there on your phones all day? And the staff is a lazy bunch of folks. Always trying not to work bum off their shift. Congrats you’re a 14 year bag slinger, doesn’t make you special. More than half the staff has an IQ of -12. They purposely damage luggage,I’ve seem them steal things from people, talk awful things about all the customers, TAKE PHOTOS AND POST THEM IN A GROUP ON FB. Did I mention the manager is terrible and thinks that instilling fear is a way to work a company? Do yourself a favor, and run. It’s the most disrespected airline in the airport. Get over yourself. HR and Manager you should be ashamed for choosing such trash to represent what was supposed to be the best airline, I hear Denny’s is hiring, maybe theyd like a manager like you there.Nothing. Rather clean toilets then lick themEverything"

Customer Service and Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately no care for employees or families. I had a newborn who was sick a lot and the company simply didn’t care. Employee would come to work with the flu because they were so scared to call in.TravelManagement doesn’t care"

CSA - Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"was part time but required to work 35 plus normally about 50 hr per week bad management in STL... Will never work for SWA again. End of probation they said I wasn't a good fit walked me out like a crook. No explanationnoneverything they advise you are part time but require you to work over time"

csa (Former Employee) says

"a lot of good people, but a lot of cut throat people closing shift. Manager to close to employees. Passed all training, but in airport training to many chiefs doing diffrent thinngsday peopleclosing shift"

Ramp Agent (Current Employee) says

"You don't want work for Southwest you don't have any Family time and if you are late for work three time They will be FIRED QUIETLY they will treat you like number they don't care about you they can replace you any time. southwest make but money its about $$$$$$$$$$$$.N/a"

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