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Seven is the seventh studio album by the jazz-rock band Soft Machine, released in 1973. Roy Babbington, who had previously contributed to Fourth 1971 and Fifth 1972 on double bass as a session musician, replaced Hugh Hopper on bass guitar, who left to begin a solo career.

A jazz fan under the name of  Komun wrote about Soft 7 in a review posted by the Progarchives website. “I've only listened "Third", "Sixth" and "Seven" Soft Machine's albums, and I can say absolutely Soft Machine's music is not my style of "great music". Well, I think "Seven" is boring, dull, repetitive, without any excellent theme. I don't say its music is bad, but I prefer more detailed things. Listening "Seven" and sleeping at the moment is an inevitable thing that I can't control. Excuse me. I prefer Brian Eno's "Evening Star"


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