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Sweet Tomatoes, operating as Souplantation in Southern California, was a United States-based chain of all-you-can-eat buffet-style restaurants. The first location opened in 1978 in San Diego, California, where the company was headquartered. The company was incorporated as Garden Fresh Corp. in 1983. The company went public in 1995 but was taken private in 2004. The company, owned by

Jose is not a happy customer and shared his thoughts on yelp, "I have had nothing but AWFUL experiences with the staff at Souplantation, food, and ESPECIALLY "management". The manger I was given was extremely unprofessional and laughed under his breath when I told them my soup was not what I ordered and had a hair in it. He didn't give me another soup and I saw him laughing with other coworkers. I believe he should NOT be the manager and should be fired.!"


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Former Employee - Service Manager says

"Everything? What isn’t wrong with this place"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Got told I’d get a raise but lied to my face for months straight"

Former Employee - General Manager says

"Horrible upper Management and no security"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unprofessional... and payed very little"

Former Employee - Class A Truck Driver says

"Inside facing cameras Do not know anything about logistics Schedule own backhaul Substitute truck often Talk to employees like we don't know how to do our job Calls often on days off"

Former Employee - Employee says

"This was by far the most difficult and stressful job I've taken, yet I was still paid the minimum wage. Even other restaurant jobs did not compare in terms of difficulty or low pay."

Former Employee - Dishwasher says

"Horrible management, horrible teamwork and the food wasn’t even good. We got many complaints on how dirty our dishes and silverware was and the managers would tell us to wash them better but when we attempted we would be yelled at for going slower and we were never helped by any other employees. We also had to leave late every day, between 11 PM and 3 AM if we had a closing shift. Also, the employees were obsessed with drama and even the managers got in on in, talking badly about their employees and even their higher ups."


"You could find out on your own"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"managers are very rude treat yo like slaves not caring about your personal life was working there for 8 years we always had to use our cell phones for work and never was even given a dollar for our phones was under paid for a couple of months im now thinking of talking to a lawyer and sue this company."

Current Employee - Cashier says

"Wow--thanks for these heartfelt comments. I want to reach out to you and offer that you can call me at the Support Center--OR--your Director of Operations anytime. It sounds like you might could use some extra help getting heard at your restaurant. Again, give us a call and see how we can help."

Sweet tomatoes (Former Employee) says

"That place played me so bad. They used me and were awful. I tried really hard. I've been a chef and prep cook for years. That place was awful. Place was gross too. The food is nasty. Get to go home after.The job."

Hot Bar Attendant/ Dining Room Attendant (Former Employee) says

"this place sucks they underpay you and are rude when you’re not running around the place trying to get everything to standard. this job is no where near minimum wage worthy. just apply elsewhere and save yourself a lot of money and energy."

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"This place was the absolute worst. An AWFUL environment was created with much gossip and disrespectful managers. They do not respect schedule requests or understand the concept of sickness. They are rude and uncaring when it comes to their employees. if you work here good LUCK. if you dont then save souplantationeverything"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"it was always stressful and management was never there to help or assist when it was needed the most. I would go the whole day without a break and I was not allowed to leave work until everyone finished their task.n.ano break, lunch."

Salad attendant (Former Employee) says

"Poor management/training. Employees were impatient, rude and acted superior because they’ve been working at the same location for 10+ years. Way too much work expected for one person to complete and constantly getting micromanaged for even the simplest of tasks. Instead of being told what the proper way to do something, I was berated and expected to learn something the very first time I’m told something. Management/employees alike just took the job way too seriously even though they definitely weren’t making any more money by doing so. I was poorly trained for 3 days to open which was a huge responsibility and when I showed up for my first day alone, the boss was late (which was the second time in my 2 WEEKS working there) and i was stuck outside for 20+ mins so I just quit on the spot. No surprise there’s a high turnover at this location.$3 lunchtoo much work for 1 person to do for min wage"

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Souplantion should always be a temporary job. Trying to find a future there is not impossible but it’s not worth it. You do you’re best to show them you’re good at you’re job and you do every thing right. But never get the respect you deserve and never see results. Souplantion helps you get quick on you’re feet, become better at multitasking and get patients.50% off you’re meal.always short stuff. A lot of call offs"

Part time worker (Former Employee) says

"Management was always sloppy and never readily available, was to blame for a lot of unfavorable criticism from guests and customers alike, were very unprofessional with scheduling work hours and replacing workers, over all a horrendous environment if one was to look for a positive working experience."

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"The place was really cool the coworkers was really good people the managers were cool and fun some where really cut throat the general manager was a cool guy"

Customer service (Former Employee) says

"talk with customers, take orders, cook, clean, take payments, closed, opened, set out the food for the customers, clean the salad bar area, help guest"

Dishwasher/Prep Cook (Former Employee) says

"After new management work place became cut throat The co mangers suck & rarely did their job. I was over work with no break. Had days cut til i had 0.Free lunch wowNo break. No raise"

Salad Bar Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Do not apply here they will over work you until you’re burnt out . The managers are awful and the staff isn’t much better . They will fire you and not even notify you about it . The pay is way too low and the job is not worth it .NothingEverything"

Dish washer (Former Employee) says

"Manage was terrible, employees took advantage of their status, underpaid and over worked. Trying to move up was always a challenge especially when the general manager always had favorites. Breaks were never consistent and during your breaks you couldn't eat inside and were always thrown either outside to eat or in a corner so guests wouldn't see you.good tips if you were a serverthere is never ant downtime"

Dishwasher/Cook (Former Employee) says

"The management was crazy. People had lots of drama. People never came to work. It was favoritism . people was rude . worker food whatever they wanted too doDiscountManagement"

Dining Room Attendant (Former Employee) says

"DO NOT APPLY HERE. The management is horrible and the place is ran so horribly. Employees get treated like dirt. When it's busy you get no help and the managers won't do anything. The place is dirty and horrible.Free foodManagement is horrible"

Bakery Associate (Former Employee) says

"I learned that even though how hard of a worker you are, and the managers do not want to accept that and begin to harass you is wrong. No one should feel uncomfortable at a workplace. The hardest part of the job is doing work that is meant for more than three people put on one person alone. Management is very unprofessional and abusive.three dollar mealNo benefits or compensation"

general manager (Former Employee) says

"company was no longer stable and in danger of closing, but I ran the most profitable area in the company."

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"Bad employees and employers, very dirty and unorganized, not flexible and rude. Managers didnt care if you were sick or hurt and didnt care that i wasnt wearing non slip shoes while carrying over 30 pounds of dishes and i slipped and cut my hands open in multiple places.Some free foodRude workers/managers, dirty, not flexible hours"

Dishwasher/Busser (Current Employee) says

"The work environment was very lackluster and the management was cutting hours for a higher bonus. They would hire new people and people who had been there longer go no workplace advancement. The area was ridden with rust and we had leaky pipes for 3 weeks before they were fixed and a cockroach infestation.Free foodNo benefits, bad work envirnment"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"This was my first job, and I can say that I was completely taken advantage of. They ask you to work long hours and make you feel bad for wanting to take your mandatory break. Managers are creepy and probably do foodno breaks, trash managers, rude custimers"

Soups and pastas and dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a dishwasher and Soups and pastas. Management was horrible didn’t know what they are doing. Some co workers cocky. Overall I wouldn’t tell anyone to work hereDiscount lunchDirty bad management cocky coworkers bad paid"

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